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  1. jonesy_d

    Some guidance to Arma 3 Modding

    Thanks for the Welcome, always nice to hear... I will follow the link you provided..many thanks..
  2. Hello everyone; I have been playing Arma 3 for quite some time on and off, just recently I have retired..so lots of free time on my hands.. What I am looking for is how to become more inter-active into the Arma 3 Modding community..so it would be appreciated if some one could inform me on what tools and anything else that would be needed to do this.. Links to what tools and programs needed would be greatly appreciated..I found the link to " Intro to Arma Modding video's " I will start watching once I get all the programs and tools needed..for some projects I have in mind... Many thanks to all PS: Being retired is not all that great, your monthly budget..stresses you out alot.. Cheers..
  3. HazJ your the greatest..it is all coming together..just a little tweaking and bingo..
  4. It is a capture the flag senerio..of 3 flag to capture..and control ..so trying to setup Squadleader must try to stay alive..and capture all flag points..to run tickets down...to zero..to win ..but if Squadleader is dead in order for other squad member to respawn they must control a flag..if only Squadleader is the only member alive on team and don't control and flag points. no one can respawn..until Squadleader captures a flag point..it is a 5 Vs 5 squad match
  5. Okay thanks, I sort of get your idea, just want to clear it up a bit more..'respawnPos' variable of the Squadleader..this would allow any player to sqawn onto tthe squad leader position right..if no flags are available..
  6. Hey all; Seriously, hope no one laugh or calls me stupid...but looking to try to make a script that allows a player to spawn on Squad Leader or an Active Spawn Point..have no clue of what I am doing but willing to try and try and learn... Hope this little snipet is close to what I am lookng to accomplish.. _living = if (alive B_Soldier_SL_F) then {true} respawn(B_Soldier_SL_F); else {false}; respawn(activeFlag1,activeFlag2,activeFlag3); Forgive me if I am way off base on this... Many thanks..
  7. When I am on a server I mute the whole bunch many times talking about nothing to do with the mission and other crap..so you are MUTED Kiddies..
  8. Thanks I will test it out and also look at the scripting so I could learn something out of it.. Here's a question: Is there a way that the original spawn point is disable and players can only spawn (Alive) Squad Leader and only spawn on active sectors(Blufor) or in this case (independent)??? What type of beer you like???
  9. Well, tried this game runs but at the end lots of line errors..hmmm...
  10. Thanks...we have it sorted out already..but every little bit help..your input with this example gives me idea's to see if they can be done..for example..gonna try to see, if respawn can work this.. Players can't respawn unless Squad Leader is alive and at least one Sector is active for their side..so either spawn on Squad Leader or active Sector...this makes the match much harder..also once all players have started they can not use the orginal spawn point..it deactivates..so leaves just spawning on Squad Leader or Sector gonna work on this later this morning..
  11. Yes the object is to capture two or more sector's and bleed the enemy out of tickets to win the match..also I did also manage to get it to work finally I had to ad another sector images as followed.. Added another sector and link blufor and independent to it... https://www.dropbox.com/s/lirq41ojegik2g4/Yoursidewon.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/6ndyoa1qx4m5qsp/ysw.jpg?dl=0 One problem is I have to capture each one in sequence..like 1,2,3 I wish to have captures on random..but for now I am seeing the light..I will look over what you sent back to me..and examine it carefully...
  12. OKay thanks..sorry I am trying to understand..all this but at times it is confusing..in time I am sure it will all come together..I am " Sorry " a slow learner..