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    VON Improvements - Feedback

    Command Channel Broadcasting Aside from the VON volume issue already raised above, the VON feature most requested by our community would be: group and command channel transmissions being broadcast in direct channel, as was the case in A2. For example when a Team Leader is contacting the mission Commander via radio, units within range can hear what the TL is saying. This feature gives a boost to immersion in multiple ways, and is something our community misses greatly (we never use mods, and only use vanilla VON): During play, it allows regular units to be more involved in the process of organization/teamwork. It also reduces comm traffic - regular units often end up talking in group when the TL is trying to receive orders from - or relay info to, the commander.During spectating, it allows the spectators to actually hear what is going on in the mission. In our scenarios players only receive one life, after which they must spectate until the next mission. In A2, we would have many players who were willing to - and actually enjoyed spectating the remains of a mission (it is in fact something we encouraged/enforced). Now, this often does not happen, and we see players dropping out of a game becasue of this, where otherwise they would not. In the past we would also use spectator to train green soldiers in our playstyle. This issue is exacerbated by the overly quiet direct channel and makes the life of a spectator a very quiet and isolated one indeed.Direct Channel Range After reading comments above re: the range at which direct channel can be heard, I found myself agreeing: The distance is not great enough. The concept of having direct channel being broadcast at different ranges (whisper, talk, shout) got me thinking. I believe having to manually switch between modes would be clunky, and very un-splendid ;) What if there was a command for content creators to return the volume at which a player was talking (e.g, getDirectVolume unit).And what if there was a command to set the range at which direct broadcasts (e.g, unit setDirectRange range) - as suggested above.Combining these two commands with the other suggested command (isPlayerTalking) would allow content creators to vary the broadcast range dependent on how loud the player was actually talking.If this was something which was handled by the engine automatically - all the better :) However i'd happily settle for a scripted solution. This would increase roleplay and immersion and give players a real reason to whisper vs shout in real life. In TvT scenarios our community has played in the past, the sense of presence created when players start whispering to avoid detection - for example - is immense. Even in a coop scenario, being able to whisper to avoid detection by AIs, or being able to shout during a firefight to allow all your men to hear your cries for cease fire - would be such a boost to gameplay. OPUS Codec & General Optimization On our server we have noticed improvements to VON comms already. On behalf of the [TOUR] I want to thank you for your efforts with regard to the quality of communications, and the reduction of the stuttering issues. These aspects have plagued our vanilla-based community for a very long time. Thank you a million times. Keep up the good work! Side Note If anyone can provide me some input on how to indent my bullet points i'd be very grateful XD I've tried inserting bullets, then indenting after. And also indenting first, then inserting bullets after. With both methods the indent is removed upon posting - what am I missing lol. ezcoo you are a wizard i swear.