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  1. What is Emita Life? Emita Life is a Role-playing mission on Arma 2 utilizing the TCG content pack. Unlike many other life missions Emita Life is different, we have a very active admin team that focuses more on the role-play aspect of the mission other than the normal get a whole bunch of money and buy a helicopter / plane, get guns and kill everyone on the server. We currently do not have a dedicated server due to lack of funds but we will be getting one very shortly along with a TeamSpeak 3 server. What can you do in Emita Life? In Emita Life you start out as a civilian, while civilian you can do many different things such as getting a job, buying many different types of cars. You can even get a boat and become a fisherman. As a civilian there is also alot of illegal activities you can do such as drug running, Arms dealing, Prostitution, even bank robbery! But watch out, their is a police force filled with trained members that know what they are doing and will try to crack down on the illegal activities in the city. Where can I find the Emita Life Forums? You can find the Emita Life forums here: http://emitaliferp.enjin.com/?welcome Requirements? Emita Life has no age restriction other than the Admin team asks for respectable players who know how to roleplay and follow the rules, if you are not a trained police officer and you go into the police slot you will be kicked. Contacts Add epicface11 or Nate_500 on steam to get server information and where you can ask questions. Just helps the both of us. See you on the server!
  2. Basically this is a request for a content pack that has been already made. It is the TCG Island Life content pack but AddonSync doesn't work for me and I can't use it so I am basically asking if someone could make the addon pack a rar file and upload it to a downloading website so I can get it Thank you.
  3. epicface11

    Dialog question

    How would I edit that dialog so it would be a action on the action menu instead of a radio command?
  4. epicface11

    Dialog question

    Saying Resource MyDialog can not be found, does it matter if this script is in a file other than description.ext? As of now it is in inventory.sqf
  5. epicface11

    Dialog question

    How would I solve this issue?
  6. Hello everyone, I am currently in the process of creating a inventory and shop dialog but something keeps going wrong with it. Here it is. _ok = createDialog "Inventory"; Class MyDialog { colorBackground[] = COLOR_GRAY; colorText[] = COLOR_LIGHTBROWN; text = "Inventory; lineSpacing = 1; x = 0.71; y = 0.11; w = 0.23; h = 0.13; It isn't finished or near closed to being finished but when I try to run it using addAction it says Resource inventory can't be found. Any help would be much appreciated.
  7. Thanks for the response man!
  8. How would I make a inventory like the one used in City Life 2 and Chernarus Life, I am pretty sure it is dialog but I have no idea on how to start. I would also like to know how I could create a car shop/gun shop with custom weapons. If you could provide examples that would be amazing.
  9. So today I have a question about the roleplay mission I am currently trying to make, I have looked at the Chernarus Life code and am using the same holster script that they are but my question is I don't know how to enable it in game just like the rest of my scripts that I have. My holster script is placed in my mission file if you were wondering and when I load up the mission on Arma 2 OA I am completely lost from their. I saw on Chernarus Life that they put down Game Logic objects with the name of the script but nothing in the init line. I tried the execvm command on my character and it didn't give me the option to holster my weapon. I would also like to know how to create my own inventory system like they did in City Life and Chernarus Life and how I would be able to bind the command to the number 2. I have the content pack ready for release but now I am just editing the mission and I want to make it too the best of my abilities so your help will be much appreciated. Thanks, epicface11
  10. This is a pretty easy question to answer but I just don't know where to start making this. The backstory behind this is I am currently scripting a Arma 2 roleplay mission and I want to create my own buildings such as a police station since you cant create highly detailed models with props from the editor and I know there is a way to make awesome looking buildings such as this post office on City Life: http://t1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQDiW6W6R-zy-VwnYOPjKRJPmCBEgs5YujxD94QkTvDaxK8eV9w I would like to know how, thanks.
  11. Hello editors and scriptors of Arma 2.Today I have a few questions regarding how to make a roleplay mission and some of the basic mechanics in that mission. I have very basic scripting knowledge but I do use the editor alot and know what all of the things do. So lets get started shall we! The first thing I want to know would how to make a inventory system that could hold all of your stuff. Something that would work alot like the one that is used in Takistan Life or Chernarus Life. I have no clue where to start with this and how to make it / implement it into my mission. The second thing would to make a ATM or bank where your money will be stored during paydays when you get it out. Again this would act like the one from Chernarus Life. I would also like to know how to make a car shop / gun shop where you can interact with a NPC and they will open up a menu and you could buy items in game. I know it sounds like a lot that I don't know but I would also like to learn or at least get a example of how the liscensing system works and how you could make it so that you can only buy the legal weapons if you have a pistol or a semi automatic weapon liscense. I know it sounds like a lot but when I get the basics down I am sure I could be able to use the other examples to help achieve what I am looking for. Also how would I add lights / sirens to police cars. Thank you for your time.