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  1. Hey Everyone! SurvivalServers.com is doing an Arma 3 server giveaway tonight at 8:30 PM PST. join in gameplay with SurvivalServers staff, customers, or anyone! Details: You can invite any of your friends, there are no limitations on who can compete Winner of each map receives ONE (1) free Arma 3, 50 slot game server Winner is player with most PVP kills! A3Wasteland 1.0c - missions, AI, shops, and tons of vehicles and gear, state save Server IP: Tonight's Tournament Schedule: Chernarus (requires -mod=@AllInArmaTerrainPack version 2015.01.01 hotfix) starts at 8PM Altis starts at 9PM Stratis starts at 10PM Join us! Be prepared. =)
  2. Arma3Admin

    ARMA 3 Crashes only in COOP Mode

    same issue here, cannot play any coop mission
  3. Okay, so I own run about 8 different Arma 3 game server's that I manage for 2 different clans on different dedicated servers. My question/request is that every time an update is released, where do they package or zip the update besides through steam? Do they have any idea how annoying it is to log into steam one at a time on multiple different dedicated servers? 1-switch to Online mode, wait for the update to apply to Arma 3 Steam directory. 2-look through ALL of the addons to find which ones changed, same goes for DLL and Dta, then package these updated files into a ZIP so i'll have them for my other servers. 3-switch to offline mode. Next, because I have multiple servers on one IP address, I have to copy/paste the updated files from Arma 3 directory into all of my different game server directories. This is absolutely a ridiculous process and I have come up with a fantastic solution! Bohemia could make a post here, or a download page with a ZIP file containing the Addons, Dll, Dta, and Exe updates. It would literally take them 30 seconds to do this for each new update, and save me a couple hours off every update. I am very surprised and somewhat disappointed they do not have this, considering there is no dedicated files it is the least they could do for us, considering how much us admins and server owners support them. With every update, these files are changed. If they make a ZIP file, and posted it up for download, I could use Windows Powershell to download the update to all of my servers at the same time. No need for steam, no need to connect to steam. It would be a simple ZIP file then I can copy/paste the files myself. Do they already package it somewhere? EDIT: I would also like to add I have been downloading Arma 3 update only 6 GB for over 2 hours now through steam and it is only 52% complete. I am downloading on a 1 Gbps line. Tested download speed already and steam is the only thing not getting fast speeds. Can you imagine doing this on more than 2 servers? That is exactly why I would LOVE to have a ZIP file, steam limits download speeds a lot!
  4. Who are you speaking of? Most hosts allow more than wasteland.
  5. Mickeymouse? Lol they obviously are on the right track considering the substantially large gap between SS and other game server hosts? I'm not some fanboy don't worry. Just a satisfied customer of theirs who would recommend their service to anyone. Answer me this question, does NFO or ArtoofWar use 4x 15,000 RPM Hard drives in Raid 10? That's what comes standard with SS. My server runs great and their support works 7 days a week. Where is the mickeymouse in that?
  6. This post is to inform Arma 3 players of their hosting options. Below I have posted the number of servers found in the server browser for each host, from largest to smallest. I must be missing something? How is it possible this host has way more than everyone else? SurvivalServers.com - 26 servers Vilayer.com - 6 servers Artofwarcentral.com - 1 Server FPSPLAYERS.COM - 0 servers JestServers - 0 servers I personally rent from SurvivalServers.com and have had an alpha server from them since day 1 with no issues, they are lightning fast with support too! highly recommended and the cheapest prices I have seen by far. Less than $1 per slot when I ordered.
  7. Arma3Admin

    ArmA 3 Guide - AI Control Introduction

    Very, very well done sir.
  8. I am the admin of a 32 slot Arma 3 server, I would love to donate this server to the Bohemia Interactive gaming community and find a few people here on the forums to help admin the server. I am not sure if this is the correct place to post this, sorry if not! This is in no way an advertisement for any clan or for my personal gain, just a peaceful offering to provide the community a high performance, and updated server. I am not affiliated with any clan or group, my friends and I rent a full dedicated server and offer this to the community for simple gaming pleasure! SERVER NAME: US 777
  9. I have fixed the issue where I was logged into steam. I am now faced with a new issue. The port is not being used by another server. I have tried multiple different ports. I blacked out the IP for the photo.
  10. Getting an issue, I have tried for hours to get this to work, I ran the DontShowErrorUI.reg also just like you said. Any help would be awesome, if you or anyone has skype available add me ChadBratton Here is my issue http://i.imgur.com/QZVQzSA.png