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  1. Ok, Thanks. Thats a lot work for the Server. And yes, HC would be a great help to increase the performance. #1 What do you use for a server ? (Specs) #2 Is there perhaps relevant points for the Server-Config? greetz
  2. hello, please fix that the spawning of the offroad-truck´s costs our green-fist-ressources. (v.0.88) (switch to turn off the trucks in mission parameters) ist there a possibility to turn off civil-life? (mission parameters) -> to increase the performance greetz
  3. c3po

    ARMA 3 Alpha - 3D Editor

    Mucksh, it doesnt run. Can you post it in induvidual steps, please? For example: 1st.: create a mission.biedi file (from an empty *.txt file?? ) 2nd.: .... thank you! have a nice week guys!