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  1. So I noticed that my rudder pedals do not turn the chopper as fast as pressing Q or E which is the same function. I have gone into the control settings for my pedals and maxed out sensitivity and added zero dead zone but it hasn't fixed the problem. I have CH Products Pro Pedals. Does anyone have a fix for this or know why it's happening?
  2. Squad name: 4th Special Forces Group [4SFG] Timezone/location : Prime time is between 2pm-11pm EST which is EU afternoon and into the evening. Gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp): PVP only Contact email: Add/message me on steam.. http://steamcommunity.com/id/t-mace/ Website address: http://4sfg.enjin.com/ Short description: 4th Special Forces Group is a tactical realism unit based in Arma 3. We are a PVP only unit that focuses on tactics, communication, and teamwork. What makes us unique is that we are one of the only PVP units in the community. We're serious in game but like to joke around and have fun when just hanging out on our TeamSpeak. Language: English
  3. Hi, I'm looking for a milsim unit that plays at least 50% TVT. I'm interested in organized, tactical gameplay. Coop is also good but not all the time. I have a basic understanding of tactics like squad formations, sectors of fire, etc but would like to learn more. Please contact me if you think I'd be a good fit! About Me: -Age: 31 -Timezone: EST -I play a lot of Arma already! -Interested in an infantry role and am also a decent transport pilot.
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    Arma3 Videos

    l337acc great vid! Love me some Tactical Battlefield. Hope more of the pub community starts getting into it. Here's another vid from my 'Art Of Wasteland' series...
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    Arma3 Videos

    Started a new youtube channel to showcase my favorite Arma moments.. Short , action packed vids and funny stuff that happens when my friends and I play. I'll be adding lots of new content and have some cool ideas in store for future videos. We'll be playing lots of Chernarus Wasteland, Tactical Battlefield and Takistan Life. Hope you guys enjoy!!
  6. Thanks for you reply man! I know what you mean about hardware getting old fast. Fact of life :) The reason I chose more expensive parts is because I was hoping to not have to update them for several years, thus saving money in the long run. So in your opinion, do you think your build would be as future proof as mine? I mean, at what point do you think your build would become "old" as compared to the build I had picked?
  7. LSD_Timewarp82, would you mind looking at my parts list and giving some feedback. I have put together a really nice rig (I think) BUT the only problem is I went waaaay over budget. I fell in love with the motherboard and cpu so extra money will be spent but I'm wondering if I should buy the GTX 970 instead and maybe no water cooling. Maybe cheaper RAM and power supply too. I don't know, need some input. Part of me wants to just get the best of the best and be happy with some good years of gaming to come, the other part of me says I should save the money and upgrade later. What do you think about price vs performance on my parts list? http://ca.pcpartpicker.com/user/thegoodway/saved/2LVCmG
  8. Thanks again for your feedback guys. Here's one more, very-close-to-final build. I have put together a 'cream of the crop' Arma rig just to see what the price looks like. My main goal was to select a great CPU, video card, motherboard and RAM. It is a bit too expensive so I'm now deciding which parts to swap out for cheaper components. I also included the monitor I'll be getting. If I can get the total down to $2,500 or a bit less then I'll be ready to put my money down and get this baby ordered. Have a look.. I think I'll swap out the GTX 980 and go with GTX 970. I might not get a CPU cooler since I don't plan to overclock until at least 6 months after I buy. That will save me $300-ish. If I can figure out any other obvious places to save money without seeing a big loss in performance then I will be happy to do so. Let me know what you think. I know this is more expensive then I had originally planned to spend but I really want to do it right and get quality components. http://ca.pcpartpicker.com/user/thegoodway/saved/4c3dnQ
  9. Good call on the case! I'll make sure it has some extra room for future upgrades and cooling. Speaking of AMD, someone has thrown a serious monkey wrench in my thought process for this build. I will link the parts below.. it looks very BEAST buuuuut it's AMD and I've read some negative reviews about Arma and AMD not getting along too well. I'm researching now to see how the below rig compares to the i7 4790k + GTX970 rig I have been planning around.. Thoughts? http://ca.pcpartpicker.com/p/WvG8mG
  10. Thanks again for your input guys! I forgot to mention that the power supply was not intended for that rig, I couldn't find the exact power supply that the vendor had recommended so I just chose one of similar price to see how all the parts would add up on pcpartspicker vs the store I went to. The actual power supply was 850w. On cpu: I was thinking of going with i7 only because I'd like this computer to last me for a while and be upgradable later on. I might want to get a 3 monitor setup going next year or 4k, who knows. But I just thought i7 would be safer going into the future. Not sure what your thoughts are on that, if you take upgradeability into account... let me know. So CPU and GPU that most people seem to agree on are: CPU: i74790k (OR i5 4690K, I will have to do more research regarding the upgradeability factor.) GPU: GTX970 (still not sure which brand to get but I hear Gigabyte, MSI and Asus are the ones to consider.) I still need to pick out a motherboard that is good for overclocking and allows for SLI (incase I buy another 970 in the future). Then I can narrow down options for RAM, SSD, etc. Cheers.
  11. Thank you all for your quick responses and feedback. I'm taking all recommendations into consideration while contemplating the final build. I got this list recommended to me at a local computer shop today. I've added in the monitor I want. I notice they did not recommend any CPU cooler. But I'd like to know your thoughts on this build. Do you think they've offered a good option or nah? I've copied all the components into pcpartspicker and the price they are charging is about $100 more. http://ca.pcpartpicker.com/user/thegoodway/saved/767Zxr
  12. Hello. As the title says, I'm building a rig specifically to play Arma 3. I would like to ask your advice on exact components, especially if you have experience with playing the game in highest possible settings. I will include all info below. Thanks, in advance, for your input. So my main goals are: 1) To play Arma 3 online in ultra settings (which are the highest possible settings) and I would like to get 60+ fps. The rig itself should be capable of higher fps but online severs often just won't allow for more. 2) I would like to stream to Twitch.tv while playing Arma 3 on ultra settings and sometimes record gameplay to my computer at 1080p. My budget is $1,200-$1,500, before shipping. If I can achieve my goals with this build for $1,200 that would be great but if I need to add that extra $300 then I will do what it takes! I do NOT need a monitor, mouse or keyboard. Approximate Purchase Date: As soon as possible, ideally this week System Usage from Most to Least Important: Arma 3! I don't play many other titles. Parts to Upgrade: I am starting from scratch so I need ALL the necessary parts from A-Z. OS: Yes, I'm thinking Windows 8 but open to suggestions if some of you think Windows 7 is a better choice. Preferred Website(s) for Parts: NCIX.com - I live in Canada so I would like to buy from a Canadian website. If you know a better/cheaper website in Canada, I would buy from it as long as they are reliable. Location: I live in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Overclocking: Maybe. SLI or Crossfire: Maybe. Monitor Resolution: My resolution will be 1080p unless I can find a decent 27" monitor that displays 2560x1440 with a high refresh rate. Additional Comments: I would like a build that can be upgraded, since 4k resolution is around the corner it would be nice if this rig can get me there through upgrading certain parts. I'm also thinking of buying 3 1080p monitors down the line so if it's possible with this rig and some upgrades that would be great too. I'm upgrading because my current rig just doesn't perform to the level I would like. I sure do love my Arma 3 and I would like to enjoy it to it's full potential. Okay, thanks for reading through and I hope you guys have some good builds in mind for me to look into! Cheers.
  13. Tactical Realism/Milsim TVT Unit - Does it exist? I'm looking to join a unit that focuses on TVT but one that uses US military tactics in combat and training. I'm interested in an infantry position. Have some knowledge of squad tactics and formations. Interested in cooperation and teamwork. Please message me with more info and I'm happy to jump on your TS to conduct an interview. Thanks, T.Mace
  14. Hello, I know the words tactical and wasteland sound blasphemous in the same sentence, BUT.. I'm interested in playing Wasteland with some players who have experience and knowledge in squad tactics and tactical realism. I have basic knowledge of squad formations and procedures. Am interested in learning more. Willing to follow a squad leader provided that he knows what he's doing. I play often and have lots of hours logged on Wasteland servers. I just find it hard to come across teammates who will actually follow any kind of protocol in battle. I love PVP, that's why I'm into Wasteland, but I think having a coordinated team would make it a lot more fun! Message me if you're interested. Cheers, T.Mace
  15. Hey, I'm very interested in joining a tactical realism unit for Arma 3. I do have some specific qualities that I'm looking for in a unit. For simplicity's sake, I've put them in point form below. Please contact me if you think I'd be a good fit for your team! Looking for: -a unit that runs regular drills and operations -preferably a larger unit that deploys 40+ soldiers during operations. (The bigger the company the better, as long as large numbers don't degrade the organization and chain of command of the unit.) -a ranking system similar or exactly the same as the US Army -it would be a major bonus if training/drills were conducted by members of the unit who are currently serving in the US military -I like playing TVT so some of that would be great too Some info about me: -I'm 30 yrs old -Have not previously been in any Arma unit/squad -Located on the east coast (EST) -Have Teamspeak and can download any mods necessary -Inclined towards teamwork and cooperation -I'm a relaxed guy but serious in-game Thanks, and I hope there's some like-minded individuals out there who will reply back soon!