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  1. Hello! I am from CSOR MilSim and we are looking for members, We are based on the Canadian Special Operations Regiment (Canada's equivalent of MARSOC) we have a 30 Person Dedicated TeamSpeak with more slots and a dedicated Arma 2 server coming soon. We have 3 branches in our unit, Infantry, 427 Special Operations Aviation Squadron, and 409 Tactical Fighter Squadron. We have most positions open, if you look on our website or come on our TeamSpeak we can fill you in on what is open and what isn't. We currently have 5 dedicated leaders and we all have extensive Arma 2 experience, and we need troops to fill the roles that we have, some of these roles are Radio Operators, Medics, and Riflemen just to name a few. We have a Para Rescue branch open, that we are allowing our most distinguished members to be a part of. A big part of the community is for everyone to have fun, while maintaining a realistic atmosphere. We don't treat TeamSpeak Seriously, it is a place to hang out with other members, we won't expect you to "salute" over teamspeak when someone joins your channel. When we are in game, we expect everyone to take it seriously. Just a disclaimer the TeamSpeak and the website are still WIP so nothing is final. TeamSpeak IP: vs20.tserverhq.com:9229 Website: csorarma2.enjin.com
  2. Hello, I am creating a simple patrol mission and I am using UPSMON to deal with the civilians and insurgents. However, when I set the debug parameter to 0, I still see the group markers on the map http://imgur.com/uP2OCnq Does anyone know how to fix this? I have looked all over but found nothing. Thanks for the help SheepShaving.
  3. Hi, I have my own group, and I was wondering how I enable ACRE for the server, or even a few channels. Is there any special think I have to do or install? When I try to play ACRE doesn't work for anyone even though it works on other servers. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  4. Hello! I am SheepShaving form 1-6MAR, and we are currently recruiting! We have a website, a TeamSpeak and our Arma 2 server is coming soon! We are recruiting players over the age of 14. We are a relaxed realism group and we mainly focus on having fun, if you are new to ACE, or a seasoned veteran, you are guaranteed to have fun. We have set ranks and you may choose your own role. We are a Marine unit. We have a set of rules which are listed on our website in our forums. If you wish to join, go on our website and fill out our recruitment form, it takes 1 minute! If you have any questions, contact an officer or any of the recruitment staff on TeamSpeak TS3: vs20.tserverhq.com:9229 Website: http://1-6mar.enjin.com/ Thank you for considering us! Feel free to join TeamSpeak after you have submitted your application! ___ We have re-branded. We are now the 1st Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment or 1-6MAR for short!
  5. Hey ArmA 3 players, it is Reese AKA Sheep Shaving here and I have made my first public release mission in ArmA 3 called Operation Maverick as the title suggests. It is a Single Player Mission and a COOP 5 player mission. The pack contains both day and night variants so you can play to your liking although it is intended for night play. Overview This is my first mission and has very little scripting, nothing more than a loading screen and a briefing. So it is a mission where a 5 man SAS team infiltrates Agia Marina. There are light (VERY LIGHT) hostile forces. You are to eliminate the enemy and then EVAC on a Speed Boat. The objectives and such are explained in more detail in the Briefing in the Mission. There are map markers to help you along your way also Squad Waypoints. You WILL need the following mods: French Intervention Forces [bETA] R3F French Weapons Pack [ALPHA] *ALPHA, but works in BETA* Screen Shots *All of the Screen Shots are too big to hot link so I will post the URL* Night Shot Day Shot Unit Preview Loading Screen DOWNLOAD ARMAHOLIC Disclaimer I did not create any of the mods used to create this mission. I did however, create this mission and the scripts myself. You may take video screenshots of this mission as long as you credit me in some way. Thanks for taking the time to look at my mission and I hope you Download and Enjoy!
  6. WHAT IS THE 1st RECON BATTALION? We are a Tactical Realism Marine Recon unit. We play as tactical as possible and work hard to do so. We are everything you want in a Marine Unit. We have a Marine Infantry Section and a Force Recon Section so we can do multiple things according to the circumstances of our current mission. We are based in North America, so if you are European, you must be dedicated for time otherwise you may not make the events. RECRUITING AND CLASSES Aspiring members will sign up and report to recruit training (if accepted) on Saturdays. Recruit training is divided up into four phases which are 30 minutes each. There will be a 5-10 minute interval in between each phase for recruits to attend to real life matters. Infantry Marines will attend the Infantry Training Battalion at the School of Infantry. This training is conducted the Sunday after recruit training. It is a one-two hour class which covers combat marksmanship, using grenades, convoy operations, how to counter Improvised Explosive Devices (also known as IEDs), formations, land navigation, patrolling, and Military Operation in Urban Terrain (otherwise known as MOUT). Non-infantry Marines will attend Marine Combat Training where they will learn combat marksmanship, how to counter IEDs, how to defend a position, convoy operations, formations, how to assault in a fireteam, patrolling, the use of hand grenades, and MOUT. After infantry Marines complete Infantry Training Battalion, they will move on to Advanced Infantry Training Battalion where they will complete the Basic Reconnaissance Course. After completing the Basic Reconnaissance Course, Marines are finished with training and will then be assigned to a unit. Any other additional training such as Scout Sniper Basic Course or Infantry Squad Leaders Course is up to them. RANKS We go by the USMC rank system. Squads are lead by NCO's (Sergeant or Staff Sergeant). We have a promotion point system, however it differs from other units. We follow the three Marine core values (Honor, Courage, Commitment). There are many ways to earn Honor points, such as being respectful to people or following the rules. In order to earn Courage points, one must stand out in-game (we don't mean to go rambo everything, but rather be a team-player). Lastly, Commitment points can be earned by just being active. Every day you are on, five points are awarded. Once you earn the required amount of points for each value, a meeting will be held by all team leaders and above to discuss the promotion. From there on, you just cross your fingers! WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR We are looking for people that can follow orders and have fun. As long as you have a legal copy of each game (ArmA 2 and 3), know the basic controls for ArmA 2 and ArmA 3, have a mic, teamspeak 3 (free) and are over 14 (some exceptions made), you are eligible to join. ROLES We use an MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) system, which lets you choose what role you want to play in the unit. WANT TO JOIN? If you would like to join the 1st Marine Recon Battalion, come on to our Teamspeak 3 server ts55.gameservers.com:9595 and talk to any member that has [1st Recon Bn] after their name and ask about joining. They will then get a recruiter, or if they are one, they will take you into the recruiting rooms. Our Teamspeak server is up 24/7 so you can drop by any time you want.
  7. We are a Tactical Realism unit who go by the United States Marine ranks, we are a small group now, but we just started, we have a platoon leader (Captain), and a SNCO (Gunnery Sergeant) which is me. We have a website http://21stSF.guildlaunch.com. We operate in 4 man teams with 4 teams making a platoon as well as pilots, crew and flight medics. RECRUITING AND CLASSES Our Recruitment Classes contain 4 soldiers each and you will learn all of the tactics and tricks we do, the other 3 people you train with are your team members, so once you start training, you form a bond. We have 2 training classes happening bi-weekly (every 2 weeks), one for enlisted members and one for new recruits. RANKS We go by the USMC rank system, you go into training as a Private and come out as a Private First Class or Lance Corporal. Teams are lead by NCO's (Sergeant or Staff Sergeant). We have a "Promotion Point" System, you earn score for events you attend, how skilled you are, being active, how long you are in the regiment, and ultimately, having fun. WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR We are looking for people that can follow orders and have fun. As long as you know the basic controls, have a mic and are over 14, you are eligible to join. If you have ever been banned by Battle Eye, we will look into it and see the reason why you were banned. ROLES AND WEAPONS We use an MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) system. to see the full list go to our website under the forums. There is pretty much every role you can think of, but if we are missing anything, we have a suggestion box feature on our website. The weapons you take and attachments you have are assigned by the team leaders as they see fit, so you have no designated weapon for your role.