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  1. I turned off persistent battlefield. Which fixed it for me. I also host my own server VIA a box. I rent from NFOservers.com
  2. DrWub

    Can't join any dedicated server

    I turned off Persistent Battlefield on my servers, fixing the issue.
  3. This might be of use to you... http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?104991-Tophe-s-Arma-Dedicated-Server-Tool-(TADST) Read up on that, it allows very specific changes in server functions. Love it!
  4. If im correct (correct me if im wrong) but the max setting is 10
  5. How are you setting VCQ to 30 are you using a Startup Parm, or an external Server System (TADST, Webhost ect)
  6. DrWub

    Multiplay hosting

    http://artofwarcentral.com/ Great hosting, I use the 6 core package, along with the program TADST ~ TFMamba secretes revealed ~
  7. DrWub

    Arma3 Videos

    Small video montage of one of our pilots.
  8. Just a quick note, we play arma 3 acre with an average of 30 people at a time. Works great!
  9. When can we get our hands on some early access? :D
  10. I love their service. Although their phone support does suck... 4 weeks later no response.
  11. Suggestion to Chops! Add ship flares and chaff!
  12. Im not a master at the game. But another problem would be that the missile model has no "hitbox". As far as I know.
  13. With CWIS systems, Anti-Ship missiles shouldn't be a problem.