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    Module Tasks nost workking

    When i test the tasks module in the editor, they show up as complete when i preview the mission. I think its bugged. Edit.... When i switched it from Civ to blufor, it worked in the editor, not tried it in multiplayer yet.
  2. yeah im the same, plus the ppl on the server are having the same issue.
  3. OISteven

    Bad FPS in Full Release

    I have never really had a problem with frame rates in this game, anything above 40-45 fps is fine as far as i am concerned, but today my brother told me to add these parameters to my launch options "-maxmem=8192" "-maxvram=4042" "-cpucount=4" "-exthreads=3" -nosplash After i did that my frames jumped from 47fps to 63 fps, most settings if not all were on ultra, view distance was at 3800, object distance at 3200, so with the extra fps i was getting i decided to up the view distance to 5000 and object distance to 3500. When i put myself in a heli hovering over the largest town on Altis with 30 AI patrolling on the streets below i was getting 35 fps, but im happy with that. System specs; i5 2500k @4Ghz 8Gb Ram GTX 670 OC Hope this helps someone.
  4. OISteven

    How do i get a refund?

    This new fan base that Arma has now may have brung some much needed funds to the project but they seem to be completely disrespectful of BI and are bringing the once great community down with them. Arma is a game that fills a place in the market that no other game even comes close to doing, give it time, be patient and you will all have the game that you desire. The game may be officially released on the 12th but we all know the full release will be next year. Stop with the crying and be more constructive with your words.
  5. The AK is one of, if not the greatest assault rifle ever created, i recon army's will still be using it in the year 2100. In fact 1000 years from now, some guy will unearth an AK47, and the damn thing will still work.
  6. First off id just like to say what a great job the devs have done, this has and always will be the best game ever made. No matter what... i always come back to Arma, and i cant say that about any other game on the market. After all the trials and tribulations the dev team have went throw over the past 2 or 3 years, its a credit to them for making hard choices and sticking with them and still producing something of a masterpiece, yes they still have a long way to go in sorting out certain aspects of the game, but i have every bit of faith that they will achieve there goals. Most of the negative feedback seems to be coming from people that joined the Arma series after Arma 2 CO or DayZ was released, therefor they see that as one game with lots of content and they fail to realize that it is 2 games and 3 DLC combined. These are also the people i expect to see parking the MHQ at the top of a hill, then continue to rocket spam the AO (please stop it). If the game is great today, then it will be epic tomorrow.
  7. OISteven

    More assets in Alpha

    I agree with the developers on there approach with the current alpha build, but to fully test the infantry gameplay for bugs, we really need a NV Scope added to the game, so that we can test out night ops, as every server seems to be set during the day.
  8. Hello everyone i am new to these forums all tho i have been playing Arma since Arma 1, I did play OFP but never really got into it. My brother and I always setup public servers on Arma 2 and 99% of the time we had no bother with the people that joined our server, the game modes that we played most were Domination, CTI / Warfare and similar scenarios. Since downloading Arma 3 Alpha all i have seen is constant team killers on 90% of the servers that i have joined. There was one TDM server that I joined, where there was 3 ppl at base camp constantly team killing for the whole 2 hours i was in the server (why I stayed for 2 hours ill never know). My guess is that these ppl are new to the game and find it hard to kill ppl or find it hard to play the game properly. Thanks to Bohemia Interactive for such an inspiring game if only all game developers were like you. Best game on the planet by a mile.