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  1. I know that, and limtation with a realistic visual damage (gore) but it's another complicated subject.
  2. Hi, am a fan since OFPF and I wondering why arma 3 for a milsim or a game which simulate military stuff is less realistic on some points than other games. For exemple I take Insurgency, it's not an open world like Arma 3 but it's enough realistic on many points. 3D scopes : a big problem in Arma 3 since the beginning of this, there's no realistic zoom, I know the limitation of the engine caused with the big open world but it's a big deal like in Insurgency to match more the reality, other games do better than Arma and it's a good way to follow. Grenades : in Arma 3 just press G and a you throw a grenade magically very quickly without take off the pin, in Insurgency like some games you've got the animation with a realistic delay to take off the pin and throw the grenade. There's other points to check with other games but for a realistic game like Arma 3 for the use of weapons it's not enough good.
  3. Hello, I think a more detailed filters for servers will be good cause more and more servers used differents mods and the vanillia game is no long used for servers. Just an idea to match more with the want of the players. There's so many mods and a lot are so good to have a better game but it becomes difficult to find the good choice in this jungle. Just add a system of filters for mods to match the already installed mods on the client side. Continue the good work, this game is more and more interesting and the community is very big.
  4. @tpw, nice, I will try your mods maybe after the release to have a more stable version. Do you plan a advanced wounding system more realistic than actually like SLX did with A2 in combination with ACE? I never modding so it is possible to save a character before apply injuries cause SLX used a generic burned character and do you think it's possible to dismember this saved character with Ragdoll applied ( using all the new features of RV4 )? Sorry I'm really beginner for scripting ( never try ) but I'm fan since OFP. This can be awesome to have features like VBS2 2.0 cause A3 is too limited like now ; I really like realistics features and don't have enough money for VBS. ;-) My idea was to load the character to apply some effects to him without a generic character, but again I know nothing on the limits of modding with RV4. I'm new in the community because I have internet for few years ; always play with the serie in SP, so my knowledge is really limited...
  5. Why, did he stop to play Arma? No news?
  6. Because BIS doesn't really interested by more simulation, ACE+ACRE+SLX with a new version using all the features of RV4 and SLX more like VBS2 2.0 could make A3 the ultimate simulation, really awesome. I really hope that SLX improve for A3!
  7. SLX is not new, a great mod but not enough realistic on visual serious injuries cause of generic character always burn.
  8. With what you say no reason to make a war game, maybe a paintball game or a game on the military training without real rounds, weapons and just a BIP when you're hit. Yes it's boring, no reason to continue realism without a touch of realism in all ways. If the game is not open for more realistics injuries maybe for mods after the release, this game will lost a lot, not because you will be happy with this, but maybe with the lost of people bored by this mind, a good game ( sim ) locked into a freeze state on this point ( and others ). Yes there's no reason to make a war game without realistics wounds and medics and it's boring me without. In fact maybe it's promote war indirectly by cutting off the real scenes in war, yes war is horrible but on a virtual screen no matter, it's just to show what it's can happen, but don't panic it's not real, and you can turn it off. If A3 has just a poor thing like SLX mod ( for realism ) I'm sure it's my last time with Arma, and I don't want... Not to say I want to move to other games but for a sim Arma is sometimes outstanded by the others, it's sad!
  9. Good answer. A sim needs to be realistic, if you don't want so much realism options are here to set at your taste.
  10. Yes, and a vital organs detection, it's possible with hitboxes. A better and more realistic wounding system and the bloodloss. It's not too much to ask for a sim, to be more realistic, a new level for Arma. Same thing for the options because not everybody want so much realism. But if there's no gore in the main game, this stuff as to be done by the dev team, and an open system for gore, with an engine ready to go for modders because it's too difficult with RV4. And everybody is happy!
  11. And when there's nothing to eat to search and eat worms! It's ridiculous your answer!
  12. Why do you play at a war game? Arma is a game ( simulation ) where we try to simulate reality and gore is a part of war. ---------- Post added at 13:48 ---------- Previous post was at 13:45 ---------- Realism realism realism, as long as war will exist gore too. Gore another time is a part of war so if we want to simulate war we need to simulate all, so for me a better game ( simulation ). ---------- Post added at 13:51 ---------- Previous post was at 13:48 ---------- How do you want to have a realistic wounding system without realistic wounds, do you want a game tottaly sanitized? Graphic side of gore is just for better visual realism of war. ---------- Post added at 13:56 ---------- Previous post was at 13:51 ---------- Again we simulate war so all things is important for realism, there's nothing to say anymore. It is necessary to play at a war game? Sure that all part of realism is important to impoved/implemented, but gore is a part of realism for simulating war.
  13. They don't really dissociate real life and virtuality. The thing is with gore in a game is not the same as reality, it's pixels. I personnaly prefer gore in a game than in a movie, and it's not with better graphics now, the photorealism, that it's changing for me, but I can understand who don't, it's why an option for this is the best thing. In life I'm sure that who don't like gore in game don't like or don't have the same mind on many subjets face to the others humans, it's human. But it's sad that who don't want gore in the game try to change our mind, respect!
  14. Keep your money @Michaelp800, the thing is that they can do this additional content for selling it cause not everybody is for it, with a price around 30€ it's possible and will be a great succes due to a new dimension in term of realism. I'm sure it's possible, but does BIS want it. The fact is that lot of people in a specific part of the game want more realism, like with planes and helis... An extension for battleship can be a great succes too. But not everything is to sell apart, only things specifics.
  15. Totally agree with you @Brain. For rating question this game is about war and simulate it, so no reason that this game has rating under 18, maybe BIS will lost some customers but for good reasons, and they will grow-up, so futures customers, and the realism brings to the game for the happiness of a part of theirs already fans. If not in the vanilla version for these questions of rating, a future DLC or an additional-disc.