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    Arma 3 Alpha crashing with Radeons

    Been running with a 7950 past couple days. No crashes whatsoever. Driver version 13.3 beta 3. OC'ed to 1075/1500. Had a 6950 a few days ago as well on 13.2 beta 7 drivers, no crashes either. OC'ed to 925/1340. I only really had crashes in the first week of release for the game. Since then at least on non developer builds, been running fine for playing Showcases in SP and Wasteland in MP.
  2. I haven't got any crashes so far with this patch. But in just over an hour of gametime, I keep getting disconnected from about 4-5 servers(all Wasteland v1.06). Last one I was in had a cheater/hacker messing around and turning everyone's colors blue, white, etc just to cause confusion. But no crashes at least. Though seems like server stability is questionable atm.