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  1. what AI enhancing addons would You suggest, that are compatible with WLA? i have read a few comments here about ALIVE mod, and MCC mod. But dont really understand what exactly they change. But reading the features on mod webpages it really seems cool enhancement.
  2. im just wondering, why has BI failed to make a proper persistent campaign? if SaOK can do this amazing job on his own, and in spare time, just imagine what is possible for the developer to do?! I just dont understand why is this such a low priority for them?
  3. After 20 or so hours messing around in WLA, i finally reached chapter 3. Having a lot of fun, and just wanted to say thank you onece more***J *** Have few ideas what could possibly be cool feature for WLA. Maybe something is interesting for you? *** -******************************Multiple save slots (so You could play different skyles without losing progress. For example maybe you could play one campaign slowly as undercover, small infantry squads, but have on another save slot campaign with full out war, vehicles, aircraft, and so on) *** -******************************In construction mode, ability to save placement of several objects as a goup for future use (sort of like MS Office lets you group several objects into one. That way you can save placement of*** for example 3 sandbags and 3 fixed AI weapons. And if you use those particular objects often, than its convenient to just place them all at onece, perfectly all the time)
  4. is there any trick to make sure vehicles dont disappear upon proper "000" save/restart ?
  5. enjoying the base building features :) just a question. what do you think about allowing base placement from the tactical view? at the moment, when in tactical view, game treats unplaced base components as real world objects (so a large object will actually hurt you just by browsing construction options (shift-c). just that tactical view would be very convenient for precise placement of elements. back to liberating Altis :)
  6. i see in the notes there is ability to create a guardpost, or an automated ai team (no ability to determine facing). but all i can find in shift-c option is individual ai stationary guys with weapons (hmg, at, aa...) how to find those automated guys that come with a guardpost?
  7. ty for all the hard wok and dedication man. havent spent more than 10 hours messing around in wla, potential seems limitless. as a kid playing ofp, i usd to dream about persistant/dynamic campaigns like i see now in wla. massive respect.
  8. hello, im new to arma3 and wla. could someone help with few questions - is it possible to remove (delete) already placed objects after save-reload? - how to rearm vehicles in early game (first base created)? figured out the repair process, just rearming is giving me trouble. thanx
  9. PapaStalin

    User Mission Request Thread

    im new to arma3, could someone please point me toward good dynamic / persistent campaigns or missions. id like to play sort of campaign like Resistance from OFP. (guerilla warfare, scavanging equipment, hit&run attacks on dynamically spawning enemy throughout the map. Discovered the ALiVE mod, but cant seem to find any already made campaigs for that mod. thanx
  10. steam id: PapaStalin Age: 34 Nationality: Serbian Language: English TimeZone: Gmt +1 Available at: evenings starting at 18gmt, and weekends Communication: I have a microphone and TeamSpeak, basically whatever is needed. Coop/PvP: eather Experience: I've played the old OFP, but my multiplayer experience is limited. I'm looking for a newbie friendly team, would like to learn and get proficient in team gameplay.