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  1. i5 3570k @ 4,5 ghz ATI 7950 @ 1200/1500 8gb RAM corsair 1600mhz installed on SSD OCZ vertex 4 30-40 fps even playing in low, this game needs to be optimized fast, gpu usage is about 40-50% all time in ultra settings... same fps in low than ultra no sense
  2. huma

    [HMM] Stance Indicator

    thanks, help a lot for me
  3. i like people trying play 2013 game with 2006 hardware
  4. hello people, my friend have a new server and we cant put only first person... we are going crazy cause we cant find the command line in all cfg files, pls can you help us? i have another question, how we can put the server in dev mode? should the company of the server do it? or we can do it manually? thanks a lot!
  5. how is possible get 150fps on editor and 50fps in the same spot in multiplayer? pls optimize the game !!
  6. huma

    High VRAM usage

    7950 3gb but all newest games use around 1,5gb and arma 3 using 2,6gb of video ram, its insane
  7. hello, i find a bug, the game sometimes use 2,6 vram and when you change any video option drops to 1,5gb
  8. 50º in full with noctua nh-d14 dont say trash, game is poor optimiced is not about overheating