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  1. joebopie

    Aspect ratio option removed

    i can no longer play on my 1440/900 16:10 screen or my 1280/1024 5:4 screen without ether stretching or many parts of the HUD being off screen
  2. joebopie

    They better have female soldiers...

    First, nice sarcasm at the start. made me laugh. (but they shave their heads anyway) but if we were playing the realism card with your statistics then 1 in 100 solders should be female. personaly I would like to see it, I don't know why maybe just to add some variety. also I think it would be funny at times(thinking of my clan) maybe it would make more sense to have them as navy or just pilots.
  3. joebopie

    They better have female soldiers...

    what about female officers, bomb disposal, pilots, tank crew, UAV operators, things were the physical difference's between men and women don't really matter.
  4. sadly its not daft, its just very hard to change the programing of the game to do it. personally I will be turning off more than half of my new CPU's cores and overclocking the rest. both AMD and Intel are not making fast cores. they haven't really made them any faster in the last 3 or 4 years, there concentrating on multiple cores, witch is fine for things than are new and designed form the ground up to use them all, but not for things like ARMA's engine as its been built up since the days of only single cores
  5. this game is CPU heavy as many post will confirm and lacks propper multithreading. it seems odd to me to add another prosess to the CPU(unless its able to use the other cores) rather than use the underutilised GPU.
  6. joebopie

    Low CPU utilization & Low FPS

    Look its a pc game based on an OLD game engine. and therefore will not and cannot use more that something like 130% of a core. of corse BF is is using multi threading its a console game and that's all consoles have got. so it has to be utilised so when its ported it still does it. GHZ that's what you need i used the task manager to set the affinity of my game down to only two cores without any FPS drop, on one core its plummets but with 3 or 4 there is NO difference than having it on 2 cores. an AMD piledriver OC to 5.2 GHZ running 3 cores.(I've seen this done with the full 8 cores in vids without water-cooling) i believe would be the best thing for it though it sounds odd to say.
  7. I agree I would be nice to quickly see weather the settings are handled by the CPU or the GPU as people would more easily see what is holding their system back. of Corse with the alpha things will change and improve over time. the problem is your pc has to do a lot and through only a couple of cores. and with no server.exe its not easy for you average person to set up a separate box to host things on. for arma 2 to I use my old pc as a server so that I can use my fibre optic bandwidth without like you say turning my game into a slide show. sadly without BE anyway hosting public at the moment is suicide for a server, it Will be hacked at some point sadly. as the game is not to well optimised for now a server.exe would allow some of us to host more stable private server as i was in a 8 man tvt in my clan and the 4.8GHZ 6 core amd was only allowing the host to play at 12 FPS. if the host wasn't a player this problem would be solved (sort of). o yea arma is SOOO CPU heavy and wont use all cores GHZ are the name of the game, if your CPU isn't keeping up the GPU isn't going to do much.
  8. joebopie

    Battleeye needed now, nothing else matters

    my god man you have made you point that you don't think anti cheat is necessary stop cluttering the post. by "dent its reputation" I mean DENT not destroy. I appreciate nothing is un hackable but this is hack tastic! and when I say its not able to be "fully tested" I mean that, I didn't say we cant do any testing. also I didn't tell anyone not to do any thing I said I don't want, I also explained why I didn't after each one (clearly what I want is irrelevant as you and others haven't been stopped by me saying that) its all there in the first post. and its my opinion, all I want is sensible response's, negative or positive. you clearly don't want to use the alpha how I want to and expected to be able to.(it was great fun for two or three days after launch then all hell broke loose) so go play single player or editor or on private servers. and leave it be. im sure every one is now well aware of what we both think
  9. joebopie

    Battleeye needed now, nothing else matters

    thank you for a sensible well put and well mannered response. even if you don't agree with me its a refreshing change.
  10. joebopie

    Battleeye needed now, nothing else matters

    YES that is the title well done, what's wrong with it, and yes I think that anti cheat is very necessary cant you figure that out buy reading the TITLE. do you need me to quote it???? im in a tactical realism clan, we sometimes spend hours setting up servers and hours in mission before even firing a shot stop assuming you know people by reading one paragraph they have wrote. Why cant you just say you don't think its necessary! fine. w/e obviously hacking and bad press are not issues for you so go away and comment on something else
  11. joebopie

    Helicopter physics impressions - simplified

    reading this I cant believe any of you have actually played arma 2, ive been playing arma 1 arma 2 and ofp, for many years. for me it feels much better and is far more realistic than the restricted easy to fly arma 2. I have got many days of flying done in the old games and arma 3 is better, much better. remember this Is a battlefield simulator, not a flying simulator, that's what TOH is for. no doubt the collision physics need tweaking.
  12. joebopie

    ARMA3 Multiplayer Heavy Laggs

    multithreading is not properly supported by arma's engine, having a 8 core running at 3.6ghz is worse for the frame rate than having a 3 core running at 3.7ghz this game NEEDS clock speed, and 2 cores. if you really want an increase turn off half the cores and overclock that bad boy to the 4.5ghz or more I know it can do. I know people who run that CPU at 4.5ghz OC and can play ARMA 3 very well.
  13. joebopie

    Multiplayer frames/ps Drop? No SLI Optimization?

    this problem is not to do with the GPU, the frame rate is directly reliant on your CPU speed, (8 cores is pointless btw as arma doesn't support multithreading very well) and how many frames the server is running at, as there isn't even a proper server program at the moment its understandable that the servers are struggling. best thing you can do is increase your CPU GHz.
  14. joebopie

    FPS Drops Over Time in a Multiplayer Game

    Actually you could do more, arma's engine its not good at multithreading, so having 8 cores is useless, if you really want to boost your performance deactivating a couple of cores of even half of them. then overclock the rest, ARMA 3 is only using 2 cores at anytime. GHz are what this game need. not multiple cores.
  15. joebopie

    Battleeye needed now, nothing else matters

    sooo anti cheat is a waste of time for all those people who have spent hours and hours to make something for people to enjoy and test then half hour in, its messed up by some pathetic kid with some easy script he found on the net. as for hundreds of servers are up, well of corse there are hundreds of people hosting but that doesn't mean they are staying up for very long. there are loads of cars on the road but do you and everyone who has a car is drive around all day? NO. so fine wait for you rain, but id like to stop the rain of grenades from hackers! ive already seen a post with someone saying they want a refund because of the hackers. and im sure he's not the only one. this will generate bad press, and people that don't understand what a alpha is will also be put off from even buying the game before its even released I know its a Alpha and what a alpha is for and I know we are lucky to have the game at this early stage but why would they give us multiplayer if its not meant to be used yet? Alpha is not for being TROLLED all the time. im sure a lot of people have been put off playing online because of all the hacking just look at all the post relating to it. Im TRYING to say that anti cheat is necessary for the alpha if you don't think so just say, I want more stuff as the hackers don't bother be now just leave people to answer the question do people want to have anti cheat or more game assets? ---------- Post added at 06:58 ---------- Previous post was at 06:42 ---------- and .. how exactly is a narrow minded corridor shooter supposed to expand my gaming experiences? so you didn't read my first post where I said " I say this as a true fan of the games, I own every game and love every one" anyone reading this just go back a make sure you have actually read the first post. please