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  1. So most of you know what happen in Manhattan mission (who dont do not read this thread) So i found the way to save Dr.Sova and Antonia whatshername from lynching - i reported Fyodor's cache! And when i got lynching call he said "I believe its your friend Maksim. Kid is OK tho" I have no idea who is this Maxim (or Maksim), my deepest sympathy, but i wonder who this is (his encounter seems to involve some kid? dont remember any kid models, maybe just on words in the dialog. Or maby it is cut content that i somehow glitched in?)
  2. I am wondering how can i setup server to require some mods (ACE) but run other and not require them (ACRE). When i start server from game itself it works that way, yet when i launch dedicated tool it says to others that they need acre (wich i want to be optional).
  3. DarkPhoenixx

    Will Arma 3 replace Arma 2?

    I was looking forward to Arma 3 (underwater operations, yay!) but was really dissapointed - swagged walk of soldiers, ability to run and shoot, animations are too fast and high paced and futuristic setting. It lost the canonic feeling. The feeling in Arma 2 when you see abrams or t-90, apache or mi-24 hind with its round cockpit. Those are the things you see in movies, those are things you see in news. And to drive them across the fictional post USSR country (i live in real post-USSR country) was the experience like no other. Addition of Takistan just hit bullseye as players could take part in the conflict that represented real world conflicts of time (i guess USA players especially appreciated OA). Sadly in Arma 3 have nothing of this, even underwater diving are dissapointing (i want that damn iconic cylindrical scuba tank, not your reabreather). I was afraid that multiplayer base of arma 2 will be gone with release of arma 3 but was happy to be proven otherwise. About movement - i love arma 2 movement alot more than arcade one of arma 3. Soldiers in arma 2 was moving like real ones carrying great deal of weight - ammo, weapons, gasmasks, supplies, coat-tents (i guess there no real way of translating плащ-палатка to english). That is why in arma 2 character is so inert (or at least i guess so). In arma 3 you can carry launcher with bunch of ammo as well as hell lot of gear and still instantly change directions, stop and start running as well as shoot during the run. Soldiers move like SWAT team during 15 min mission of hostage rescue, not like soldiers on war who walked 3 days thru forests to their destination. Also i do not understand why you can lay on right side while cant do so on left... in arma 2 SMK animations mod you can do both. Animations are fast - for some it is nice change, but i prefer when it was faster to scream distance to target to my buddy thru voice chat than to take away rangefinder and grab launcher yourself - that encourages teamwork and real life teams of sniper+spotter. Well i guess Arma 3 is definately good game, but it is completely different from Arma 2 and for me in no way can replace it.
  4. Is your offer still available? If yes, can you please make Thirsk Winter version with Kuik's winter camos and option for winter weather, please? That would be awesome.
  5. DarkPhoenixx

    Patrol Operations 2

    Anyone can help me to find were is list of recruitable ai units? I wanted to add some... Looked around but cant find it for some reason.