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  1. davidlasher

    Zombies & Demons 5.0

    They're definitely moving for me in MP, I didn't test SP. Make sure to check your settings and mods. If there are more Zombies than your machine can handle, they will lock up (same goes for any AI's logic on the map).
  2. davidlasher

    Zombies & Demons 5.0

    Easy fix! Change the resurrection to slow! Or something :) I have the resurrected zombies as fast as a sort of punishment for letting someone get eaten ;D They worked just fine two nights ago for me.
  3. davidlasher

    Zombies & Demons 5.0

    It's the zombie deletion settings being on whatsoever. I use a small script to delete zombies outside of a certain radius. I have no idea where I found it, sorry. Zed_Cleanup.sqf (I have the zombies set to independent / resistance and east/west friendly to one another) I call it with a game logic attached to a 0 second timer (along with some slightly reworked scripts for MP) While {true} do { { _unit = _x; if ((side _unit) == independent) then { if ( ({(_unit distance _x) > 500} count playableUnits) == ({isplayer _x} count playableUnits) ) then { deletevehicle _unit; }; }; } forEach Allunits; Sleep 5; }; Change the 500 to the distance you want in meters. If it's densely forested I suggest 500, and if it's mostly open 800. This allows more zombies in an area with less performance impact of there being zombies far from the player and irrelevant, while allowing them to follow and chase the player indefinitely if they can keep up - and helps when they spawn in those uninhabitable buildings.
  4. davidlasher

    Zombies & Demons 5.0

    I was wondering if it's possible to make a unit specific code to be used in multiplayer to lower the infection chance based on equipped items. For example I have the infection chance set to 50, and wish to lower it by certain values depending on the CBRN (NBC) equipment the player (or npc) has equipped. if ("skn_m50_gas_mask_hood" in assignedItems player) then { this select 0 [ryanzombiesinfectedchance = ryanzombiesinfectedchance - 20] } else exitWith {}; I would love some input and help, and would absolutely love some refinement if this is possible! Thanks!
  5. I think I found it! The reason the missions hang indefinitely at the loading screen! I thought it was something with the civilian modules but after tinkering trying to get a new mission to work on the server the cqb started giving me the same issue! It's how density is called! Is there a way to switch the density on the civ module to a percentage of buildings on the map that are in the config array for a hotfix? I would love you forever!
  6. This may be something covered already though I haven't seen it. I cannot load an ALiVE mission on Altis if it includes civilians. I was wondering if maybe there was an indexing problem? I've spent all of my free time the past several days and I'm sorry to say that it's the last thing left out of all of the troubleshooting I've done. When I remove civilian modules the mission loads without error, otherwise it simply hangs on the loading screen indefinitely. :/ *Edit* Dedicated windows server. *Edit* It may be something with the civilian module altogether - though on older mission saves it works just fine. Here's the issue in greater detail as there are no rpt errors in relation to this - when I save a mission since the Arma 3 update (which means that I cannot patch, update, or touch anything for a community of 50+) utilizing ALiVE civilian modules the server gets to the end of all processing for all scripts, ALiVE modules, and so forth, which then hangs at a finished loading screen. It will stay there for over 12 hours, yes I let it run that long as it takes two hours to fully populate Bornholm on my personal (and yet, beefy) server ([i know you will be indexing again] it runs through every single object for every single faction being placed on Bornholm). This is occurring with or without RHS mods. As soon as I remove the two civilian modules the missions load perfectly fine. So, here is all I can tell from wayyyy too many hours of testing; something in the way the editor saves has changed -or- the civilian vehicle config has changed -or- the way things are located and placed has changed (which would only affect civilians, not CQB or Mil Civ Placement units) -or- something in the way the code is read has changed -or- several other however very unlikely scenarios. I hope there is a fix soon, I use civilian deaths and mortar / air asset misfires into towns to increase civilian hostility and IED + VBIED rates in follow up operations to help instill fire discipline and target discrimination. Hopefully that made sense, I'm exhausted.
  7. I used to be able to find the faction classname (or similar) for use with ALiVE and now I'm at a bust. It worked fine too.. Sad face. Is there any way we could get that posted up again?
  8. The map will not load on a CentOS 7 dedicated with A3MP (standalone or with A3MP AP) or the various AIA TP's. Here is the log: 14.12.2014, 17:16:18 BattlEye Server: Initialized (v1.198) 14.12.2014, 17:16:18 Host identity created. 14.12.2014, 17:16:19 Game Port: 2302, Steam Query Port: 2303 14.12.2014, 17:16:24 [....] uses modified data file 14.12.2014, 17:16:24 BattlEye Server: Player #0 [....] ([....]) connected 14.12.2014, 17:16:24 Player [....] connecting. 14.12.2014, 17:16:25 BattlEye Server: Player #0 [....] - GUID: [....] (unverified) 14.12.2014, 17:16:26 Player [....] connected (id=[....]). 14.12.2014, 17:16:26 BattlEye Server: Verified GUID ([....]) of player #0 [....] 14.12.2014, 17:16:35 Admin [....] logged in. 14.12.2014, 17:16:36 Mission testing.pja305 read from bank. 14.12.2014, 17:16:40 Roles assigned. 14.12.2014, 17:16:40 Reading mission ... 14.12.2014, 17:16:46 Cannot open object ca\structures\wall\wall_fen1_5.p3d 14.12.2014, 17:20:17 Player [....] disconnected. 14.12.2014, 17:20:17 BattlEye Server: Player #0 [....] disconnected 14.12.2014, 17:20:17 Admin [....] logged out. 14.12.2014, 17:22:29 This is the portion killing the map: "14.12.2014, 17:16:46 Cannot open object ca\structures\wall\wall_fen1_5.p3d" I would love a response on this issue, I love this map and would really like to use it. Specifics - I can enter the mission lobby on a clear RAM cache however once loaded it spits you right back out to the mission selection screen. This particular mission file has one playable rifleman. This occurs regardless of any other mods being enabled. Thank you for your time.
  9. I was using that! Thank you for linking! I figured out the problem, it was a bad game cache. Dr. Death JM - hope you're subbed - solution to the Linux mod issue is "" QUOTATION MARKS! Of all things! ./arma3server -name=server -config=server.cfg -mod="@a3mp;@nziwasogo" And if that gives you troubles: ./arma3server -name=server -config=server.cfg "-mod=@a3mp;@nziwasogo" It all depends on the distro! I'll keep my word and make the diagram soon :) Edit: Though I'm still having a F*** of a time with N'Ziwasogo.
  10. davidlasher

    How to block Squad XML

    I found this thread http://epochmod.com/forum/index.php?/topic/9505-disabling-squadxml/ To which MGT replies "Block ports 80,8080 and 443 on the server firewall, then the squad.xml which is hosted on an external host is blocked. Only problem I can see is some info might not be passed to Gametracker, oh wait..........." Sorry I'm late lol.
  11. I think the commands are also different, ie. you have to specify mods for every mod. I'm not sure anymore what's good information out there and what isn't. If I find a solution I'll let you know here so sub the thread. I'm not giving up on Linux, I moved from windows for many good reasons; I'll be a pain in the arse until I find solutions for everyone if I have to.
  12. I have followed everything, I've worked on this for days now after migrating to a new server. I'm on CentOS 7 which I am rather comfortable with. I can install Arma and get it running, I can install mods and generally get it running (I'll add this issue at the bottom) and no matter what I do, or what information I go by Arma refuses to read the server.cfg file. I've checked caps, spelling, tried to find directory schematics, I've made copies and put them in damn near every folder there is. I've used a .sh startup, I've gone without it - I've followed the official guide. I'm stuck on this. I want to limit the server to 20 people, specify the required mods, and so forth. Here's what I really want, and this will be here forever for everyone else that needs it too since there is a limited amount of documentation out there for Linux hosts (there are only a handful of sources, if there were more it would be easier to find obscure topics) - a complete directory layout of where everything you need to add and edit goes for linux (I know it's out there for Windows!). If you put it down in the replies here I'll gladly make it into a flow chart style image as a map - but I need something man, I'm getting frustrated. I don't want to go live with a max 64, that's too much for the missions I run on the hardware available for a persistent server. Secondly, another issue I'm facing with mods is the "Join Black Screen" that doesn't actually get to the lobby, it sits at the screen in between. FSF_Enemies_EUP (or similar) has the exact same bikey name as the Nziwasogo map, both by Makhno. I'm not sure if that's the issue, but without mods I have zero problems (other than customized configs actually working). Any help would be appreciated, thanks everyone! **Edit** The permissions on the configs are set to 777: the permissions on the folders it should be reading are 777. The config has been ripped from examples and tailored to the desired settings and checked numerous times for mistakes. I've re-installed, specified all ports (it wouldn't show otherwise anyways), rebooted, restarted, and everything else I can think of as well as everything recommended on various forums and articles.
  13. Any idea what the micro-freezes every minute or so can be remedied by? They're very disruptive. It's not CPU usage causing a lock up, that was my first thought. You don't have them spawn in until you're in range - so I wonder what the issues are. Perhaps that I'm using a map with A2 assets? Or that I'm trying to get it to work with CAF aggressors? I've also noticed that the civilians spawned are never from the CAF aggressors, is there a cap on that? I used the appropriate class names - ported vehicles and units from other packs will show without a problem, though the freezing bug is still an issue. Maybe it's a loop, I'll go fishing in the code to see what's going on in there. I really hope I can get this to work soon without lockups (I won't make others go through that in MP) - I need something for MP on DEDI and VDEDI as TPW's unmodified stuff locks down on servers.
  14. davidlasher

    Zee Identity Pack

    I have to say that this is amazing - thank you so much. Of all the games I play I do my best to create an equality friendly environment. This will be on my next public server as a requirement however, I think I'll have to setup restrictions by PUID to prevent weirdo's from using these, if possible. I'll make sure to give a server title here after I switch hosts. Well done! Edit - Oh! As far as sound work - go to Ivona TTS for some temporary voices with variation!