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    Payday Mod

    I might be interested in setting up a dedicated for this. Played it today with a friend, with more people on both sides it can be a blast im pretty sure. Let me know if youre interested, I didnt see any other servers running it.
  2. deethree

    [COOP/PVP1-60] CTI Survival

    and here is another one when we all start together. this one will not go away for some people. http://cloud-2.steampowered.com/ugc/903260876109842446/61B79F50EACD958CE0574B579834100B8C6FA93F/ Edit: we would love to see a version without a score limit also, or a cap the entire island limit.
  3. deethree

    [COOP/PVP1-60] CTI Survival

    I am, just switch it over right before the big update yesterday. Ill snag a screenshot, brb and... I cant seem to recreate it today on my own. Im pretty sure it was line 69 tho on the sqf, something about an undefined variable. edit edit: here ya go. This one popped up when one of the new players joined. Its going away tho. Looks to be the some one tho. http://cloud-3.steampowered.com/ugc/903260876108516910/B3F108B09D91D9FF2DFABB6DE8B6D5AC6F5584D2/
  4. deethree

    [COOP/PVP1-60] CTI Survival

    We keep randomly getting a towncapture.sqf error. It wouldnt be an issue if it would just go away but it sticks on the screen. I cannot figure out how to make it happen all the time either but it seems to happen way more often when more people are already on the server when i start the mission.
  5. ok tested out the newest altis version using dev dedicated. set to 4-6 players at far spawn distance it was pretty tough on both the clients and the server.
  6. deethree

    COOP 32 - Resistance (FIA vs CSAT)

    Sounds promising!
  7. deethree

    [COOP/PVP1-60] CTI Survival

    Ok good. Also is the flag for red or blue movable? It seems like a good place to be spawn camped for eternity.
  8. deethree

    [COOP/PVP1-60] CTI Survival

    I'll try it asap Edit: wow!!! this mission is top notch. I am getting an error running the dev branch on my dedi when people die. something about a marker. Does it have something to do with the bluefor / opfor flag and a lack of players on the server?
  9. I also tried your altis version hypers but it crashed on stable dedicated server hosting. I'll be updating the new version when its ready still, might be tomorrow tho for me. I guess also I'll set the server to run in the dev build in the meantime. We would much rather run altis. Keep up the good work!
  10. Sounds good. We have no issue with the current revive as it is also.
  11. awesome, ill test it out. itll be on the trggaming server running stable with mods but no sig checks.
  12. Just a quick update. sometimes the rocks trees and such knock down the pow camp fence. Anyway to make them stay upright? Hopefully BI updates the stable soon. Edit from hours later...: sadly we were stuck with the stratis version and the only issue i really saw after a completion was the stratis map isnt really friendly to vehicles as far as this mission needs. The base we had to hijack was almost empty, where the chernarus version would be a shit storm of vehicles to infantry. Also no tanks yet but I assume you just havent transfered over the class names yet.
  13. Awesome work. A friend and I started to try and port it and gave up. Cant wait to see a non dev build for the altis version