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  1. Very interesting thread. My personal "El Dorado" is a stategic wargame with a tactical layer, or a tactical game with a good strategical layer, all played dynamically. Hexes are not needed in what I think. Best example to me are (cough, cough) the campaigns of BoB:Their Finest Hour and SWotL (I know, that's the Jurassic), where you could plan the missions on a strategical map attacking different enemy resources, and then play the mission as pilot on simulation level. The outcome of the planned missions would affect the enemy forces and strategical resources, and also your resources depending on losses you suffered. You would even win promotions and i.e. from a recruit wingman you could end as wing commander. CMANO is a game also mentioned which I like, but it lacks the dynamic level as all are scripted missions. How to do this in ARMA? I think it could be a combination from elements of different mods: the ALIVE terrain analysis (military and civilian terrain division) could be used to assign to the faction controlling it "objective" points and "resource" points, to determine who is leading and what you can buy/build with the resources you get, in a similar way as done in the DUWS mission with the Army points and Command points (DUWS is quite close to what I'm thinking about). You should control a harbour or airport to receive reinforcements (invading faction), and maybe controlling a factory or mil. base with barracks could do for the defending faction. To allow for the amount of units required in operational campaign, the ALiVE profiling system would be most needed. And to control them all, HETMAN and BigBoss are the way to go (thanks for those Rydygier!). The most difficult thing IMHO would be getting HETMAN to control the units profiled by ALiVE, as I understand that is not doable at the moment. I've done some very amateur modifications to DUWS and integrated it with AliVE for personal use, and you can get very fun, challenging missions that way. Getting HETMAN/BB in the equation could be epic!
  2. Hi guys, first of all, thanks for your work in doing this mod. I've played all FFAA mods since ARMA and have to say that they're TOP quality and with some of the best models I've seen out there. I wish I could help you, but neither I'm good in scripting or modelling, nor I have the time to do so, I even haven't played anything for the last two months. I've only modified some missions and mods for my own personal use and I understand all the effort you and all other modders are putting, so please keep up the good work and THANKS!
  3. Hi Alive team, I'm really enjoying your mod, at the moment more testing than actual playing but the possibilities ait gives us are great! I've tested to create some kind of a small company and put it under my command using the vanilla HC modules while creating more BLUFOR and OPFOR units in map together with OPCOM for both sides. It won't work as Alive profiles them and HC link is lost, but if I unsync from the profile system the groups subordinate to me in HC, it works perfectly! I even receive tasks from OPCOM while keeping command of my forces which I can send to fight the AI profiled units. Just wanted to mention in case it helps somebody else. One thing I've noticed with A3MP maps mod (Takistan, Zargabad I've tested) which has also been mentioned in the thread, Alive not populating the map with the CQB module, it maybe has to do with the configs or the classes defined for structures and buildings in A3MP, they all read as "House" in the editor, so maybe Alive is not properly identifying them as military, industrial or civilian? I've tested this on Takistan and Zargabad, not checked Chernarus but I supppose will be the same as all the structures are also identified as houses. I've also posted this in the A3MP thread.
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    @A3MP - ArmA 3 Map Pack

    Hi Alduric, thanks very much for your work, it really adds a lot to ARMA 3. Keep up the good job! I've played on all maps but Utes, and they look great. Takistan is goooood, man! One thing I've noticed, it maybe with the configs or the classes you've defined for structures and buildings, they all read as "House" in the editor, I think this is related to when placing vanilla "Sites" modules (like Base) to garrison military areas, they don't occupy buildings or observation posts, just the QRF are created. I've tested this on Takistan and Zargabad, not checked Chernarus but I supppose will be the same as all the structures are also identified as houses. Also this could have to do with i.e. Alive mod not populating the map with their CQB module (will post this in their dedicated thread also). Maybe defining in the configs those structures as "Military" or "Industrial" would do the trick? Anycase, take your time and enjoy, we have plenty to play with at the moment, thanks!
  5. Hello, first of all congrats on the release, I've been looking to your mod for some time and eagerly awaiting it. I'm all for SP so it's great it works also for us the non-MP crowd. I've tested some of the tutorial missions with the 0.5.1 release, I have also installed FFIS and TPW addons along with some editor extension mod and I can say it works (even if I also had the module init thing). My rig is not the ultimate gaming machine so it takes some time to prepare the map and start assessing locations and spawning units, but then is truly awesome seeing a war erupting around and the commander giving side missions and requesting to hold positions, etc. You guys have made a good job!! One question related to one posted before (as I couldn't test it yet): would a player-guided UAV spawn visually the virtual groups? if so, Tha could be used as FO to direct arty fire without the need of the player going into visual range. Regards