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  1. There is now official acknowledgement of this problem posted on Steam, please provide details so BIS can fix this as soon as possible: http://steamcommunity.com/app/107410/discussions/0/620703493320198228/
  2. Poddy

    Arma 3 has stopped working

    There is now an official post on Steam referring to this error. Please post up details so BIS can solve this quickly: http://steamcommunity.com/app/107410/discussions/0/620703493320198228/
  3. No, Handlebar, still having the same problem after a fresh install, no mods, no other customisation, no registry edits. Ms_Scout, there is no problem for me downloading the game, everything downloads and installs as it should, local cache verifies 100%, but still 'error code 81' when trying to launch the game.
  4. I tried both of those too. Verified cache, which is fine, re-installed, tried running as admin, still no luck.
  5. I cannot run Arma 3 after the 1.38 update. I've even tried re-installing the entire game and still get the error: I've seen a few other reports online of the same problem.
  6. Poddy

    13€ DLC, hefty price for 2 choppers

    I completely agree, but that doesn't equate to, "Don't buy the content, have some full screen overlay, in-gameplay adware." This is only a problem with shared assets where players have no choice but to use those assets to join in with the server missions. "Any squad members who don't own the DLC and don't want adware forced upon them get in the Hummingbird, any squad members who don't mind adware or own the DLC, get in the Huron." See the problem?
  7. Poddy

    DLC Ads

    I imagine the marksman DLC will be different, don't own the DLC and you cannot utilise any of the weapons, which is straightforward. But the shared assets, such as choppers, where pilots that own DLC are ferrying troops to missions, are unavoidable on DLC content enabled servers. It's a bad move to force adware on users who choose not to buy shared asset DLC, a small pop-up when a user tries to pilot an unowned chopper informing the user why they cannot pilot it would be sufficient, a full screen overlay is completely over the top, along with the nagging when trying to close the game. Not being able to close a game which I paid for, when I choose, on my own PC is ridiculous.
  8. Poddy

    DLC Ads

    I'm using it as a passenger without any other choice if I want to join the server in which pilots are using it, I have very limited use i.e. sitting in a chopper. For that 'pleasure' I am spammed with in-game ads, and cannot even close the game when I choose to. It's not so much the in-game ads which are annoying, fine, put them in the main menu somewhere, but these in-gameplay ads are ruining the immersion. How may servers can you recommend where no DLC is used so I can avoid the spam?
  9. Poddy

    DLC Ads

    I'll concede that it isn't malware in the true sense, but it's certainly adware.
  10. Poddy

    DLC Ads

    I don't expect to be able to do what I want with it, I haven't bought the DLC therefore I cannot fly the new choppers, which is fair enough. However, a lot of servers are using the chopper DLC, so there is often no choice but to fly as a passenger in order to fulfill missions. Cue malware like spamming of the DLC in-game which ruins any immersion and appears similar to malware, even trying to close the game after just sitting in a chopper results in a nag screen where the game is prevented from closing. This malware method is actually deterring me from buying the DLC, as I feel I am being forced to buy it to purely to get rid of in-game spam which did not exist upon purchasing the original game. ---------- Post added at 16:00 ---------- Previous post was at 15:57 ---------- I'm not using it, other than as a passenger, without any other choice of transport. Should I avoid joining any server that uses DLC to avoid getting in-game spam?
  11. Poddy

    DLC Ads

    I'm sure most people who have bought Arma III realise there is a new DLC package available, is there really any need to spam in-game with ads for the content? I was traveling in a DLC chopper last night as a passenger, and as well as constant nagging to press Shift+P, the entire screen filled with propellers just as I was about to disembark, completely destroying the immersion. Upon exiting the game I was forced to wait whilst another nag screen counted down. I feel like Arma III has been infected with malware, it cheapens the experience and angers me when I cannot even close a game which I have paid for when I want to. Please get rid of the in-game nagging, it is unnecessarily over the top in my opinion.
  12. I'm having some problems with the Checkpoint Charlie mission: Am I missing something obvious?
  13. Poddy

    Add tutorial on comms

    There are no set rules for using voice in-game either. Side channel is not necessarily restricted to squad leaders for example, it is server specific as to which channels are used for what.
  14. Poddy

    ARMA3 patch 1.02 discussion

    I got a massive improvement in overall smoother gameplay, accompanied by an increased amount of crashes, it's a double-edged sword.