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  1. Trying to connect through pws it gets stuck with the wait for host msg but clicking escape and then searching for the server and connecting in game works ok, maybe Im just too impatient and not waiting long enough for Six to make the connection :p
  2. Thanks for the help eggbeast, I eventually managed to get PWS working and used your link to sink up the mods. I noticed that theyre slightly different versions with EW in the names i.e @EW_rangemaster, @EW_BAFX, @EW_bloodscreen, ect, so I just copied and renamed all the addon folders and let six update them as it saw fit :D Arma got stuck at the "waiting for host" screen though when trying to connect so I asumed there isnt a server running this mission at the moment . Also I used the -nologs param but still suffered really bad performance. I need to test further but I think its ok until I try flying (jet or chopper, it doesnt matter) and from then on the fps drops massivly and never recovers.
  3. I downloaded the rangmaster pack from armaholic, version 3.7 here>> http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=26409 The full package 2.9gb at the bottom not the seperate updates. I thought this was everything fully up to date or is there an earlier rangemaster for which this 2.9gig package is an update for? However for a temporary fix I downloaded hcpookie's SSMB package from here>> http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=29050 which contains a pook4k51.pbo and just dropped that file into the rangemaster/addons folder. This got the mod to work and play but there are some ingame issues, mainly no vehicle mounted HMG / LMG will work :p Is that pook4k51 the same correct version as the one in rangemaster? Also having really bad performance issues, fps below 15 constantly.. Its been so long since Ive played A2 Im struggling to remember how to get everything running smoothly. Im using Win10 64bit OS now and constantly have problems. Addon Sync will not install, the standalone will not start either, they both just kinda get stuck trying to work and then cannot exit or kill the processes. The A2 Launcher has problems too but I havnt tried Six yet so i'll give that a go, maybe I'll have better luck with it :D
  4. I cant start mission because of missing file "pook_4k51" any ideas where it is from and how I can fix / replace it?
  5. scunnyuk

    MP COOP GITS EVOLUTION - main thread

    Last night playing non Dev with this latest 2.9 version I noticed the AT4 launcher out of the REF weapons wasnt re-equipping on spawn although the AT4 rockets did equip in my back pack, aswell as all other weapons that were previously saved. I was going to test further though before reporting it as a possible bug because I was playing single player lan and had other addons running.
  6. scunnyuk

    MP COOP GITS EVOLUTION - main thread

    Awsome :D Ive been using this REF French weapons pack for the first time in the last 2 nights on Sahrani RACS v4 (Arma II). Really liking the Famas Felin with desert camo for sitting on the mountain tops about 500meter above the objective and using that amazing scope for sniping the enemy :D Cant wait to try this new version 2.9, presumably its only the DEV version with these problems due to new update?
  7. scunnyuk

    MP COOP GITS EVOLUTION - main thread

    Virtual Ammo Box (VAB) was running on the server I played on the other night (aswell as various other addons) and the respawn loadout bug was happening with it. Apart from the additional items as hcpookie has mensioned another good thing is the save loadout feature which gives a number of profiles or save slots so you can save a loadout for different kits (such as medic, engi, recon, ect) and these save across any servers running the VAB. So its quicker to load a profile from the VAB than to choose your loadout from scratch, But its no good for a rank locked Evo game because you would be able to choose from all kit even though only been ranked Private ect. Gaz.
  8. scunnyuk

    MP COOP GITS EVOLUTION - main thread

    Hi egg, I have just finished playing on a public server and the same bug is happening for multiple players. There was a slight difference though in that the server host \ owner joined for a while and he blew up an Irfit and was credited with the kill. However, he was not been credited with other players kills like I was the other night, neither was the player who was my squad / group leader. I tried disconnecting and reconnecting but it made no difference. The server is running version 2.7, I was playing medic again but as mentioned there was a number of others playing with the same issue using various kits. The big difference between the other night and tonight though (other than the versions) is that this server is running a few different addons but my buddy and I were not using any addons the other night. Server parameters can be seen in this screenshot>> and here is a couple of shots from before and after killing an Irfit, as you can see I wasnt credited for any kills, vehicle or infantry and you can see of all the players that only the one person has one vehicle kill which is the server owner / host.There have been loads of Irfits blown up during this game by most of the players shown yet nobody has the vehicle kills nor is anybody been credited for the infantry kills from inside the vehicles or the ones close by court in the blast. Before: you can see a live Irfit in my sights and current number of kills>> After: you can see the Irfit has been hit, blown up and is now dead and on fire but my number of kills hasnt changed (the player under me has an extra kill but he was just off to my left side shooting infantry so was not credited with my inf kill)>> EDIT I noticed the same scroll menu options missing from time to time tonight, that Trauma is describing above, this server was running v2.7 though so before the additions of v2.8. The kit saving issue was happening aswell but I just thought these were all down to using various different @addons but obviously they were not! Cheers Scunny aka Gaz in Arma II and III
  9. scunnyuk

    MP COOP GITS EVOLUTION - main thread

    Hi guys, A friend and I may of found another bug last night, we need to double check that it is repeatable and if we can replicate the conditions because its pretty big / bad so I thought Id share it now anyway, although obviously it isnt somthing that is happening all the time for everybody in any server. I was running a dedi internet server from my personal pc - the same rig Im gaming on and we was playing version 2.5. The settings or Parameters can be seen in this screenshot here>> Although it wasnt taken from the actual game last night the settings were the same and what I tend to use always whever running a personal lan or closed internet game. Anyway down to the bug, so basically every time my buddy blew up an Irfit with his rpg he wasnt credited with the kills but I was, holding down P key to show all players Kill / Deaths ect showed him as having 0 vehicle kills and each time he blew one up it gave the infantry kills to me and added to my total vehicles. When ever I blew an Irfit I would be credited as normal. We was playing as a squad, I was a Medic and squad leader he was a Heli Pilot. Also later in this game (although I dont think it is relevant to this bug) my game dumped me to desktop and then stopped responding so I couldnt get back in but his game continued playing with no issue even though the server was running from my game and pc? Scunny aka Gaz in Arma II and III
  10. scunnyuk

    MP COOP GITS EVOLUTION - main thread

    The save Kit / Load out issue occurred again for me last night playing on Gaming Deluxe MP server. Chose kit and saved at crates and then spawn flag. First few deaths and respawns were ok and I respawned with the kit previously saved at least 4 or 5 times. Server was Rank Locked, I was playing Medic Class and Ranked Private using the MX rifle with Holo site, Pilot overalls, plus other basic load out for rank locked game. The bug happened after looting kit from a dead body. I picked up the MXM Sniper rifle, 7.62 ammo, RCO site, bigger Vest, Bino's, compass and then went to the Recon MHQ to save the loadout. When I was next killed I respawned with just the pistol and mixture of different ammo types, also wearing different uniform ( yes this could be the default spy class loadout but I have never played it so not sure - need to test further). One possibility is this bug may be happening when we use loadout / weapons higher than our current rank, regardless of whever the game is rank locked or not. i.e. it sees my rank is private but I am using a weapon that shouldnt be available to me until i reach the rank of sergeant..?? Also Joes theory that it may be linked to a specific weapon, well Im not entirely 100% sure (again need to test further) but I think I may of been using the MXM sniper rifle every time this has occurred. ScunnyUK aka Gaz in Arma II and III
  11. scunnyuk

    MP COOP GITS EVOLUTION - main thread

    Hi, the save kit function problem which Joe has described seems to be the same problem I described happening on single player LAN with ver:2.0 and last night whilst testing the Dev 2.1 version in LAN game it was still happening. No explosions or burning vehicles or wrecks in or around the spawn area, it seems to save your kit ok making the short hissing type sound when saving at the crates or spawn flag but once you are killed and respawn you are given some random assortment of ammo and a pistol. Re- choose your kit at the crates and save it again, go off and eventually get killed, respawn with the pistol loadout again! Yesterday throughout the afternoon / evening I played on various different multiplayer servers running version:2.0 (any servers open for public) and what is strange is that different servers all had different things (bugs) going on with them with regard to the kit load out and saving function aswell as with how good the AI's aim was. One server had issues letting you swap items, randomly would'nt let you drop things or pick up things from the crates, then the next server would be working and saving kit perfectly. It was the same with the AI too. Go on one server where the AI are working as they're supposed to be, the aim is good but not so good that it gets you frustrated. But then move onto another server and constantly get aimbotted in the most impossible and unbelievable manner. I know Im not been very helpful or pacific here, but it just seems very random in nature. ScunnyUK aka Gaz in Arma II and III
  12. scunnyuk

    MP COOP GITS EVOLUTION - main thread

    Thanks eggbeast, although another bug kept occurring whilst playing 2.0 last night which I havnt seen in any other release. Again this was only playing single player on lan and I didnt try any multiplayer servers to see if it was happening there for me, but the save kit / loadout function wasnt working. I would choose my kit as normal and then save it either at the crates or spawn flag (usually at both :p) than after been killed and respawning it would give me some random loadout with just a pistol and an assortment of different ammo types, basically not the kit I had saved or the basic default loadout that you get when first starting. Maybe just a random thing although I did try restarting Arma a couple of times. I'll report back if its still happening today. Much better for me, infact Id go as far as to say perfect. They were still good but not so overly good to make it frustrating. They still tried to out maneuver and flank my position and when I was shot it felt more realistic rather than them doing the impossible! Great work :D ScunnyUK aka Gaz in Arma II and III
  13. scunnyuk

    MP COOP GITS EVOLUTION - main thread

    Hi guys, First off Id just like to thank eggbeast, GITS and anyone else putting in the time and effort to bring this amazing mod to Arma III (alpha). Awesome work so far guys :) I havnt tried version2.0 yet (just about to download it now) but 1.9 is a great improvement and I really like the enemy mortas which I guess would be any static emplacements once the weapons are available (AA, AT, MG nest, ect) So i just wanted to report a bug which is pretty much ruining the game (for me) when playing alone set up on a LAN server. Ive scanned through the thread and didnt notice this reported before but if it has been then my apologies :D Basically when playing then saving your progress so as to resume the game at a later time, when you return to the game the U / T menu fails to work. It does not show up at all when pressing U key. I have noticed this problem with every release I have played so far up to and including version 1.9. The menu works fine as it should during gameplay, it is only when you try to resume a saved game that it doesnt work. Im not sure but I dont think the same problem occurs on a dedicated server or multiplayer game. Anyhow I really hope you find a fix for the crazy AI aimbotters and Thankyou guys once again for all you are doing here:cool: ScunnyUK aka Gaz in Arma II and III