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    How to activate a trigger with a trigger?

    Hey, ayser. I'm sorry, I don't follow this part:
  2. NeutiquamErro

    How to activate a trigger with a trigger?

    Thanks for the response, Cookie. I'm having issues with your suggestion. My teleport trigger is called "Trig1" and the checkpoint trigger that is supposed to activate Trig1 is called Trig2. I put "triggerActivated Trig2" in the condition box for Trig1. My thought was that, once I activate Trig2, Trig1 would activate and would be available to use. However, once I activate Trig2, I instantly warp to the teleport destination above the enemy base. I just want Trig2 to allow Trig1 to be used. I hope that makes sense. Any thoughts?
  3. Hi, all. Here's what I'm trying to do: I created a mission that starts at Stratis Airfield. The objective is to wipe out any OPFOR presence at a nearby base. I have a teleport trigger set up next to the respawn point at the Airfield (respawn_west) that moves the player to a marker near the OPFOR base. I would like to prevent players from using the teleport unless they've come within 200 meters of the OPFOR base, almost like a checkpoint system ("You've reached the base and died? Good, now you can teleport to the base without having to fly back"). I have another trigger set up at the enemy base with a radius of 200 meters that triggers once BLUFOR enters the area, but I don't know how to link them. Any help would be greatly appreciated!