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  1. You have underwater vehicles, range finders with incredible zoom, yet there are no bi-pods for sniper rifles or LMG's? Seriously? How can this be any kind of simulator when it is so difficult to get the scope to stop moving long enough to get a shot at long distance? I installed a mod called simple weapon resting but it is not accepted on all servers and thus is useless. It is good on the servers it is accepted on but my point is this should be a basic feature of the game. Even Battlefield 4 (the other game I play) has bi-pods and it is not even a simulator. How do you give us the ability to zero weapon distances and not give us simple functional bi-pods? I stopped playing a while back because I like to snipe and it is a painful experience with all the swaying, holding breath just to get the aim steady and then have to wait before I can do that again to get a second shot. The weapon resting mod changed that and I started to play more recently but I am now running into servers with people playing the maps I like that do not accept mods. So now I am officially posting in the forum about this and I hope that something so simple will be implemented. I can guarantee you I will not buy Arma 4 unless I research it and find that it has functional bi-pods.
  2. I thought I would write a forum post to the development branch. Made sense to me.
  3. morthawt

    VTS Simple weapon resting

    Aside from the reason that BIS don't bother to include a bi-pod so we don't need third party mods that get us kicked and banned from servers? Not a clue.
  4. morthawt

    VTS Simple weapon resting

    I wouldn't need to if BIS added a bipod to this military "simulator". Trying to snipe very long distances without this mod is painful and unrealistic. If you are prone you would flip out the bipod and have a stable aim and not having it waaaavvving up and waaaavvving down and wavvvvviiiiing to the sides requiring you to hold your breath to try and get the aim over the target to be able to find, then having your aim be ten times worse until you catch your breath. I cannot believe this has not been resolved. They added submersible vehicles, range finders that can tell compass bearings, mobile artillery yet they neglect bipods for sniper rifles and LMG? You need a functional bipod.
  5. morthawt

    VTS Simple weapon resting

    I cannot get this to work in the server I want to go to. It keeps saying the mod is not signed by a key accepted by the server. I have never had this problem before, so why is the mod not working?
  6. morthawt

    Good arma 3 missions like evolution?

    I did have a look at that one but it seems based on points and I couldn't even get a chopper to cross the map to the target area.
  7. Now that the game has gone to final release I have been searching for a great mission that will be my go-to mission. With the original Arma I used to always play evolution, the one that was unlocked so that you could fly, drive, use anything. Right now I see a whole lot of wasteland and not much else. I don't like being locked out of things so I like to just get any weapon I want and any vehicle. Any suggestions?
  8. Yes the feature was a request but the first reply was from a developer of the game who said "This feature will be present in later versions/final version of the game. Thanks for your feedback."
  9. According to this: http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=1407 and many other tickets, there is supposed to be an editor to set what gear people have and what is contained in boxes etc. I have been waiting for the game to go final before trying to really make something. I cannot seem to find out where you customize the gear loadouts for a player or a crate. What am I missing?
  10. I found a low resolution map of Altis Island and drew some square/rectangle zones over it and calculated the area in pixles (halving the triangle areas that were drawn to be squares to make calculation easy). Then after adding all the zone pixle areas up to get a total I then created percentage values rounded to the nearest whole digit, since this is a VERY rough thing and is nowhere near precise there was no point giving tripple digit precision lol. Then I took the actual figure of km2 for the island and precentaged each zone from that figure to give a vague approximation of the area for zones. I figured it might be useful when I make missions and things on that new island, that way I know "This area is too big for my needs, I will set something up over there" etc. Who knows, maybe totally useless but then again maybe not? http://s24.postimg.org/drtie975x/altis_rough_zones.png #1 ( 39% ) (105.3 km2) #5 ( 22% ) (59.4 km2) #6 ( 15% ) (40.5 km2) #2 ( 14% ) (37.8 km2) #4 ( 5% ) (13.5 km2) #3 ( 2% ) (5.4 km2) #7 ( 1% ) (2.7 km2) #8 ( 1% ) (2.7 km2) #9 ( 1% ) (2.7 km2) You can always add up certain adjacent zones if you want the rough area for a certain landmass. Again this is so vague and general. There are some gaps of water in zones and some bits missing, so hopefully that helps to create a little buffer so it all works out better.
  11. morthawt

    New update, worse FPS?

    I got an HD 5770 and I never had this many crashes on the previous version. Although it might have something to do with the wasteland mission I have been trying to get to grips with. With arma 1 I limited myself to Evolution Blue missions because the other ones were just confusing and I had no idea what the point was or anything. This time on A3 I want to at least give them a try and see if I can figure out the purpose. SO there may be a connection with the crashes and the fact that I have been doing nothing other than going into wasteland servers.
  12. I was just on a server where hackers were spawning things, have infinite health and ammo and spontaneously respawning everyone all to the same location all while broadcasting the URL for people to get the hack. Then the game crashed and it took me ages to get my mouse back by having to get to task manager and terminate arma3.exe manually. I hope hacking is going to be addressed before it is released fully because if hackers can have free reign over other peoples servers then the game becomes useless and void of fun. On the original Arma I got sick of people spawning sandbags around people and blocking people into areas so I just stopped playing.
  13. morthawt

    New update, worse FPS?

    My game crashes way way more than it did before. I have been trying to get to grips with wasteland maps but I am just sick of the crashes that make my mouse disappear until I use the keyboard to terminate arma3.exe I am probably just going to wait for a few more updates before trying to really give the game more of my time.
  14. I assigned a chopper to it and when I call it, it flies out says it dropped supplies and does nothing. Am I missing something?
  15. I would like the ability to make sure that when I hit the ground from high altitude that I won't die on impact. Is there a simple one liner init script I can apply on a spawn or something so that it will not die?
  16. That works great Kildar! Now, what are some easy ways I could toggle this on and off at certain times such as when someone hits the ground or what ever? Such as lets say I have a trigger for someone to walk into, how can I target and effect the particular person who walked into that trigger and make them unable to take damage or accept damage again?
  17. I see. So it's not me then its just the status of the game not letting it work then.
  18. Is it possible to add new AI unites and have them follow a waypoint system I already set up for other units?
  19. morthawt

    Arma3 Videos

    Arma 3 Shipwreck - How to not use a boat lol.
  20. morthawt

    Chopper default control scheme

    Can you explain what you are referring to? I am confused "Take on helicopters" and people not bothering with mouse and keyboard??
  21. So what exactly do I need to do to add other groups of AI to use the same path as another that has already been set up? I don't see anything to do with copyWaypoints
  22. morthawt

    Arma3 Videos

    This is how you trash the enemy :) They never see it coming :D (requires some mission editing to accomplish) But you can incorporate this idea into missions involving a defector or a spy or something.
  23. Yeah but I had a reference of the landmass to work with. Without that 270km2 I could not have calculated the actual area covered, only the percentage. So sure it would be possible to figure out the percentage of water based on the image vs landmas but you would have no idea what the actual area is.
  24. Yea this is a rough thing lol I am not going to go any further indepth on it. I just wanted to get a rough idea for air transport reasons, what the areas are.
  25. lol something like that does not take more than 5 mins or so. So it was not like I had to dedicate my life to doing it or anything lol...