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  1. @delta99 Unfortunately the changes are fairly major and require a complete rewrite of the SQM parsing engine. That's the price of A3 editor progress I guess :) While I don't really like leaving this in a "broken" state, and the updates are on my (long) to do list, it is unlikely I'll find the time to get around to this in the near future. @-XFIRE- If you can provide the map files I'll happily upload them to the website. There is some discussion about how to export maps here - https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/170248-release-anvil-mission-editor-and-framework/?do=findComment&comment=2764607 and in the linked threads
  2. Looks like the new Eden editor completely changes the SQM mission format which breaks Anvil. If there is an easy fix I'll try to implement it and release an update. There are a bunch of new features on the development branch https://github.com/will-hart/AnvilEditor/tree/developwhich it would be nice to release at the same time.
  3. Thanks ice age. Have a look a few posts back for info about "supported scripts" this is what I use to get revive scripts in missions.
  4. I'm aware of an issue for non-English speaking users of the editor which means it can't export missions. This has been fixed in version 7.6 which I'm hoping to release shortly, once I've squashed one final bug in the framework.
  5. Hey Rox, you can simplify a bit using a single trigger and no editor placed units, The screenshot below shows how: This setup triggers some SQF when objective #3 is completed by using the following configuration: - There is only a single trigger - The activation is Game Logic - The activation is set to Once - The condition is server getVariable "objective_3" - The script I want to execute is in the On Act. section. Here the executed script is unlocking a vehicle respawn location, however you can do any kind of execVM or SQF you want.
  6. This is currently possible using normal editor placed triggers, the basic idea is that the server object has the "objective_n" variable set to true when objective number N is complete. So you can trigger on this and server getVariable "objective_n" I'm using this approach in the "Tactical Advance" mission for unlocking vehicle spawns. The mission is on steam workshop and I'll paste in a more detailed example tomorrow if you want. You can select the friendly and enemy factions for a mission using the friendly and enemy side mission parameters. It defaults to West friendly and East enemy and currently only vanilla EAST, WEST and IND faction spawn pools are supported through the editor. In version 7 of the editor I will be introducing support for custom EOS spawn lists which should let you do this directly from the Anvil editor (and will mean mods are better supported without having to manually edit the framework files). I've already completed a similar feature for customising the ammo box rewards and EOS spawns are next! I've not yet decided exactly how the feature will look but it's likely you will be able to keep a set of different spawn configurations and choose which one to apply to any given mission through the anvil editor.
  7. This currently isn't possible without a bit of scripting and some hacking in the framework. Its certainly something I would consider adding in the future, although I won't be so silly as to give an ETA :)
  8. Nice job Smiley, a great looking little island.
  9. It should be possible in theory with a bit of mucking about. Without trying it I would say export the mission then change the folder name. You may need to edit the mission.sqm to play around with the addons sections. If you want to edit in Anvil after that you may run into some difficulties with the folder name because Anvil checks the path to prevent incorrectly named folders.
  10. I'VE JUST WORKED OUT WHY TOPOGRAPHY DIDN'T WORK. Ahem sorry... was a bit excited. I turned off numlock and the topography cheat now works :) Yeah if you want do send through the EPFs I'll happily add them in for editor v7. Personally I'm about to export Celle 2 so I can make a copy of Tactical Advance that works there :D P.S. oh yeah got distracted from your last point. As I commented on the GH issue, I'm leaning towards keeping the main parts of EOS but potentially rewriting the caching side to use something like ZBE_Cache. Either way its a long term prospect.
  11. You can make a "friendly" convoy mission (aka drive the convoy from A to B through C, D, E and F) by using the "move" and "move through" objective types. I have though about but haven't worked out how to cleverly do an "enemy" convoy mission type (i.e. destroy convoy as it moves from A to B). It might be possible to do something with prerequisite objectives (i.e. have a convoy start and linked convoy end objective and the convoy travels between these two markers). However a current limitation of the framework is it can't handle "failed" missions. What I mean by that is that if you destroy the convoy for objective A then objective B opens up, but if you fail to destroy the convoy for objective A before it gets to its destination objective C opens up instead. This is a bit complicated to implement without making some breaking changes to the framework which has held me back to date. That's why you may notice none of the current objectives can be failed! Let me add a github issue for the convoy stuff and I'll see if I can work it out at some point.
  12. DoRo, anvil uses EOS to manage enemy spawns. Search how to customise EOS classnames on this forum then edit the eos files in the anvil application folder to suit your needs. Make sure you edit the files in the Anvil application folder not the exported mission folder otherwise your changes will be overwritten on the next Export
  13. Yeah I think its a limitation of the .NET compression of zoomed images (I'm using an ImageBrush if that makes sense to you). A random thought - I wonder if making the map image dimensions 2^n might help? What happens if you make your images 8192x8192 or a smaller base 2 number? In theory Anvil and mods should be able to work together nicely. I'm not really familiar with the inner workings of Alive though, having not used it since soon after its release. Let us know if you have any luck. ---------- Post added at 18:00 ---------- Previous post was at 17:42 ---------- Yes, I have a github issue for the zoom. Your last sentence is not quite correct however. Zooming with the mouse SHOULD re-center the map slightly (for instance try it in Google Maps and see what happens). The issue is that Anvil currently puts where the mouse cursor was at the centre of the screen on zoom which is not ideal. What it should do is keep the same position under the mouse and keep the mouse at the same relative x/y in the new zoomed coordinates. I hope that makes sense! This is some straightforward maths but its not high on the priority list. I haven't zoomed with the keyboard since I implemented mouse wheel scrolling so to be honest I have no idea what/how/if that works :D Status bars have been at the bottom of screens since the dawn of computer time. I'm not going to change that. Think of the controls a bit like a typical RTS. Left click places, right click drags the map, scroll wheel zooms. I'm happy with the way it works. Currently I use the ArmA editor to do this and then the EDIT >> Update from SQM command to pull the changes back into Anvil. You can also manually change the coordinates using the property editor on the right hand side. I'll consider adding drag and drop movement in the future. I'd strongly recommend you watch this video: which shows you how a number of these things are done. Its for version 3.2 so the UI has changed and some bugs have disappeared but the basics are unchanged. Not 100% sure what you mean. If you are talking about the list of scripts in the bottom right of the window then these are "included scripts" that can be added to a mission by selecting them in the list. All the init.sqf code will be created for you and the script files will be added to your mission on export. You can generate your own included scripts using the "EDIT >> Add Included Scripts" menu option. I'll need to add some documentation about this at some point as its not entirely clear. Again, watch this video - as it shows how included scripts work.
  14. I'm considering doing a ~1hr mission making Twitch stream using Anvil between Christmas and New Years or very early in January. Would anybody be interested in this?
  15. Hey demerzel, Yeah on Win 8 the smartscreen filter will pop up unless I pay for a signing certificate which I'm not likely to do in the near future. As far as the folder name goes if I put an empty folder called "Test.Stratis" in the missions directory then it detects it in the editor so its most likely an issue with either the folder name or location. Anvil should prevent you from naming a folder incorrectly so its possibly saved in the wrong location. Try saving a mission from the ArmA editor and making sure it goes to the same folder.