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  1. Hi MickTek here from DCM Clan We were running two servers and now can only run one, I was pulling my hair out to get just the main server to start. 1. Pick just one of your servers you want to run 2. On first running your server must have its steam client in connected and running mode in other words your steam must be connected on the server so the server can do a handshake. 3. once loaded and server running you need to switch your steam back to run in offline mode. This may drop or close the server instance running. After steam has gone to offline mode and if your server has shutdown just start the server instance again then you see steam pop up appear - go online or stay offline. 4. select start offline mode. 5. server now started, go to your task manager and end task on steam32.exe, this will save a small amount of memory as steam is not needed to run in the background. As for being able to run two servers at once from one server does anyone have an answer for this yet, I am working my way through the thread looking for the super answer so that we can run two servers again. ---------- Post added at 08:17 ---------- Previous post was at 08:04 ---------- Oh Crap looks like the Arma 3 erver God Hates me - damn we have to wait for an update, I am so in love with the Alpha of Arma 3 and can nnot wait for the full version, - While im here anyone know how to turn these damn AI into Zombies, for Christ sake im getting sniped from the other side of the island by a damn machine,,,, sucks
  2. MickyTek

    [AhoyWorld.co.uk] co40 AW Invade & Annex

    This guy is taking the piss, there is no way to download this mission and no way to get it from the links he displays unless your willing to get spammed or go through some stupid captcha system that asks for all your details then starts texting you on your mobile at they charge you £1.50 per text they send you. WARNING STAY WELL AWAY FROM THIS GUY AND I HAVE REPORTED HIM TO ADMINS FOR MISS USE OF THE ARMA 3 WEB SITE.
  3. I new parting with cash for what is only an Apha was the biggest mistake of my life.... This week both our servers have been hacked and I am going to wait another week then I am shutting the servers down and will have nothing more to do with this Bohemia Interactive what so ever or ever again. I left BF3 and anything to do with EA because of hackers and EA's lies that they would deal with hackers yet they ended up doing nothing now the game is ruined and not one server you can get on without a hacker out there some where. If the same is to become of Arma 3 then I have no interest and it stops right here, I am not prepared to waste my time or play games with hackers.... I have better things to do with my life than deal with a pointless fight. 1 Week then that's it servers shut down and I will remove Arma 3 from our Clan and I shall never return. I know its Alpha but if you new this would happen then you should never have charged us money for the Alpha. Stop hiding behind your responsibility's after taking money from us and deliver. I shall also email Steam and contact my lawer David Cooper regarding my refund rights due to being supplied with goods not fit for purpose.
  4. A lot of people have been complaining of the new Wasteland Map Crashing with the advent of the update from 1.0.6 to 1.0.8..... I spent 3 days to the point of wanting to kill myself before I found the solution. Simple, Block all access to the server running the Wasteland 1.0.8, do not let anyone start a game up on it, just let your server run for 15 - 30 minutes without anyone connecting. After this time period open the ports up and let people start connecting to it. I do not know the reasons yet and I shall pull the PBO file apart and check through to see if I can find the issue but looks like some thing is hanging in the script and without completion of the script when a client connects then the server is crashing because the scripts for 1.0.8 have not finished loading completely,,, just to bring to light a little like warming a car up when you start it you just need to let the server warm up before connecting any clients to it. If I find out why the wasteland 1.0.8 is causing this problem I shall post in here to let everyone know.