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  1. Dimebag

    Im a noob !

    i dont know im guessing i need to get used to it ... (got kicked 5 times from a server for team kill.... ) :P
  2. Dimebag

    Im a noob !

    yh, but i have no clue where to go, where are the enemies, where is my team, how to get to the team ... :P
  3. Dimebag

    Im a noob !

    well, i'm a new player to arma 3, well arma overall, i have never played an arma game before, and im a newbie, the only thing i know how to play is 'wasteland' but with 30 fps.... meh.... soo i have played sector control, hold the island, and i had no clue on what to do and how to behave in a game like that, thats why i would like some tips from you guys on how to get better ? how to help my team and so on...
  4. got the game yesterday, works well alright in single player and in mutiplayer (Sector Control) but thats it, 20-30 fps on wasteland, its a very cool game, i will be upgrading my pc anyways but for now i have texture quality on high and everything else on standard so keep that in mind if you have the same or similar pc
  5. Thanks dude, i have made my decision, i will buy the alpha package tomorrow, also, im not too bothered about my pc becasue im slowly building a new computer which should run this game at ultra settings with no problem
  6. Dimebag

    Comments on the Sea

    The thing that i would change about the water (From seeing youtube videos) is when you dive in, and you dive out, you should get droplets on your screen (First and Third Person) like that ^
  7. [/color] Low settings ? Wow, i thought i could atleast get the 40 fps from medium-high settings
  8. Apparently the alpha doesnt have an anticheat
  9. Dimebag

    Wondering about Arma 3 Purchases

    i most prob would buy the second package, for 34.99... you get more stuff, which is good, and the price will go up
  10. Yeah man, like i said im not English Thanks man, thats an answer i was looking to really, and to be honest im not expecting any fast paced gameplay, i know it will be time taking, im just curious how its going to turn out, i have never tried 'ARMA' it looks really good. Man, if you have no problems of sending me one of the 'alpha lite' thingy dingys then i would be hugely greatful, i would love to try out this game before actually buying it.
  11. Hmm, so there isnt an anti cheat, thats pretty hmm... crappy tbh, i might aswell just wait for a bit, or i will buy the alpha later on
  12. Hey guys, as you can see i am new to this game and to the forums, also, before i start please excuse my English because its not that perfect :) Anyways, I have looked at some videos on youtube showing Arma III Wasteland, and i have fell in love with the game mod and the game itself, i think that i will enjoy playing this mod (Im not sure if its a mod or not), however, i am not sure if i should buy the game now or atleast wait for the beta, this is becuase its still in 'Alpha' which means that there will be problems with the game aswell and with the servers. (I dont usually play single player, i have never finished the battlefield 3 campaign) So i have few questions? 1. Is there a lot of problems with the game at the moment ? 2. If i was about to buy this game now, which package would you recommend ? (Alpha, Digital Deluxe Edition, Supporter Edition) 3. Should i wait until summer for the beta ? 4. How would the game react to the PC specs below: Intel I3 2120 Amd Radeon 6750 4GB Ram 5. How is the situation with hackers? Thanks
  13. Alpha and hacking already ?