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  1. ok ,i hope you will found the way to use it.
  2. Does anyone of you guys manage to use IVbag? Everything works great,even with ace or any other addon,(i use a dozen of them)i tried untill now.Just IVbag can not be used,i tried everything to make it work,every stance of soldiers,consciousness and unconsciousness,every key to use,but without reaction.Thank you for answers
  3. i have the same problem like MadMike ,but in SP.In editor exactly.The problem arises when i use attachTo for light to place it,but not always!?? example: i put attachTo [obj,[-10,25,10] -IT WORKS,but, attachTo [obj,[-100,25,10] -DONT.So when i change Y or X axsis for some value it stop to give light,just like MadMike says..Please help,four days editing is depend on this..
  4. Steva

    pack BTR 70

    please,may someone tell me what are "black units" near btr in screenshoot ? anyway,the addon is perfect! thank you,i am little late but its ok :))
  5. Steva

    [SP/A2CO] Raccoon V1.2

    Great looking mission! trying it right away!
  6. First thing i must say that this is not my addon,this addon make Tong,but i have answers for some of your questions.So let's start in a row: I am absolutely agree that is very exciting situations and they make arma the magic game,but you can not refill water at natural sources,it will be possible in some future update like i read somewhere on forum.You can refill canteens only at clear water sources which you put from editor,like barrels with water and water stands.For example,i make truck cistern of water (kamaz open) and keep it near soldiers on the field to cover logistics of water supplies,or simply make secret camps somewhere in forest,inside enemy zone,and put there source of water and etc.For food,its much easier,because you can hunt animals everywhere on terrain,only item you need is knife.Answers: 1)Ok,this action works,there is no problem,only problem is IVbag but that is not mentioned. 2)It only can be done if you have item axe at your inventory,so thats ok 3)Only water sources from editor,not natural.I read somewhere on forum that next update will have option for refilling water at lakes,rivers and oceans but player will have to use some item that will clean that water first.(some kind of filter) 4)Did you manage to kill animal with knife using interaction keys ? If you done this,than i cant see reason why you cant took meat.Face dead animal and press interaction key to get action "cut meat",when you finish,get parts of fresh meat just using action "gear" from action menu.Than you cook food on fire,but you need empty can to store cooked food.Otherwise,you can put "finished",already cooked food to boxes or soldier inventory slots using classnames and basic,easy script,but in my opinion,hunting is much better :)) If I'm understanding you well,you look for some kind of place where you have everything in one (sweet spot) ? No,there is not,you must collect every of this items to make actions with them,logs for creating fire,knife for cutting meat,etc..i do so using "classnames". Friendly units are effected with symtoms of thirsty and hungry as well as player even if you switch to other playeble unit,but enemies are not.I am tested it well in mission long more than 78 hours. Now i have question for you : Did you see "status bar" for thirsty/hungry in upper-right corner of screen (like in screenshots of addon) or not? Or you just have green icons on right side of screen ? Thanks in advance and feel free to ask for help anytime! greetings from Serbia!
  7. button next to "alt" to the right and button next to the "alt" left are buttons what you are looking for.i hope this help or if it's easier for you,button between "alt" and "control" on your keyboard
  8. i am missing answers for some questions but i am decided to make mission using this mode,anyway.Now i need help more than ever,mission is in progress,28 soldiers are lying unconscious in enemy militarized zone of 30 them started the operation.Mission has begun at 6:00,and now is 7:45 next day,so 25 hours is passed.In default config says there is 1440 minutes for soldiers to get thirsty,so that is ok.It miss for more than hour but ok.So what happened?Suddenly,every soldier is falled down in unconscious,once i switch control to them.It hapened about 7:25-7:35.I sad suddenly,becouse i dont see status bar in up right corner of screen for food and water.But i have one civilian (secret service agent)who was drink the water and eat apple on beguning the daylight,about 4:30.I am used him to getback to main camp,and get "IV bag"(Intravenous solution for anyone who is suffering of dehydration)-classname description-,but no action appear when i come close to unconscious soldiers on field.That civilian is controled by myself,too.No one button reacts to IV bag,no interaction,and no self interaction key.I just can do standard things,to exemine players and to drink or eat myself.No help option.Will they ever wake up or not?I leave them 15 mins and nothings happened.Blessing in disguise is enemy dont shoot on them,or thay think they are already dead,or they are so kind..So please,ANY advice?
  9. i am in progress of making very important mission to me and only waiting to implement this great logistic mod.but problem is when i switch to another player in my group,or unit in another group,then i loose side bar food/water (green icons).Also,i saw on screenshots that bar in upper right corner with textually values for hungry,water and speed. i don't have it! please any word will help me a lot..thank you . Just to say,this is fourth day of my searching for solution,messing with init in mission folder,setting public values and other tries but without succsess. Thanks for reading this anyway