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  1. ☣ Website/Forums ☣ survivalismgaming.com Admins won't pester you in game, your free to build,play as you see fit, but they will provide support if required via Forum PM/Teamspeak. Will be looking to increase our support team come update 0.3 (especially US time zones) , please apply via the forums (being active on the server the only requirement for application) ☣ Server Info ☣ Mods to load server: @allinarmaterrainpack;@Epoch; ☣ Server Features ☣ Chernarus Map Custom Military Base added around the map Skalisty Bridge added ArmA 3 Buildings currently being added to every town within Chernarus Server Restarts every 4 hours Standard Flight Model AI Missions - two varieties Supply Drops EarPlugs High Loot (spawns on the floor like ArmA II) Low death tax - 10 instead of the standard 100 Krypto Vehicles lock for 4 hours - (so they unlock only after a restart) Following Vehicles have been added to the normal spawn list Speedboat Minigun Strider Offroad (Armed) Zamak Fuel HEMTT Fuel HEMTT Ammo HEMTT Repair Ifrit ☣ Server Rules ☣ Very simple rules for everyone to enjoy the server.. Please respect other players and staff, banter is allowed but there is a line please don't cross it. No cheating/hacks/exploits of glitches. No offensive, abusive or racist names. No base kamikaze and/or glitching - this includes using vehicles as explosives. Do not camp main traders / spawn points. English only in side chat. Just incase its unclear you may build where you want! We don't restrict where players can build as this would not happen in a real end of the world setting.. ☣ Mod Credit ☣ Thank you to the following for the fantastic mods we use SEM - Simple Epoch Missions by KiloSwiss WAI - WICKED AI missions by itsatrap Lootspawner by Suppe Earplugs Script by computermancer Supply Drop by tdavison StatusBar by piX Welcome Messages by Gr8 Color Corrections script by ispan55
  2. MAW3Y

    North Korea General

    I Think we should somehow stop them getting Nukes, before its too late..
  3. Cannot wait for this
  4. City Life 2 is very addictive :p great people/players on the server... Looking forward moving on to City Life 3 with you all