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  1. Day and Night Training for basic ground operations is now up.
  2. Squad name: 75th Ranger Regiment, 3rd Battalion Timezone/location : North America, PST Gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp): Coop and PVP Contact email: Website address: http://3rdbn75thrangerrgt.enjin.com/ Short description: We are a mix between the 75th Ranger Regiment and 160th Special Operatins Aviation Regiment. We provide various scenarios to train from and a variety of games to participate in with the unit. Language: English
  3. About Us This is a military realism unit based off the 75th Ranger Regiment, 3rd Battalion. We utilize squad movements and various formations to tactically move around. We will be on various games and mods and train accordingly to each game to stay on point with our tactics. We do understand that this is a game, and we still like to have fun, but maturity will always be present on and off operations. We will do PvE and PvP so this unit can grow in both worlds. Along with doing operations on Arma 3, we will conduct other operations on other games in order to enhance our training and diversity. Unit Setup 75th Ranger Regiment, 3rd Battalion - Specialized Light Infantry 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment - A detachment for aerial insertions and combat support. Training's There will be a BCT from which you will learn the basics needed for the field. Not everyone is a expert here therefore training's will be a must in order to ensure everyone is at a good level of understanding of how things work. At the end of BCT each member will go through Airborne and/or Air Assault School in order to have the knowledge of jumping and fast roping. The requirements to complete Airborne and Air Assault will be 2 day and 1 night jump and fast rope. As of right now weapon marksmanship is not a disqualifier, for not everyone is an expert shot. You can however still be disqualified, but its up to the discretion of the instructor. Type of Unit Since this unit is based off the 75th Ranger Regiment it will take on their role of Specialized Light Infantry. Which means we do not have any fast movers or armored support, which also leads to the next topic. Joint Ops Due to the need for certain things for us being light infantry, it opens up the door for joint operations. If you would like to do a joint op with us, then please contact us on our Team Speak 3 server or private message myself. *Closed until further notice due to dangerously low numbers. Level Of Realism Although we take realism seriously we do leave room to have fun during our down time. We do however contain a chain of command and utilize army ranks to place those who can lead and take the responsibility of either an NCO or CO. We will have organized operations and have briefs before them as well as after action reports. These operations will help form the way we train and give us valuable feedback on what we can improve on. Frequently Asked Questions Q: How long will it take my application to be viewed? A: It should take no more than a day and a half, depending on my schedule and training's of my own. Q: What can I expect after being accepted? A: Once accepted you will be given the rank of private, and from their you will proceed to complete BCT and one to two day and night jumps as well as one day and night fast rope. After completion of that you will gain a bit of knowledge of your job and then either be placed under a squad and fire team or go into WLC (Warriors Leader Course) to tryout for a higher rank (Up to 2nd Lt.) Q: What addons are currently in use? A: The links for these will be posted on our website for quick navigation and download. Q: How active will I have to be? A: Trainings and Operations will only be Saturday and Sunday. Times are still being made up depending on the schedule of our members. The more active the better chance of promotion. What We Have To Offer Team Speak 3 Server utilizing ACRE A mature and fun environment Training in different scenarios A website from which information will be posted Active staff Realism environment to enhance gameplay Requirements - Be 17 and older - Know a decent amount of English - Be willing to follow instructions - Willing to work as a team - Be honest and mature - Have a good attitude and are respectful - Can adapt to new standards and/or training Website: http://3rdbn75thrangerrgt.enjin.com/ Enlistment Form: http://3rdbn75thrangerrgt.enjin.com/recruitment Team Speak Server:
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