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  1. @kyu Thanks for the fix a few pages back, worked perfectly! I'd been trying to do the installation manually, then used 6, but forgot to remove the line from the Steam setup.
  2. Thanks, fix worked so I can now run it! Out of interest, does your ArmA2/OA game work fine? Because mine does whenever I try to launch it, so I don't know why weapons_e.pbo conflicts with ArmA 3 specifically. It's also been an error before for ArmA 2, so I can't see how it can affect one but not the other.
  3. Same here which is a real shame. I've googled the error, and it's one that occurs for ArmA 2. However when I try to launch ArmA 2, no such error comes up, I've tried removing all of my mods and other things from my ArmA2 folders yet still the error remains. Any word on how to work around it at the moment? Doesn't affect my actual ArmA 2 games, just trying to launch AiA through Six.
  4. APC46

    British Para Beret

    Thanks guys, really useful! I had a quick look but the only config file I could find was the Arma3Alpha one in MyDocs, and whilst it shows the mod is active, there's nothing regarding class name anywhere. Is there a way to find out the classname for all items/units added by modding if it doesn't mention it on the modpage?
  5. APC46

    British Para Beret

    Sorry if I'm being completely idiotic here, but how do I actually use this in-game? Like what's its item code? I can't find anywhere on the editor such as a crate that has it, I'm wondering if I've just completely missed something here.