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  1. vargyr

    Zee Identity Pack

    Ran into a glitch. Texture and model look great up close. Took the retexture perfectly. When viewed from 20m+ distance, the model breaks, losing the head, and sinks up to it's hips. Haven't spotted any errors on launch, used default skins, and have removed all mods but @identizee. Any help would be appreciated. The work you've done on this is awesome and will go far to making a lot of the community happy. -Varg
  2. vargyr

    TMN Defense Budget System

    Why is there no +Karma here? Fr33dom, you Rock.
  3. Thanks Ollem. I'm going to go back and make sure the map I made was clean and the MCC version is correct.
  4. We'll check the HC but just to make sure you did changed the location combo box from "server" to "HC" did you? Location is set to HC. Pic: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/43350657/mcc_hc_nospawn.png (204 kB)
  5. Great work Shay and Spirit. The new interface is outstanding and Gaia is amazing. Have you choosed location: HC when spawning units/groups? BTW MCC overlapping xMed keys have been fixed. I'll see if I can clear this up a bit. We're running the Mission version of MCC and are seeing a conflict with XMed and BTC when a player is downed. We need a toggle in parameters to get rid of BTC or edit the mission ourselves. Mission Creators are unable to spawn HC units via the 'Spawn' function. 'Create' and 'Spawn in Zone' (with Headless Client set for location) both return messages saying the unit has been created, but nothing shows up. Spawning HC units in the 3D editor works, but is a headache trying to get them into groups. I've pared down all the mods running on the server to just those required by the map. CBA3, XMed, and it's dependencies. Same results there. If there's a file I can PM or anything you need, let Gihzmo or I know. Thanks much. Edit: Update- Just ran @mccsandbox with CBA3 and inidb on a generic map with the same HC results. Can spawn in 3D ed. Cannot spawn in zone or 'create' button.
  6. I agree. I've only used MCC for a few days but I can see that it's development far exceeds the detail included in the current Zeus/Curator. Unless BIS can give us as many options as MCC, I think Zeus will be relegated to a less.. dedicated type of player. Being able to add a specific set of objectives to a CTI-style map like Genesis' Endless Survival is priceless to a group like ours. Sure, Zeus can do that. But it requires a lot more tweaking and micro-management on the part of Zeus/Player. Give BIS some time to make the Curator code more accessible and I bet you guys will be able to make MCC an even better tool for mission customization. Keep up the good work.
  7. vargyr

    [COOP/PVP1-60] CTI Survival

    Was, indeed, trying to resume so no worries. Believe it or not, the only profile affected by resuming was my host. All other players resumed just fine with all gear, previous save location, and vehicles intact. Mission status was also retained, but with the new update I wanted to start fresh anyway. Was able to use the saved @iniDB profile on the new iteration of the mission without difficulty. 1.04 is working well on a dedicated server. HALO insertion is awesome. Great for solo hunting. Grab a Titan, a carry-all full of reloads, then track down some armor. Great update all around.
  8. vargyr

    [COOP/PVP1-60] CTI Survival

    Outstanding mod, Genesis. Was part of that group. Firefights prior to this rarely had the ferocity and tension these do without amping the AI to superhuman levels. The island, as a whole, feels much more alive. It's hard to believe that this is dynamic and not scripted. Great work. Other than the current Bohemia bugs (clipping, pathing, etc) the only one I'm experiencing is that when I resume the mission (am host) I'm stuck on the spawning island with no stats or gear, and no save/load character prompt on the wheel menu. Prior to resuming, when this happened, you could die on the island and have an option to respawn at base or on another player, but now respawn is instant and places you next to your corpse. I've backed up and deleted my entry in the @iniDB folder but am still experiencing the same glitch. I assume a Restart will clear the issue, but would like to let the other players hold on to their progress. Does the @iniDB allow for that? Any info you need? PM Here or contact me on Steam (Varg) and I'll send it your way.
  9. Pardon my newb, but where does that code go, Mattar?
  10. Thanks Dr. Cox. This worked perfectly. I had tried everything to get a Hostage rescue script working (Kylania's, various joinsilent tips, etc) but it was like trying to scale a plate-glass window after eating KFC.