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  1. I can confirm this issue. Every time when I'm hunting for the walrus garage left to the CC. Stangely - as soon as the walrus garage is successfully destroyed, the bug is gone. Until that... save, save, save.
  2. The compatibility should not be a problem. Just for testing, I installed the game at my wife's new pc, and it definitely works - although a little bit laggy. It is surely more important to have a good graphic card inside (minimum 2 GB). (My wife's gpu has only 1 GB.)
  3. Dear Species, I don't know how you do this... but you fixed it - in half the time than I needed for describing the problem at all :-D I just updated to your version 1.18 and continued from the latest savegame. The "invisible line" is cut, and now I safely reached the next sector. Can't tell you how impressed I am. Of you, all your work on this mod and your enthusiasm. Oh yes, not to forget THAT supersonic support :-) Man, you are fabulous. THANK YOU! Nevermind!!! The strategic component is my favorite, and it will always be. Best wishings, Amadeus
  4. I am not sure wheather it is a CCGM issue or DeadlyIslands. Maybe someone knows about this problem. Config: CCGM 1.07_0023_Beta, DeadlyIslands v1_17 Looks like I'm stuck at the Thermopylae assault of the campaign game. All other islands are taken so far. Things are running fine. Myrik has landed on Thermopylae and has started to secure the waypoints. Repair walrus has arrived, all clear for waypoint two. But - whenever I pass the mountain road and arrive at the plains, suddenly my walrus loses all control to the AI. (The information line on screen reads, it is about to "dock" - but the walrus definitely isn't.) I cannot neither steer or shoot - the walrus will (with me as a "passenger") just continue its way and fires on its own, until it runs out of ammo. All I can do is get out of the vehicle and enter another one - but with the same result. They won't let me control anymore. Tried different savegames and started Thermopylae assault from the beginning. It's always the same. About 500 m before "secure point 2" I lose control of my walrus and cannot re-gain it. It feels like I'm crossing an invisible line when this problem occurs. Funny - if I escape my walrus and run back to another one further behind, I enter it, and manage to drive it up to about the same place as the first one. Anyone got a suggestion how I can get my hands on the steering wheel again? Thanks in advance!
  5. With Windows XP... there's a small option box called "Enable Write Combining" (Control Panel > Display > Settings tab > Advanced > Troubleshoot) You may try to remove the check in here; this might help with quite a lot of graphic glitches. So it did to me with TrackMania ;-)
  6. Hi Species! I think I am totally missing the early warning "carrier is approaching" messages. I only receive the messages that - later - the carrier is "still in range". All other messages are working, but I haven't seen a "carrier is approaching" signal for a week. Momentarily, I have almost all of the islands taken, and the game (Strategy) is a new one (since latest version and latest patch). I will check it out again after next gamestart, but maybe someone else expieriences the same. Cheers, Amadeus
  7. Refuelling rocks! Great idea. Just one more suggestion: Wouldn't it be useful if we could get a status message, whenever the supply bark re-arrives at the stockpile island?
  8. This forum definitely needs a "thank you" button. Highest appreciation, Species, perfect job !! The docking view is fantastic... and the surveillance drone - which I hardly ever used - will now belong to my standard tools :-)
  9. Yes, I am sure, although it appears quite random. I take an island -> I can control the units. I warp away and come back -> the function is gone. Of course, a "leftover" sounds plausible enough to me, since I am in the middle of an existing game.
  10. Hi Species - don't know if it's important... But yesterday I continued the game via the "normal" 1.06-exe (without including the mod folder) - and I can still control friendly-island-based units. Has BI started to implement your work, or is your mod folder somehow 'alive'? ;-) Besides, I noticed: when controlling a friendly-island-based walrus, its fuel exhaust is extremely high. Since the "island walruses" in 'deadly islands' had unlimited fuel, I guess this is "BI-made" this time, although it's not mentioned in the changelog. Please keep it up... I want the instant messages back, as well as the respawn and the dockable drones :-) (I guess your coffee maker is running overtime ;-))
  11. Thanks for all your enthusiasm, Species! Good to hear you are working on it - your goodies are absolutely worth waiting for. Good luck!
  12. After updating to 1.06 Beta, the Deadly Island Mod won't start. Is there something I can fix on my own, or is it a general compatibility issue?
  13. Especially while steering a Walrus, it could be useful to have a permanent eye on the map. Why not make it a picture-in-picture in the upper left corner - in addition to the radar display in the upper right. Whoever played Microsoft Urban Assault from 1998 (sorry, I love the game), knows the advantages of a neatlessly implemented map. (In Urban Assault, the map was a transparent layer window, which could be toggled on-off inside the windscreen.) Also, whenever sitting in a vehicle and activating the map, my position should be automatically centered on the map. It often takes precious time when first of all I have to find out where I am.