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  1. Hey there, This Script will spawn both IEDs and Junk alongside roads inside of a given radius. The IEDs can be disarmed by Anybody with a Toolkit. In order to disarm an IED, you have to approach it very slowly and carefully and then simply use the addaction. UPDATE1: Added call parameters added Cleanup function UPDATE2: Fixed: IED placement improved Fixed: Bug with the Addaction ("Disarm" was still visible for other players after disarming) removed: You no longer have to be an Explosive Specialist to disarm IEDs New: Randomised Force of explosion New: Toolkit needed for disarming Small Update 3: Added: Side Parameter Usage: 1. Create a marker called "center" 2. Set parameters in "IED\ied.sqf" 3. Define Functions in Init.sqf (copy from the one in the folder) 4. Call it however you want (Init, trigger, addaction, etc...) Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2nf9p421njc5503/IED.zip (Always up to date) Armaholic: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=20839 (Thank you Foxhound!) Ied.sqf disarm.sqf Init.sqf I plan on adding Eventhandlers for explosives, Rockets and Grenades. But please feel free to post suggestions, bugs, questions and of course your opinion. UPDATE2: Still working on the explosives/Damage thing :/ Making some Progress though. Cheers.
  2. mantls

    FIM-92 Stinger

    Regarding the keys. I found that many people are using tools which are out of date resulting in Keys and Sigs which would not correspond to each other correct. But you can always make keys + sigs yourself, its not that hard...
  3. You should take a look at WolfenSwans Civilian Assassins. cheers
  4. if !(local _unit) exitWith {};
  5. mantls

    L85A2 Release

    Wow, just gave it a little try. And i must say i'm amazed by the Quality! Also thank you so much for organizing good sounds! It's such a shame when good Models get "ruined" by bad sounds. One thing though, Auto fires seems to be a bit stuttering, like the gun would be choking on a bullet ^^.
  6. i think that is due to DrawIcon3D.
  7. yeah but this will not work in A3 due to said "bug" (if you want to call it that).
  8. yeah sure (was more of an example^^), guess CBA would be helpful in that respect.
  9. It's only dependant one ACE's MH-6J class, isnt it? and CBA due to post/pre init stuff (pls correct me if im wrong). But i recall it used the freeaiming (aim and press/hold alt). #1 Will be terribly stuttery in MP because of locality, i know it looks good in the Editor (onEachFrame would be even more suitable) but it'll probably be nasty in MP. #2 Well, that's our initial problem.
  10. Well i guess you#ll need to drop it first? since its in the players inventory i presume.
  11. you put this part // Maximum values for skills _skillSet = [ 0.25, // aimingAccuracy 0.45, // aimingShake 0.6, // aimingSpeed 05, // endurance 0.4, // spotDistance 0.4, // spotTime 1, // courage 1, // reloadSpeed 1, // commanding 1 // general ]; { _unit = _x; { _skillvalue = (_skillset select _forEachIndex) + (random 0.2) - (random 0.2); _unit setSkill [_x,_skillvalue]; } forEach ['aimingAccuracy','aimingShake','aimingSpeed','endurance','spotDistance','spotTime','courage','reloadSpeed','commanding','general']; } forEach (units _grp); under the part which is above it in the code i included that to make it a little bit more obvious, should be in like lin 32 or so. Basically after the group and its units have been created.
  12. well the st_lbenhance worked around the freeAim thing if im not mistaken. Is there already a ticket for this? if not we should reeeeeeally make one.
  13. in the spawn_XXX.sqf files. example: _n=0; while {_n < _grpSize} do { _unitType=_pool select (floor(random(count _pool))); _unit = _grp createUnit [_unitType, _pos, [], 0, "FORM"]; _n=_n+1; sleep 0.1; }; // Maximum values for skills _skillSet = [ 0.25, // aimingAccuracy 0.45, // aimingShake 0.6, // aimingSpeed 05, // endurance 0.4, // spotDistance 0.4, // spotTime 1, // courage 1, // reloadSpeed 1, // commanding 1 // general ]; { _unit = _x; { _skillvalue = (_skillset select _forEachIndex) + (random 0.2) - (random 0.2); _unit setSkill [_x,_skillvalue]; } forEach ['aimingAccuracy','aimingShake','aimingSpeed','endurance','spotDistance','spotTime','courage','reloadSpeed','commanding','general']; } forEach (units _grp); that should do it. I didnt test it tho, just came up with it in the forum text edit thing, so excuse possible syntax errors or the code not working. cheers
  14. Nah, AttachTo completely glues you to the attached Object, rendering your completely unable to move.
  15. BTW, also works like a charm with WolfenSwans Civilian Assassins. We've been using both in conjunction in our Public Mission (which you can play on our Server).
  16. what about 'player setFatigue 0'?
  17. mantls

    UPSMON for arma3

    Also forcing them to stay in the zones will probably F up their Flank solutions and so on.
  18. mantls

    New Revive Animation with DLC?

    ehm, i'm pretty the sure that animation is in already? :D
  19. private["_surface"]; while {alive player} do { _surface = surfaceType getPosATL player; hintsilent format["%1",_surface]; sleep 1; }; while wants {}
  20. mantls

    TMR Modular Realism

    I would stay as far away from that "Epansions-Menu" thing as i can. I you want to disable the launcher module, then simply delete 'tmr_nlaw.pbo' (you'll probably have to delete 'tmr_loadout.pbo' aswell, but don't quote me on that^^).
  21. mantls

    TMR Modular Realism

    take a look at this.
  22. hm you'll just have to define _count like it would on a dedicated, he probably overlooked it. so if (isServer) then { if (isMultiplayer) then { while {true} do { call MAD_deleteCivs; { _player = _x; _count = 0; _var = _player getVariable ["MAD_housesNear", false]; if (_var) then { { if (_x distance _player < MAD_maxCivDistance) then { _count = _count + 1; }; } forEach MAD_CivsArray; if (_count < MAD_maxCivDensity) then { [(position _player), _count] call MAD_spawnciv; }; }; } forEach playableUnits; sleep 10; }; } else { while {true} do { _count = 0; call MAD_deleteCivs; { if (_x distance player < MAD_maxCivDistance) then { _count = _count + 1; }; } forEach MAD_CivsArray; if (_count < MAD_maxCivDensity) then { [(position player), _count] call MAD_spawnciv; }; sleep 10; }; }; };
  23. uhm? they do spawn in different houses, at least for me. Their wayoints should never leave the city/town they're as they basically go from house to house.
  24. mantls

    ADuke's OH58D Pack

    Hey, First off, i can't fucking wait for this! :D OH-58D is one sexy beast! What are your plans on armament? Do you think you can add some dispersion to Machine/miniguns, It can be incredibly hard to cover some area with the M134's on the AH-9 for example. cheers, looking forward