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  1. If Kiory doesn't mind I'll post the .pbo for you. Not my mod so I would like to have permission first.
  2. I always use this script in my missions and I'm just wondering, since the script already runs constantly, would it be possible to squeeze in some code to set an actual respawn limit for the players instead of having to run it in a separate script?
  3. Sorry to resurrect, but I added the ability to use the FHQ accessories, hope nobody minds. :) This gun with the FHQ Acog, flashlight, and the E3 British units makes an awesome combination. Great mod Kiory!
  4. banky

    -E3- Units (new camos)

    Thank you for these, they are awesome. Is there any way to spawn a group of the independent PMC with BIS_fnc_spawnGroup?
  5. I'm just wondering, what is the most efficient, less taxing way to have a ton of stuff happen at once with a trigger? Like I have five or six things I want to happen when something is destroyed. Is it best to put all the commands in the OnAct of the trigger, put them all in an .sqf and have the trigger call it, or maybe even use game logic to string the commands together? Is any one way going to use less resources than another to keep performance optimal?
  6. I'm with you, can't wait for the 3d acog. Your M4s are my weapon of choice. :-)
  7. Love your mods! Are you going to update the weapon textures? Right now when you put one of your fancy new shiny attachments on one of the M4s it makes the gun look kind of bland.
  8. banky

    ARP2 Objects Pack

    How about throwing in a recreational radio/stereo so we could add some custom music to it with playSound3D and such? I could see some guys playing some tunes while they practice on the firing range.
  9. banky

    ARP2 Objects Pack

    Thanks for the info, i thought that was probably the case, i knew you couldn't do the "infinity" view with pip, but i was hoping the camera view for a cut scene would just count as the players view and not count as a pip. Maybe BIS will think about changing that. Anyway, I'm going to be using this mod a LOT, and I thank you for your excellent work. :-)
  10. banky

    ARP2 Objects Pack

    I have a cut scene where the action stops and the camera switches back and forth from a veiw of the players on the battlefield and a shot from inside the command center where "the major" is giving us our orders via radio. It seems when the scene starts, the monitors go to black. They work before the camera script, and afterwards I can turn them off then back on and they work again, but as soon as the first camera shot starts, they all just go black. Otherwise everything is great!
  11. banky

    ARP2 Objects Pack

    I love this! Really adds a whole new feel to my missions. Having the screens in the HQ show a live shot of yourself on the battlefield during a cut scene is awesome. For some reason, though, i can not figure out how to use the toughbook. What do you do after you add it to your backpack?
  12. I did this in my mission, put down a few guys guarding an objective, made a trigger with the condition: Badguyname knowsAbout myplayername > 1; I have him do some other stuff in the OnAct field, but I also have a couple of Opfor down the road with an ATV and have their GETIN waypoint linked to the knowsAbout trigger. So when the baddie knows about me, the two guys jump on the ATV and ride up to the getout waypoint. I also gave them a seek and destroy waypoint at the objective.
  13. banky

    ARP2 Objects Pack

    Taken out of context this would be pretty funny.
  14. Easiest way I've found is to just give them a waypoint to where you want them to be, then use in the waypoint's OnAct: this disableAI "ANIM"; removeAllWeapons this; this switchMove "AmovPercMstpSsurWnonDnon"; (or whatever move you want them to do) If you want to get specific, you can use the above and assign them a position with: this setPos (getPos chair14); Or whatever object you want them to end up on. or a specific building postion: playername setPos (((getpos this) nearestObject 44095) buildingPos 14); That example is the top of the arifield control tower I believe. Or use "this" instead of "playername" if used in the players init (without quotations). To end the animation and get them into combat, I usually make a trigger with a knowsabout condition (but you can trigger it however you like) and in the OnAct of the trigger you need to use: playername enableAI "ANIM"; playername switchMove "";
  15. Not sure if our situations are the same, but this happened to me in building my mission where I have a heli transport us just outside of a town, unload, and then fly off. I kept wondering why do I still hear it? Why is it still in the air? Then I realized that I had put down a helipad for him to go back to once we were dropped off, but I forgot to change the waypoint I put on top of it from "MOVE" to "GET OUT". Once I did that it would drop us off at the unload point, fly back over the hill, land and cut the engine.
  16. No problem man. Glad I could help. :)
  17. Works for me. Whenever I destroy it, it is not present anymore, and the trigger is triggered. Guess it depends on how you want to use it?
  18. Yeah, just group the trigger to the object you want to destroy, then it will give you "Static Object" in the activation box, then just select "Not present." Leave "this" in the condition box and you really don't need anything in the OnAct unless you want the destroying of the tower to trigger something to happen. That's how I have two objectives in my mission set up and it works perfectly.
  19. If it's a specific person you just have to give them a name and make a trigger with "!alive playername" without quotes in the condition box of the trigger. Then you just put whatever you want to happen in the onact box.
  20. banky

    FHQ TaskTracker

    I was wanting to do the same thing (after I blew something up, I wanted to get a radio message that they have captured a pilot that I will need to find and rescue him and have it added as a task), so after some reading and thinking and mashing info from a few posts together, I found that I could create a trigger with the CONDITION: if (["task I want to trigger a new task"] call FHQ_TT_isTaskCompleted) then {[PlayerGroup, ["task#", "task info", "task name", "WP text", getmarkerpos "markername"]] call FHQ_TT_addTasks;}; I imagine if you just wanted to activate it with any trigger you could just use: [PlayerGroup, ["task#", "task info", "task name", "WP text", getmarkerpos "markername"]] call FHQ_TT_addTasks; in the ON ACT box of said trigger.
  21. Thanks a lot man! That worked perfectly.
  22. I really like this script, thanks a ton for putting it out there. I did have to change it to spawn downstairs only because the hostie was getting stuck in the wall upstairs 75% of the time, but that's most likely due to the pathing in the Alpha. One question, what would be the best way to tie this to a task? In my mission that I'm finishing up one of the tasks is linked to a trigger that activates when any group member gets within in a small circle around the hostage, I'm going to use your script now because I like it a lot better than just a fixed location every time but I can't think of how to tie him to a trigger with the hostage spawning in random locations. I tried having it activate when the hostage (named Dude) joins our group, but that doesn't seem to work.