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  1. Joker911

    4on4 Blitzkrieg cup

    ^ This.
  2. Joker911

    Can play MP with Alpha Lite?

    OP, I believe the game you are referring to is Called "Planetside 2" not Arma 3. Its Free to play, Pay to win, and is on steam. I believe that meets the qualifications you listed for a "good game" Please, go play to your hearts content, but leave our beloved MILITARY SIMULATOR, not a game, alone.
  3. Joker911

    Can play MP with Alpha Lite?

    I bought the game, and gave out my invites. The majority of people, who get Lite invites are people who do not already know about BI, or the ArmA series. And odds are, if they dont already know, they aren't the right caliber people that i want playing in my server. The day Arma 3 Lite has full MP access to any yahoo who can click download, is the day I find a new game to dedicate my time and money to.
  4. If they all download the game illegally, won't they all have the same Arma III ID? If so, if and when BattleEye or whatever anti cheat BI is using gets up and running, it should be a snap to get rid of all those illegal gamers
  5. Some servers are running a persistent ammobox script, which allows players to save loadouts and retrieve them with a few simple clicks, but until a mod like Arma 2's LEA is released, its all gonna be server dependent on that.
  6. Joker911

    Playing Arma III alone?

    I would suggest checking out one of the Mil-Sim Communities, SRU, 7CAV, MilGo, or one of the many ones along those lines, they do not take any smack-tardation in their servers, and generally have good gameplay
  7. Have you checked your MPMissions Cache on your AppData? If you played it, a copy is in that folder.
  8. Joker911

    Arma3 Sharks!?!

    The thought makes me afraid to SCUBA
  9. Thank god, A3 with no ACRE is almost non-playable for me due to the lack of Comm discipline and clutter ---------- Post added at 14:36 ---------- Previous post was at 14:28 ---------- I've heard it on Arma 2 a few times, i've heard the transmitters weapon firing. Dont know if it was intentional, but it added to the game experience.
  10. Joker911

    -E3- Units (new camos)

    Skins look incredible! Thanks for releasing this
  11. Love It! Makes ops so much easier. Thanks for releasing this.