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  1. I bought the game because I enjoyed these missions a lot in the alpha (a friend let me try it). Now the complete game is released and nobody plays it. It's a shame.
  2. I didn't have any problem until I update my nvidia drivers (I think the game also had a minor update at the same time) 314.21 BETA, then the game started crashing randomly. Yesterday I updated ARMA alpha and I started getting the connection lost and also the usual random crashes. Today I installed 314.22 WHQL and I can't play more than 3min without crashing, now it even crashes loading the game. Windows 7, i7 2600k on MSI Z68 GD65 B3, 16gb corsair vengeance, msi 560ti 1gb twinfrozer (if its any help) Hope there is a patch soon because it's getting a little bit frustrating.
  3. brunohk

    Terrain Improvement (dev branch)

    Well, I've been playing for 3 days and I think this is the mayor problem I have found (beside the strange performance issue on some servers). Grass should be rendered until 500m or a solution to make players less visible on the blurred ground. Also, when shadows are turned off, it's very easy to spot enemies, this is a real advantage/disadvantage. I think the performance limiting features lie elsewhere, so hardcoding grass until 500m and shadows (even with less detail if necessary) would make the game much more enjoyable. Lying under a bush beside a tree and surrounded by grass makes you think you are in cover, but the fact is that the enemy most probably is seeing your body lying on a bright blurry texture, totally exposed. This is a fun killer for me. The ground textures could also need some work, but I believe grass and shadows are at least as necessary. Change this, and we have got a killer game (it's already a lot of fun)