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    [SP] Operation Eagle Eyes Day 1

    Sure will this is only Day 1, I am looking to make Day 2 and also if you guys have any ideas feel free to post as I would look at including them into Day 2's mission.
  2. Tomsz

    [SP] Operation Eagle Eyes Day 1

    Comments from Steam: Heron 17 hours ago One of the best missions i've played or attempted atleast. Quality peech 5 Apr @ 5:33am great mission nice playtime no bugs ! ot5u9v 5 Apr @ 2:25am Impressive and intense mission!... The AO crawls with hostiles, as it should be! No bugs encountered... I highly recommend it!
  3. Tomsz

    User Mission Request Thread

    Hey Yes I have just created Operation Eagle Eyes Day 1 which is a sniper mission and you have to go behind enemy lines after insertion to eliminate 2 Taliban officers, no mod requirements & here is the link http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?175623-SP-Operation-Eagle-Eyes-Day-1 hope you enjoy
  4. Tomsz

    [SP] Operation Eagle Eyes Day 1

    You really don't know what your doing do you? there is a Virtual Ammobox System to customize your loadout before taking off, and the downed chopper is not blufor's..it is an opfor hellcat you can use a silencer just customize your loadout as your suppose to do and yes the spotter is wearing NVG's.. and so are you to begin with and it's up to you to get the right scopes for the mission from the ammobox and if you listened I told you to gear up from it before taking off.
  5. Tomsz

    [SP] Operation Eagle Eyes Day 1

    Hello I am using Altis and also no mods are in the mission or integrated into the mission, it is all unique apart from VAS (Virtual Ammobox System) hope you enjoy the mission & let me know what you think I will also be looking to make Day 2 in the next month so if you have any suggestions or ideas I will consider using them for Day 2 which will be the next part of the story.
  6. Operation Eagle Eye's Day 1 http://i.imgur.com/UEsoi5W.jpg (103 kB) Introduction: You are a highly trained U.S Sniper Lt. Jasper is the name and newly promoted Cpl. Hector has been assigned to be your spotter today your mission is to go deep behind enemy lines to Assassinate two high ranked Taliban leader's by the name of Hakim and Ghani and also to destroy a stolen HMV located close by in a remote village all while avoiding enemy patrols throughout the woods and surrounding mountains. you can you view their descriptions in the first two image's as they are wearing different clothes to the regular insurgents to keep in mind during the mission to help recognize your targets & these men are wanted for murder and leading a criminal organization which is the Taliban, you will leave Altis Airbaise approximately 12:10 am after the commander has briefed you on your assignment & while gearing up make sure to grab a green smoke grenade used for extraction, you are then to order your spotter into the nearby ghost hawk and get ready for insertion, stay low and do not compromise the mission. Features: - No requirements to play just download the Mission. - Patrolling Taliban Units & Each playthrough has them in random positions so it will always feel different. - Briefing - Insertion & Extraction. - Enemy are all dressed in Taliban like clothing and vehicles. - Night Ops Mission , it can go into daytime if you take your time it depends how you like to play there is no time limit. - The Enemy do not have any NVG as they are Taliban insurgents but are using flashlights. - Virtual Ammobox System (VAS) Download Armaholic Steam Workshop Installation Extract the .pbo file(s) to your Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3/Missions folder for Singleplayer. Credits and special thanks: -Tonic - VAS (Virtual Ammobox System)
  7. Tomsz

    Ssniper Rifles

    http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?155995-404Wasteland-TPG-Edition-(Built-In-Anti-Hack-Script) here is the updated wasteland with the anti-hack script I dug up for you.
  8. Hey so I have the .paa file I want to use that I re-textured for an exisiting arma3 rifle, I just need a detailed explanation and/or a weapon.cfg/config.cpp sample showing me what to change for my texture to be usable, so I would have the Standard Textured Rifle and then the Re-Textured Rifle and not have them interfere with each other, Currently I can't even replace the current texture with my re-texture as I am stuck on how to get it into the game, I have been looking for the past 2 days on how to do it, But havn't found a detailed tutorial and only finding a bunch of weapon.cfg examples but in looking at them I don't see what I need to do or change to get my re-texture into the game as I am quite new with this so I would greatly appreciate if anyone could provide me a sample to just edit with my file names or something ??
  9. Tomsz

    Ssniper Rifles

    There is already an updated version of Wasteland with the ghillie and snipers added to the gunstore here..which is in here on the forums under user missions.
  10. Hey Manzilla, As soon as you click on the download link, at the very top is direct download direct from Multiupload, there should be no troubles using that direct download link at the top, the others are extra download hosts.
  11. Hello :) UPDATED OPEARTION EAGLE EYE'S VERSION 2: Just go to my original post for the updates and new download link.
  12. I'm trying to edit someone elses mod for my own use, Though I'm not very good at mod'ing weapons, How would I make the scope compatible for the arma2 weapon? Like what do I need to put into the weapon.cfg file etc? thanks for your help.
  13. :) Thanks I thought it was cool also and no worries I'll be releasing more missions later, If you have any requests let me know.