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  1. Hey, i have been playig around with moving this onto CLAfghan - not changed anything other than the location of the base to suit clafghan and the items spawned in as intel (removed the camera as it was too small to see at times) but trying to run this on our dedicated server doent allow us to pick up the intel... well it picks it up but does not display any map markers or notifications to say contained no location of cache in this intel... EDIT: i changed back the spawned intel items and it works again....i guess i can cope with small intel items?
  2. desai92

    parachutes not working

    Hi, it applies to all units, players, ai, civilians, blufor, opfor, independent. I am running cba and task force radio mods, and I'm using the stable branch of ArmA 3 and it occurs on the innital startup of ArmA and also when I initialise the game mode.
  3. hi i have a gamemode ive been working on and it involves players parachuting in on spawn. but the thing is it worked fine until the latest update where now they dont even spawn in with the parachutes on their back. When i start ARMA 3 up i get an error message saying no entry/config.bin.CfgVehicles/B_fieldpack_cbr_LAT.simulation and somthing similar when i start the game
  4. right i have set the ingame init on the flag too; camp kino spawn loc mike 1 spawn loc FOB irene spawn loc and the init file has this in it but when i die it doesn't show any spawn locations... just an empty box any ideas
  5. hi i am using a respawn script which enables you to select your spawn upn death but currently it uses a flag and when in game it says flag instead of the given name via the editor, im using this to show the location in game _index = (uinamespace getvariable "doolb") lbadd (gettext (configfile >> "CfgVehicles" >> typeof _x >> "displayName")); how can i change it to say name of the flag insetaed of Flag (Great Britain) *the one im using
  6. i want to name the spawn locations with a specific name so people know exactly where they want to spawn ie. Camp Falcon, FOB Irene, Airfield, etc. how would i do this? if i change the name of the flag nothing happens. it still shows the town locations etc i have had a look at the bit where it says "_index = (uinamespace getvariable "doolb") lbadd (gettext (configfile >> "CfgVehicles" >> typeof _x >> "displayName") + " at " + (getpos _x call doogetloc));" im guessing this is the bit i need to change but what to?
  7. when ever i put in the new mcc it seems to be the old mcc... no matter where i download it :/ why????
  8. that worked thankyou, but it doesnt spawn in the map, radio or compas, it just has a blank spot where they would have spawned in the inventory... :/
  9. hi i wanted to have the loot spawner spawn in maps and other things so i put in the classnames in the code in different sections *ie millitary spawn only* and now it wont spawn anything at all..... help... all i have done is remove a few weapons and ammo from the CIV locations and added a map, radio and compass. but it wont load... why
  10. desai92

    blow up body on death

    Any ideas? or is it not possible?
  11. ah shame, ok thankyou
  12. hi im looking to have a script that blows up a body when they die ie a suicide bomber blows up when killed how would this be scripted if it can be done
  13. hi im currently working on a mission where you have to use only bows to kill, but instead of people having to download the mod (for the bows) i am wanting it to automaticly download with the mission file... so i have implemented the mod but when i try and use #include "Bows\flay_archery.pbo" in my init.sqf file it doesnt work... how can i make it work?
  14. desai92

    allow west to use east gear?

    No I mean if the uniform is in a box or on the floor, the player can swap their current uniform for the other uniform be it civilian, opfor, or independent...
  15. hi i need help... is there a script which you can allow west forces to use east forces clothing, plate carriers etc. but i don't want it to disguise the your player as an east faction. (so you stay west faction) is this possible? if so please could you help Many thanks in advance, Raven