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    For people who live or go to Lemnos

    And look at that... no one cared until it was pointed out.
  2. You're the minority here. Most gamers with top of the line hardware want 60, dipping no lower than 50. That's why we don't want to settle for 30 and despise the engine. DayZ is getting the exact same hate.
  3. You serious? I have a GTX 780 and I'm only running at 6 frames faster than my 560 ti in single player. Still barely getting over 30 even if I turn settings down. And don't make me mention that horrid multiplayer server fps cap of 22 which makes it unplayable. They had their entire alpha to final play cycle to fix the performance when everyone was complaining, and barely anything happened.
  4. That too, they're getting alot of success. Time to clean up Bohemia, you're in the big leagues now :) Can't compete with an engine that runs like a potato!
  5. Will any of the money be used on Arma 4? Specifically the engine? It'd be too much to ask for you to fix Arma 3 now so I might as well get my hopes up for 4.
  6. Alabatross

    Arma 3 : Operation Make Faster Game

    Arma 3 doesn't look revolutionary enough to warrant this. This isn't the crysis of 2013 like crysis was back in 2007.
  7. Alabatross

    Arma 3 : Operation Make Faster Game

    this BiS needs to stop everything and just focus on performance, it'd be so great
  8. Alabatross

    Creative week for the Devs

    his wiki says nothing about him being with BIS until DayZ put him in the limelight
  9. Its completely realistic. In school 3 years ago I remember carrying my book bag out in front of me when a strap broke. When I got off the bus it was a million times harder to run to my house with the weight in front of me like that
  10. Alabatross

    Playable demo?

    A demo would just hurt sales, you'd realize how bad it runs and decide not to buy it.
  11. Alabatross

    New steam update

    All the fixes are nice and all but I won't be enjoying them because low fps
  12. Alabatross


    I hope so, but what good is nice AO when the game runs terribly? The SSAO ingame does nothing when its enabled, yet it still eats frames. Lol.
  13. Alabatross

    Arma 3 : Operation Make Faster Game

    PS2 looks better than ARMA 3. Arma 3's performance to quality ratio is a joke PS2 ran terribly for me at first, one of the devs said something like "we wont stop optimizing it until I can run it on my sons laptop" 5 months later game ran like butter and looked just as good
  14. Alabatross

    Stencil shadows vs Shadow Maps

    The game is out, you already payed. It's not their problem anymore. I don't see Arma 4 getting off as easy