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  1. Sneakson

    Third person mode & realism

    The first thread mentioned has nothing to do with it. The second one has only a small amount of votes in an elitist community. The third one doesn’t show a significant difference and again deals with only a few votes. Checking how many 1st-person servers there are compared to 3rd-person servers would be a better measure. I have not done so but at least in DayZ (the mod that is) there are currently 4% first-person only servers, or 7% of non-empty servers according to a DayZ Commander search.
  2. Sneakson


    Oh come on... those videos are insanely anal. I'm sure someone could make a video showing tons of details WD has that IV doesn't. The WD developers haven't been sitting and using GTA as a template to copy every detail. Different game, different company and besides the first game in a new series. The GTA devs are notorious for their attention to tiny detail. With that said WDs style is undeniably challenging GTA and oh man… I thought the graphics would be waaay nicer. What the hell happened? I’ve totally been expecting this to be a 8 +/- 1 game though. I was going to buy the big edition but then I started thinking and the only cool thing is the statue which is only cool if you really get into the game and the standard edition doesn’t really offer anything that interests me so I’m just going to pirate it and if it’s really good then maybe I’ll buy the inevitable Gold edition with all DLC.
  3. Does anyone know if there will be a workaround for Crysis 1/2? Or Halo?
  4. Truth is we don't have any idea how the engine works... some word from BIS about what exactly is causing the drawing delay of every frame would be nice but I doubt they even know themselves. That's what happens without any good optimization software. Something is clearly delaying everything else though because what we are seeing on screen is not something that should be as hard on our computers as it is and we see awful scaling across different hardware.
  5. Sneakson

    Third person mode & realism

    Unfortunately there are no computer monitors that offer the same field of view and resolution as natural vision simultaneously so zooming out/in has to be used to give a realistic field of view and realistic resolution. ---------- Post added at 22:11 ---------- Previous post was at 22:09 ---------- How about RTFT. First-person is not realistic. Third-person is not realistic. That's why we need an update that alleviates some of the unrealism of third-person. There IS a big freaking problem and that's why the thread exists. That problem is that apparently a majority of everyone prefers third-person but third-person also allows cheating so first-person players are forced to play third-person or join small, obscure first-person-only servers.
  6. Sneakson

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    Conclusion: NVidia > AMD?
  7. Sneakson

    Low FPS on startup issue

    Did you try turning it off and on again? ;) 1) Update your mobo bios/drivers and graphics card drivers. 2) Delete your ARMA3 folders from My Documents. 3) Re-install. 4) Clean re-install: uninstall, make sure there are no ARMA3 folders in My Documents/AppData/ProgramData (AppData/ProgramData are hidden on C:\ and in Users\YourName) or simply search your entire computer for "ARMA" and delete everything then install again. If none of these fixes work then it could be a hardware (memory?) issue or something. Sounds to me like there's a bug somewhere in your settings directories that makes your optimal settings unstable such as a wrong value and only becomes stable again after some value actually is checked when you click "optimize settings" but that's just complete speculation...
  8. Well it's a quite weak computer overall. Upgrading to a 4670K, 760 and 8GB memory would allow you to max all settings except for visibility settings however you would still have about 20-60+ fps in other words there's no way to have stable fps in this game yet.
  9. If this is correct it could be showing that the slowdowns are caused by bad progamming making the engine stand still and idle while waiting for something else to finish instead of your CPU not being able to handle it.
  10. Sneakson

    Controlling a chopper with the Xbox 360 pad

    Sounds like a great idea. Heli controls can easily fit on an Xbox controller. Question is if you can get the analogue sticks working?
  11. Sneakson

    Impressions after playing the game.

    Detailed physics simulations instead of animations is far away and simply very impractical since programming an AI that wouldn’t just lie down and swing his legs wildly in the air would be very challenging. There’s one indie shooter where your character moves using muscles not animations though, QWOP-style. Allegedly the game is only 1MB big or something because everything is procedually generated... that's also quite inspiring.
  12. Sneakson

    Battlefield 4

    I'm going to start playing Battlefield 3 again this summer and this time with all the DLC. Sort of excited about it…
  13. You don't know anything about computers do you? That computer is basically overprized and you can get one with identical strength and all high-quality components instead of some ambiguous ones for about $1400… then consider a more cost-efficient 770 over the 780 and go down to $1200. Buying a computer in parts and assembling it yourself is always the best option, then there’s buying a computer in parts and having someone else assemble it for you and at the very bottom there’s buying from sites like this one that capitalize on the quite clueless non-techies. 4670K, 8GB 1600, 780, 400-700W identical strength at much lower cost. I7, more than less than 8GB memory doesn't really do much, more than 1600 MHz doesn't do much though there are claims that 2400 MHz will make a significant difference using Haswell CPUs in games such as StarCraft II and ARMA3 and 800W is a lot. Sooo... you know. Search for another store.
  14. If someone had answered my question instead of being dense I wouldn't have had to rtft. Going back some regardless the gains of the tweak still don't seem to have been conclusively benchmarked.
  15. TLDR motherf**ker, do you speak it? Hell, you're the Captain. I suppose I should try it out the next time I play then.