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  1. BTW guys, just to remind - Katyusha should work properly now ;)
  2. Pistol misaiming thing was fixed but somehow didnt appeared in this patch so dont worrie - it will be included in next patch.
  3. Yep Arma 3 and Iron Front FTW!^)
  4. http://postimg.org/image/d7erwq3ef/full/ http://postimg.org/image/pxj09tbcn/full/ http://postimg.org/image/xstjomkzb/full/
  5. Well, we are a bit delaying - but belive me this patch will be awesome for sure!
  6. Ok, info for those who wants to play DTAS today (21:00 Moscow time) - 1) you have to have IF A3 mod (1.12) + TS (flashpoint.ru:9988 pass: 2010) + Taskforce radio plugin (latest(v0.9.7)) 2) somewhere around 20:45-21:00 join TS and i will give you pass for the server (find [18A]Bones in TS), server adress IP:, Port: 2312
  7. Actually with tanks its not a bug but a feature. Damage model of tanks is scripted, so tanks are rarely blow - only if you lucky to hit ammunition and it will detonate, otherwise tank just damages.
  8. This thursday, 21:00 (Moscow time), at Wog iron front server (IP:, Port: 2312), russian hard mod community will play converted for IF DTAS missions, everyone is invited. Requirements - IF A3 mod + TS + Taskforce radio plugin. I will post IP, server password, and TS server adress at thursday, hope to see you guys!
  9. To Pederson: Unfortunately no, but if you would like to create some - you always welcome^) And im not joking - ive seen your mod and maps are beutiful! About games - not today for me... Tp Furyon: Roger! ill ask HM community - think we can gather about 20 guys.
  10. Well, there is a server Iron Front WOG. If you want i can call guys and we can make a team vs team game:) How many of you guys are playing?
  11. There are servers!! Search with Iron - right now there are 2 servers with some guys playing.
  12. Some mid of november might be a bit later i guess, about what will be included into it - really right now just cant say, cause i simply dont know, too many things are in a process of preparing and what will be finished - who knows. What is definitely about patch - non of your list will be included. We are lacking of arms (most of the work done by 3 guys) for preparing some new content, so new content from team will be delayed till most of the known gameplay ruining issues would be solved (thats in priority). About existing US content - unfortunately source data for it is lost and having it is essential for correction of models (cars,tanks and plane have to be properly tweaked for PhysX, only then sound issues and couple of other will be solved), thats why original DLC US troops were replaced but vanilla A3 units some patches ago, and thats why US vehilcles weren`t ported yet. About new US troops - can`t promise anything right now, but there are some chances of their update, but still definitely not in upcoming patch. Hope that clarifies situation :)
  13. @ 82ndairbornerealism US vehicles arent ported yet (its in our roadmap, but yet not ready), kju already said it to you ^) Unfortunately such complicated installation proccess isnt our wish, but thats thing which rights owner insisted on. ---------- Post added at 13:52 ---------- Previous post was at 13:49 ---------- There is a detailed step by step guide on manual installation, but its in russian, still, hope, it will help you to break through
  14. Mines and explosives arent working yet, probably will be fixed in upcoming patch.