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  1. Might want to work on your grammer first if you intend anyone to read this normally.
  2. Basxt

    Death Match 4, Players + AI

    Let me start off, GREAT maps! I actually started hosting this server with the Air Base DM4 and people really seemed to like it. I have some things I would like to adress: - Is the air strike supposed to be visible falling from the sky? Also I tend to notice it isn't always 100% accurate but that might just be me. - Could you add a option for map voting? - Could you add a option to keep restarting maps so you can basically run it all day straight without needing to press restart. - Parameter's saving? - AI seems to be stuck or sometimes glitch out of the fight area. - Now that we have the Darter can you add that as a "Mega" kill streak and actually shoot with it? Might be over the top again.. - More killstreaks? (Call in multiple mortars) Air ship? just bringing some ideas. (Might be over the top but maybe call in a Ghosthawk let you get in (you first get tp'ed to the heli spot) The heli follows the same line everytime over the battlefield, And you arm the gunner seat, let the heli do 3 circles and then fly off and you get tp'ed to a spawn spot) I hope you can do something with this. You are great at making these. Please continue updating them:) Also I hope I am permitted to host these maps if you're ok with that! (Hosting as a server not as a download) Thanks!
  3. OK. getting real frustrated here. I have verified all the files, reinstalled the game and yet it keeps popping up whenever I try to join a game that It failed. I have installed a new Battleye and still no luck. What do I do to fix this? Thanks. It's all the server's I tend to join. Thank you!
  4. Hi all! I'm making this mission where I need to check if a helicopter has been landed on the given spot. A normal trigger would go off even if it's hovering over it. So I named the helicopter "heli" and put this in my trigger on act field: isTouchingGround Heli; Now for some reason it triggers instantly.. anyone knows what the problem is? Also is there any way to let's say you place 5 Blufor members and want a trigger to trigger when they have entered the helicopter. Thanks. :D
  5. Wait.. first you're talking about having 4 folders, and suddenly 3rd person view...
  6. Will there be any way to see the statistics you have? Like the amount of enemies killed, hours flown in a helicopter bombs detonated etc. It would't be necessarily global as long as you can see your personal ones. Searched the forums, did not find this question. I made a ticket of this http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=9740 Thanks.
  7. Basxt

    Development Blog & Reveals

    I can't wait no longer! Not sure what to do first! I think ill just fly around for 3 hours straight exploring.
  8. Dude. This is insanely helpful! Thanks! Server admins better see this because it seems like a must have! Great!
  9. Basxt

    AI helicopter pickup How to?

    Wow. I tried that but the helicopter just stays in the air:/ ---------- Post added at 20:51 ---------- Previous post was at 20:29 ---------- So this doesn't seem to be working as the heli just stays flying still at one spot. 1. Go into the Editor, and place a civilian down at the Airport and make it "Player" (you will be watching what happens) 2. Place a BLUFOR Soldier unit down somewhere nearby and create a waypoint for the BLUFOR Soldier called "Get In" and put it a little bit far away. 3. Now, put a helicopter unit down on the map, the one that carries troops (Is it called the MH-16?) 4. Create a waypoint for the helicopter called "Load" and put it near the "Get In" waypoint. 5. Create another waypoint for the helicopter called "MOVE" and place it somewhere far far away. 6. Now, go to the Synchronize Tool (I think you just need to push F5) and CONNECT the "Load" and "Get In" Waypoints. It should be a Solid Blue Line that connects them. 7. Preview the mission. The helicopter should pick the soldier up and fly off into the sunset (For your mission, you will be playing as the soldier)
  10. Yeah, So i'm making this mission where I want to be picked up by a helicopter and noticing when I entered. After I have entered I would like it to fly to the end destination and unload all men and then fly away. Is there any way to do this? I have searched the whole forum for this answer and didn't find it. Thanks!
  11. Great idea. I hope BIS likes this:)
  12. Basxt

    ARMA 3 is so poor

    Obvious troll is obvious. You are in the wrong place for these posts. And it is alpha stage!
  13. Anyone Else's opinion? :)
  14. First of all, Why am I starting this topic, Many people here seem to have noticed that some aspects of the game like shooting bullets to far makes it sometimes hard to see the bullet impacts. Or the impacts from the helicopter rounds seem to just magically disappear in the ground. Creating such a high scale quality impact of a mortar for example will give you that amazing thrill, you should think "OH Shit!" and not "Cute explosion". Things have also been discussed about the "random destruction?" like in Battlefield 3 etc. But from what I remember that won't be happening to Arma III If I'm right. What do you guys think about all the effects Arma has right now? Here are some example's: M-198 155mm Howitzer Now please mind that such a big artillery isn't in the game YET(?). http://i.imgur.com/74ECSSp.jpg (159 kB) A artillery or bomb strike? A tank and crew members burning explicit image removed EDIT, Now this is what a explosion should look like! http://youtu.be/Xa5oZKpRQa0?t=10s I hope everyone understands what I'm trying say with this topic. I'm just giving some examples and would greatly appreciate what you're opinion is! Basxt.