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  1. Regimental Combat Team 19 Regimental Combat Team 19 is a Realism Unit for ArmA III and has completed its startup phase. RCT 19 utilizes various mods; ACE, RHS, TFR and so on. Our wiki page and forums are complete and we utilize TS3 for voice communications. We strive to provide a virtual simulation of the Marine Corps by utilizing real world Marine Corps organization and tactics. While our organization closely simulates Marine units of the same type, the unit designators are fictional; 3rd Battalion 19th Marines, 5th Light Armored Reconnaissance, and HMLA-288. All logos, mottos and unit histories are works of fiction, created for our purposes. Future sections will follow this fictional design concept, but will be grounded in real world Marine structure. So if you are looking for an organization that simulates the Marine Corps in it’s organizational structure and utilizes Marine Corps documentation to create it’s training and readiness guidelines, come on over and take a look at RCT 19. You can find us at: Web Page http://www.raider6.us/ TeamSpeak 3 ts3.raider6.us Current billets: 0311 Rifleman, 0313 LAV Crewman, 0331 Machine Gunner, 0341 Mortar Man, 0351 Assaultman & 8404 Hospital Corpsman. As we deal with mature subjects we only accept seventeen years of age with a waiver from existing members. Semper Fi, RCT 19 Command
  2. An up coming map to be utilized for training, focused around Mil-sim groups. I had decided to go fully dive into terrain editing. I've noticed there aren't really too many maps that are focused around the mil-sim groups, at least being state side. I had decided to make a Parris Island map. It won't be 100% exact (Due to limitations), however it will be close. It will feature a reception area, wetlands, air field, rifle range and so on. I will take any other suggestions. I will update this as progress continues on the terrain.
  3. Searching for a "Milsim" group, one that utilizes rank structure, organization and so on. Also one that doesn't really focus on other games so much. Would also prefer one that isn't focused on "special forces" so to speak... Special Forces as a detachment is fine... However... "Privates" are not part of Special Forces. If you have anything that matches what I'm looking for, PM with information, website, team speak, and so on. Mil-pack/Personnel Roster preferred but not required.
  4. Tutorial is good, however it needs to explain the configs a little more... That seems to be the problems/steps that are skipped are explaining the configs.
  5. Yep, as am I... I may revisit it a little later... Though right now, my patience is very thin with it. Most of it, however is within the configs it's self... I am no coder, not by a long shot. I can mod those up here and there, however writing stuff from scratch, is a no go sadly.
  6. Cancelled project. This project is cancelled due to the lack of the arma tools cooperating with me... Maybe I am a noob, maybe I am not... Dunno, I been 3D modeling for years and such and the tools that we have at our hands, are just blah. With no documentation at all, things just cannot be done. If someone would like to pick up the slack on this mod... Let me know, I will gladly handover my assets to you.
  7. jbryan

    Texture problem

    Okay thanks, I'll try this... I'm having an issue with the P Drive disappearing, completely lost the current file... However I still have backups of the height maps and such. Once I get the P Drive resolved, I will start from scratch.
  8. Been working on a terrain map, of a US Military base, basically geared towards realism units and what not for state side training. As well as various weapon ranges, etc. However I am having a weird texture issue. While it might be best to post a photo of it, I will try my best to explain it. After doing all the steps in terrain builder, everything appears in bulldozer just fine, as far as the terrain texturing and what not. However, when I enable the terrain inside arma. I have this weird texture problem, where my guy is standing. The issue is, there appears to be a completely black shadow in a 2 meter radius or so around my character inside the game. When I walk, the terrain under, fades away and I am unable to see the terrain texture. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. I've reached a mile stone with this addon. Still have some errors, some errors within the configs, an error with the terrain when walking, produces some weird shadowing, almost like it darkens the terrain. A few other minor little errors. Though needless to say, it works in the game. Attached is an image of the map, inside the game. This is still very very raw and rough. No trees, buildings, roads or anything yet. http://i.imgur.com/ftJIGQw.jpg?1 (271 kB)
  10. jbryan

    UAV overhaul

    I modeled an UAV with plans to add it in as a mod... New model, more along the lines of an MQ9. If you're interested... Hit me up I got another project I'm working on at the moment.
  11. The dimensions I have set up are 2048 x 2048 so, whatever that equals out to for arma... I'd probably say 10Km x 10km or more? Though 10x10 sounds about right. Yep, I saw that one, this one is focus on something a little different. While that one, focused on the ranges alone... This one will be the full out base. If you look at satellite images, I am trying to get it as close to it as that. Minus the on base housing and what not, as that isn't really relevant nor pertains to the game. I'll fill in the blanks with fillers/static buildings. I've got a little bit of a road ahead of me, especially if these "tools" keep giving me problems, with no working properly. Though I plan to keep pushing through it and complete this terrain.
  12. New project I am working on here. Very very very rough out, and rough satellite image. The image is not final. For sometime, I had an idea in my head, just really lack the knowledge to do it... (Still do) However, after reading somethings here and there, being an avid 3D Modeler, I decided to dig in and attempt something here. Below is the image link for the Raw file work in progress... The map obviously is going to be of a military base, fort benning ga, however it isn't going to be 100% accurate. The hills and what not are sculpted in, giving it a bit of definition, instead of simply just flat boring land. This map, if successfully done, will act as a training ground. It is more geared towards mil-sim units and others alike, that would rather train on something, rather than... Straits, Altis and so on, in which are lacking flatter land... Especially for weapons training and what not. Regardless, I've successfully imported it into the terrain editor. Messing around with the configs and such, which seem to be a nightmare... Any help on this topic would be appreciated... I've successfully completed a mod several months ago... The campaign hat, which was too a bumpy road... I am not new at 3D modeling or anything, however I am new to modding and such. Again, any help is appreciated. Credit given, where due. Image Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8zbm72l7ulausbf/Map_One.png
  13. 17th Combat Division Group Website: Work in Progress What we offer: Military Realism Unit Multiple Dedicated ARMA 3 Servers Dedicated Team Speak Server Basic & Advanced Training Story Line Deployment & Missions What we require from members: Honesty Maturity Participation Availability for unit events which take place during evenings 17thCDG is a Milsim Realism Unit, we are a new unit, with several months in planning. This unit has three divisions all under one unit. Infantry, Armor and Aviation, with multiple roles within each division, that will surely have you feel in the right place. We are well structured, organized and very active. We seek Honesty, Maturity, Integrity, accountability and reliability from our members and recruits. If you say you are going to be there, be there, otherwise let us know if you can't. We want guys that are laid back but appreciate the structured fun that Milsim brings while on missions and training. Interested? Join our team speak at ts101.teamspeak3.com:4186 for more information our website is currently a work in progress.
  14. Any non-"special forces" groups out there? Seriously, every where I look... I'm constantly seeing these "Special Forces" groups when in reality, half of them don't even get what special forces entirely does and claim to be "realism".... Anyways, seriously what I am looking for is a "Military/Mil-sim/Realism unit" That focuses on more of a standard traditional "Military" rather than just straight up Special Forces. Special Forces as a detachment however is acceptable, as it opens the doors up some more. Because obviously in the real world, "Special Forces" not everyone makes the cut. I'm 27, very well experienced with ARMA and military operating procedures. Hit me up in a message with the information to your site and so on and we shall go from there.
  15. jbryan

    New Building Modelling

    Verts, polies and so on are able to be a higher count with the engine ARMA 3 runs... I can't remember the limit off the top of my head, though I know it's fairly high. I wanna say close to being 64k polies. As far as texture res and what not. It is what you make them pretty much... Typically most games use 2k maps. As far as the actual modeling process. You need to model the building, then model a collision mesh for it. If you're not familiar with collision meshes. It is essentially a basic shape around the actual object. For example a weapons crate. It would have a simple collision mesh around the object as a cube, rectangle and so on. Then this is added inside the model config. As far as the "destructible buildings" is bits and pieces of the model, actually modeled out to look like it was destroyed. Again more things for the model configs. Good luck Also be sure to model using meters. Otherwise, your scales will be way off.