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  1. Dev Update #4 / More content and FISHING is released!
  2. Police Force Recruitment Video is released!
  3. We have changed the questions at the registration, because the old ones were too easy.
  4. Forums will be online soon!
  5. @maskedman Yes you need a microphone. @Anbraxasgames We already got and official site. it's almost done. new dev video is released!
  6. We're not sure if we're going to add that or not. The thing is that you don't really have to worry about that. It's very easy to get guns on the "normal" life mods, and the jail time is like 5 minutes for murder. On "Arma 3 Life" It's very hard to get guns, Just like in real life. If you got a gun licence ( That won't be easy to get ) then it would be easier to get one. But you'll lose your license when you make a crime.
  7. * "Picking apples is by far the best income source in the game. " "Heroin runs is just not worth it..." We've already got a fix for this issue. We had this problem aswell when we were developing "Stratis life" People will just do the job that earns the most (example apple) and it won't be fun at all. We're going to add a full economy system into "Arma 3 Life" that will be unique and as realisic as possible. *"sometimes server gets restarted..." We're going to add a save system into the game, that will mean that everything you got WILL be saved. Don't think it will be "easy" to get a chopper. It might take you a few days (depends how long you play each day) to get a car! * "cops have one less aspect to do, and instead just stay around in town center where all the freaks are." We're going to add applications for the cops and trainings, so there will be some "normal" and "professional" cops instead of trolls and "noobs". * "Civilians buying guns..." We've got a solution on that part. Guns will be very hard to get, even harder when you get arrested once for commiting a crime where a pistol was used, murder etc... * "Cars getting stolen left and right, why not just lock the car´s driver seat to the people who have a car key?..." Interesting concept, we might lock the door AND have it so you need the key to start the ignition. * "Being able to have groups when you are a cop..." There will be cop markers in the game. For us the "team icons" make it a little unrealisic, thats why we decided to go with things like helmet cams and dash cams, accesible by dispatch. * "Being able to store drugs in choppers." we're planning to add a full working trunk system on "almost" every vehicle. *"Make it way more dangerous to pick it.." We're not only going to make it more dangerous, we're also going to make it very hard to even get those seeds. reward much bigger That depends on the economy ;) Make the bank robbable... Offcourse every hour instead of every 20 minutes and make the rewards bigger. I will tell you, You won't see a lot of bank robbery's. Because the risk is too high and getting a gun is a pain in the ass. A team of 10 guys doing a full on operation would be much more realistic. Start up a gang, and go ahead. "more realistic" In real life it's possible to rob a bank, but the chance is big that you'll fail. and robbing a bank will cost time offcourse. That means that the cops have time to arrive. - being able to park your Chopper or Car... Offcourse there will be a save system for choppers or cars. Cars are expensive, so you have to work for a while to buy one.
  8. Dev video #2 is uploaded and ready to view! Dev video #2[/b] [/b]
  9. Hilarious haha That will be demostrated on the "Dev Video 2#"
  10. Yes, We're making use of "ACRE". that means that you NEED Teamspeak and a microphone. But you don't need to "talk" all the time, if you go fishing for example, you can just put your micrphone down and only use it if someone is asking you a question.
  11. The plan was to host only one server. We might add a second server in the future, but that's not discussed yet. =~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~ Added 5 new pictures! * 3 pictures with awesome hair {taking the head inventory slot} * 1 picture with an awesome new hat * 1 picture with the new Crown vic interior! {You can find the pictures on the second post on this thread.} Link of post: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?162249-From-the-creators-of-Stratis-Life-ArmA-3-Life&p=2478030&viewfull=1#post2478030
  12. Question 1) No. Question 2) Yes.
  13. Arma 3 Life - Dev video's Dev video #1 Dev video #2 Dev video #3 ----Bloopers----- Dev 2# Bloopers Dev 3# Bloopers and Trolls http://www.youtube.com/watch&v=a3vlOODhfNo
  14. The new update is coming soon, with lots of fixed. This might be added in this update or the next one: small preview ;) http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=137209845 -Zannaza