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  1. I only noticed two more small things in the last mission of the CWC campaign, status quo. There is a boat parked on land at grid GA55 (where you pick up the guy from the boat). And the mission doesn't really end after going to the pub. Endmission cheat didn't work either. I have enjoyed the campaigns very much, thank you all who created or helped create this great mod!
  2. A few small things again: Maverick: You're not the pilot again, you're the character for multi and coop. In the cutscene after the A10 gets shot down, the Russian commander has creepy grey eyes.
  3. I had some troubles as well with the border attack, but that was because one of the friendly abrams tanks had a broken track or something, he simply would not move, so I reverted to a previous save and then things went as planned. Other then that, these missions played fine with me. Well the waypoints are sometimes not updating, but I think that has to do with the task things in ARMA 2. It's not bothering me, you can place your own waypoints with holding shift and clicking on the map, and the briefing most of the time tells you exactly where you have to go.
  4. Haha I was lost. I found the base a little while later though. I thought I knew where it was from OFP, but I was mistaken and ended up in the wrong direction :P
  5. Thanks for the fixes, got a few more things for you: The viewing glasses in the M113 when you're in the driver position are not transparent, you can't actually see anything from first person. Only when I press 0 on my numpad will it go to the visor thing and can I see. The right mouse button doesn't work for that action for some reason. Hind attack: the last blackops guy you have to pick up for your squad, number 4, does not stand up automatically. I have to manually tell him to stand up, otherwise he will attempt to follow me while prone. Also, there are two soldiers standing on top of a gas station in this mission, near grid EC51.
  6. That one was indeed much more difficult then in OFP. The ones that spotted me were the spetznas soldiers running around the area. I managed to make it through the small line of bushes past the spetznas and then crawled through the hole in the wall when the two patrolling soldiers were around the corner. Getting away is just as difficult. But the mission is not impossible.
  7. I'm pretty certain it was not, as shown in someone else's walkthrough on . Skip to 1:50. You'll also see the BMP I mentioned.
  8. Ok, played through a large part of the CWC campaign, a few things I've noticed: The menu screen shows under water, or under the surface of the ocean. Didn't have that with the Demo. After Montignac (first part where you assault a small town): You don't have any m203 flares anymore. Montignac must fall: The MI24 arrives at the same time as the BMP (near the gas station) and the Blackhawk doesn't even show up anymore. After Montignac (the one where you have to evacuate but get captured): The UAZ that is near the town is locked. That car was my escape vehicle in OFP :(. And the other car that is there is almost out of fuel. Makes me think that you did it on purpose? Also, the BMP that was waiting there in OFP and in the Demo is now already gone when I get there, it just drives away. And when you take the car that is there and drive up the road to the (I think) north, away from where you spawned, you get near a farm house, and get a error message that says "Radiomessage AwayArms not found". I think that was a russian soldier saying something like put away your weapons, and would open fire on you in the original game. Armstrong also says "don't shoot, don't shoot" much too late in the cutscene, the russians have their guns aimed at him for a very long time before he says that. Undercover: The resistance NPC's got stuck on the mountain, where you fight the russian patrol. The leader of the squad simply would not go up the mountain and run to the castle, he would just go prone and wait. After I shot him, the replacement also did not go up the mountain. I just ran to the castle myself, and that worked. But there was another problem here, the commander dude in the tower that you're supposed to talk to, just falls through the top floor of the castle together with armstrong, the commander dies and you get some nice cutscenes looking at the interior of the castle tower. Night patrol: Where is the M163 Vulcan you're supposed to guard from the Spetznas? There is only a radar/radio tower there and some sandbags. Also, you didn't have NVGs, you had to use the flares for the M203 to find the spetznasses. Hold Malden: The AI does not want to use their LAWs? I had to kill the BMPs myself. The enemy tanks are also very quick to roll into town and rape my whole team. I had to revert to a previous save and run like hell before they get there. The MI17 crashed and did not drop off the paratroopers, not sure if this had anything to do with eachother. Also, this mission didn't end properly for me, I had to use the endgame cheat code (I did get the outro) Defender: Only 2 t80s? I know that they are a lot harder to kill but it looks kind of silly. Perhaps the mines should do more damage? Also, the dude that is with you got shot before the tanks were even near the mines, I think his hiding spot may not be good enough. Tank training: Haha nice cutscene, the officers diving away like pros. The M1A1 that you are supposed to follow later in the mission gets raped pretty badly though, he only lasted 10 seconds under enemy fire. I had to do everything myself with the M60 after that. Pathfinder: You are no longer Armstrong, I was the guy I made myself for multiplayer and stuff. I noticed because I have my pitch all the way down so I sound like a whale, and I wear aviator glasses. Spearhead: I had to revert to a previous save 3 times before I found the problem in this mission. Apparently I drove through the town and thought I shot everybody, so I was waiting for the counterattack. This didn't happen, because there was a lonely soldier still hiding near the road past the town that nobody saw. I accidentally drove over him while being frustrated about nothing happening and then the mission continued. So I hope you can so something with this info, and thanks again for the great mod :)
  9. Thanks for the tip, unfortunately I can't get it to work. Can you give me a more precise description of which files to put where? And thanks for the explanation Wolle and Sander, I get your point. (Please don't get mad if I still want to experience the islands in their full glory, they are just so pretty :P)
  10. I don't really know what I'm talking about here so I might be asking a very stupid question, but is it possible to only change the view distance for the player and not the AI? So that the player does have full view, and the AI doesn't see things it's not supposed to see yet?
  11. Alright, I finished the Resistance Campaign, here are a few things I've noticed: The mission where you have to destroy the choppers on the airfield did not end by itself, I had to use the [shift - endmission] cheat thing. ( I did get the outro camera) The briefing of the mission where you have to assault Lipany contains a weird sentence ("try not to avoid a lot of damage") The outro camera of SP26 shows an empty field, and it doesnt show that you finished it in the menu. Oh and in the cutscene where Guba orders the tanks to shoot Vikki, the tanks are not aiming for Viktor, but just shooting randomly all around them. It looks a bit silly. I also would like some more rpg7 and rpg75 rockets to be available in the gear section of the briefing every mission. For some reason I never had enough, and when I spawned, there were some ammo crates within a hundred meters which did contain them. In SP20 the notes show something weird, it says "%s, %s %d" instead of briefing There is no water in the fountain of the big house where you have to fight the enemy before you get to the enemy base in the ruins (sorry, I don't know which mission it was lol) The ambient life and people sometimes don't know where to drive, I've seen them drive through the desert on a tractor, drive over mountains in a trabant, herds of cows in the desert near the airfield and tractors parked on the runway of the airfield. If driving a V3S, your hand is in a very awkward position in first person. If you order AI to pick up a backpack, the backpack is gone in the next mission. (I would love it if I could store some extra ammo in my teammates backpacks) The artillery fire in the bridge assault mission is very focused, and only hits a small part of the town. It is also still a very weird artillery, like they are shooting a vehicle there, and that explodes. I know it also worked that way in Operation Flashpoint, but now that we have decent artillery strikes in Arma2, it would seem logical to use those in this mission? (And the artillery kills loads of civilians) The AI sometimes does not want to use the Gear action on a ammo crate if it is near a wall or in a tent. They will move to the ammo crate, but when ordered to "Gear" they will run off and try to acces the ammo crate from the other side of the wall or will simply decline and say "ready". Same with the Rearm action. Other then that the campaign played fine. The extra ambient life makes the world feel much more alive. The cutscenes might need some more work, but those were weird in Operation Flashpoint too. And a question; is someone working on the nightvision goggles? Because right now they are helmet mounted ones, and too modern for 1985 :)
  12. Alright, first off, I'm having a blast playing through the Resistance Campaign, really well done. I have a few minor things to report; RPGs do not seem to do much damage versus helicopters. I hit a flying MI24 twice with a RPG7 but it kept flying. Also, your soldiers ranks do not update. All of my soldiers are still alive from the first mission, but they're all still privates, while vikki is a sergeant. There are still some weird things happening in cutscenes, for example Victor sitting next to James (trying to get his binocs to look at the bridge) jerking his gun up and down crazily. And sometimes the subtitles seem to fade out too quickly, but that was something Flashpoint did as well. And I had the same issues as the above posters about the weapons not carrying over and backpacks and stuff, but that is being fixed already so thank you :) Edit: I forgot to add that since the rpg7 rockets have been updated, the AI seems to aim above target, missing most of the time. I think they are still counting on the missile to drop a bit more during flight.
  13. Woah that's a quick response to the problems, thanks! I will try it now :D
  14. Same here. After trying another 20 times, I've come to the conclusion that either the tanks have too much armor, or the RPGs have too little power. That t72 needs at least 4 or 5 missiles before it is disabled (from the side). The BMP can take 3! I'm playing on regular difficulty if it matters. I wait for the tanks to get in the AI's RPG range, tell them to target the t72 and open fire . First thing they do is try to shoot the turned out crewmen with their AKs. But they cant shoot because theyre rookies, so the crewmen turn in and blow them all to pieces before they manage to fire their RPG. It wouldn't be so bad if I could give most of my team some RPG's or if I could plant some mines/satchel charges, but those things dont carry over from mission to mission (yet?) I managed to kill both tanks once in 20 tries, but then my teammates decided it was a good idea to fire their last rocket into one of the trucks you're supposed to capture and I had to load a previous save :( Edit: I tried the singleplayer mission Skirmish. All was fine, the town was clear, we waited for the chopper, chopper lands, I get in and boom. I'm standing where the chopper was all alone, chopper gone and AI teammates as well. Pretty hilarious. Your guy then starts talking about having secured the town but being all alone, papa bear says he won't risk a chopper just for me, and your guy gets angry. And then the mission ends.
  15. First of all, great work with the mod so far! I am really enjoying it, however there are some issues that I thought I had to post here. I've been playing the first few missions of the Resistance campaign, and I keep noticing that the camera positions sometimes are not in the right spot. They are for example looking at trees or looking the wrong way. The binocular camera thing also does not work, it just shows white nothing. Also something very funny was that viktor was laying prone in one of the cutscenes in his office, talking to his secretary. Other then that I also noticed that I could not pick up a RPG or PKM in the missions where you have a civilian skin. I understand that you cant because of being a civilian, but it makes the part where you have to stop the tanks very difficult. The AI in ARMA2 is sometimes very weird, and I had to revert to the autosave 10 times before they managed to kill the tanks. I also noticed only one landmine going off in every retry, which makes me using a RPG on them very important. What also bothered me was that the trucks spawn full with ammo. In the original game, when escaping from your house to the rebel camp, I used to kill the spetznaz paratroopers, take their NVGs, satchel charges and the Bison PP19sd (which was not there :( ), put it in the truck, and drive the truck to the camp. Then the next mission, these items would be available in the gear section of the briefing. Unfortunately, this does not happen in this mod, and the trucks all spawn with a massive load of ammo in the back. Which makes the next mission where you have to stop a weapons convoy kind of pointless, since the rebels already have all the ammo they would want from the other trucks. Another problem with this mission is that only 2 of my 10 units have a rocket launcher, and one is a weak little rpg thing, and the other is a RPG7 from the weapon crate in the previous mission. Ambushing a T-72 and a BMP was not very hard in the original game, but in ARMA2 they seem to have massive amounts of armor and manage to kill my team in seconds. Also a minor inconsistency is that according to the diary and notes, there should be a t-72 up front, 2 trucks in the middle and the BMP in the back. This was not the case when I played it, the BMP was right behind the T-72, which makes killing them even harder, because you have 2 targets at the same time, while in the original game, you could first take care of the t-72 and then take out the BMP. I really hope my wall of text is helpful, and keep up the good work :ok: