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  1. Nah, it's actually designed in a way that makes it quite easy to keep shouldered and sighted in while cycling the bolt.

    All the bolt action rifles that I have personal experience with provide around an inch or more of clearance from my face when cycling, it's probably something that is very often taken into consideration by the designers.

    Besides, we don't even have a proper bolt cycling animation yet :icon_lol:

  2. Are you setting the "extended armor" option to off?

    One clean shot through the upper torso at ranges less than 300 meters is usually all it takes to drop someone with any of the MX rifles, provided it doesn't hit an arm or collide with their weapon.

    It works both ways though.

  3. A picture in picture display for monitoring a live video feed from a UAV's turret cam without the need of opening a UAV terminal would be nice :D

    Sort of like... a "tactical flip down helmet mounted display" thingy.

    It may not be 100% authentic but it would certainly be a welcome addition in my opinion.

  4. Learn as much as you possibly can about the editor/mission editing in general, in my opinion that's where the real "meat" of Arma can be found, compared to the "bread and condiments" of the campaign and showcases.

    It basically opens up a world of nearly limitless possibilities for both online and offline play.

    Don't forget to check out some of the interesting mods/addons floating around out there as well!

  5. Gnat;2545534']FFS' date=' more people who want more when more wasn't enough !! Want want want .....

    .... It's only like a 10 times better simulation than any other $50 sandbox game![/quote']

    Yeah, I know Arma is intended to be more realistic than the typical video game but expecting it to provide an immaculate reproduction of real world ballistic properties is just a tad bit unreasonable in my opinion.

    Although I'm sure the penetration/deflection simulation can certainly be improved from here to whenever.

  6. Lately I've been spending quite a bit of time playing around in the editor with Shay_Gman's MCC Sandbox addon, I don't know what I would do without it now.

    I can basically just leave the editor behind and throw together my own amusing scenarios in-game now, and the implementation of the 3D editor takes the stress and guess work out of object/unit placement.

    Go out and get it now if you don't already have it!

  7. You are right, I added a function to delete any AI on player spawn if it is SP as people wanted to play it in SP and in MP there are alot of AI slots that once you get into SP start shooting at each other.

    I would fix that and make sure it only happens in the mission version and not in the mod version.

    Okay, thanks for clarifying :ok:

    Yes, I'm using the SP/MP Mod version, I was attempting to set up a single player High Command scenario the old fashioned way when I realized the old fashioned way just wasn't going to work as long as I have the MCC Sandbox enabled.

    I'm still having a ton of fun with this addon though.

  8. I love this addon, but it seems to break a few things with the latest dev branch update :butbut:

    Mainly, I'm no longer able to spawn infantry groups in the editor (I can place them, but they're entirely absent upon hitting "preview") and vehicle units always appear as empty even though I'm adding them from the faction specific category.

    Maybe this is an intended behavior and I just missed something?

    *Edit: It's happening with the stable branch as well.

  9. left shift while aming in optic mode, gives a strange view, that wasn´t there before.

    i use left shift to hold breath, in last dev-version that never happen.

    please devs switch it back like it was before, this view is absolutly not usable !!

    I'm noticing this as well, when I press left shift to stabilize my aim with a non-magnified sight it cancels the aiming down the sights view altogether.

    Pressing left shift while looking through a magnified scope seems to lock the cross-hair in place but my shots will still deviate wildly.

  10. I'd be lying if I said that it was perfect in every conceivable way, but it still manages to be deeply satisfying in spite of it's quirks :D

    It's also comforting to know that Arma falls into the "fine wine" of PC games category and only gets better with age, I wish all PC game developers were as mod friendly as BIS.

    Anyway, I got my $32 worth a long time ago, I almost feel guilty for not paying more.

  11. You'll have to unpack the mission's PBO file and place the extracted folder into your Documents/Arma 3 missions folder before you can use it in the editor.

    Mikero's "Eliteness" PBO tool has worked fine for me so far, just make sure to grab the latest "DePbo" .dll to put in the root folder of the Eliteness program files folder after you install it.

    You can find them both at dev-heaven.net: https://dev-heaven.net/projects/mikero-pbodll/files

  12. Advance, pull back and flank are basically formation modifiers.

    Giving a unit/units the advance order will cause them to move forward (Roughly 30 meters?) in relation to your current formation, it's useful in those situations where you may be better off putting an AI unit on point instead of risking your own hide.

    Pull back is basically the opposite of advance, I sometimes order medics to stay back to reduce their chances of getting killed at first contact.

    Flank left/right, sends the selected unit/units roughly 30 meters to your left or right in relation to your current formation, it's a great way to "widen" your formation or shift everyone left or right for the sake of avoiding obstacles.

    They're quite useful, without a doubt.

  13. I just drop my mod folders directly into the Arma 3 root directory (The steamapps/common/arma 3 folder.) and enable them through the "configure/expansions" menu, most of them continue to work fine with a few minor exceptions.

    If you still have your mods installed in the "documents/arma 3 alpha" folder they won't be detected because there was a recent change in folder structure when transitioning from alpha to beta, it's just plain "documents/arma 3" now.

  14. Altis runs well enough for me unless I begin flying low and fast around central Altis, (Near the main airport and it's surroundings.) then my frame rate plummets below 20 and the massive stuttering begins. Slowing down to below 200km/h causes it to immediately jump back up to 30 or higher.

    ...and I have noticed a few AI/waypoint issues recently, I was attempting to send a group of AI to the next waypoint by synchronizing and activating it with a trigger like I have so many times in the past and they don't seem to respond to it.

    I had the group waiting at a "never fire, careless behavior" waypoint with a "detect Blufor" trigger synchronized to it which should have sent them along to the "open fire, engage at will, aware" waypoint ahead when activated... but it didn't quite work out that way, lol.