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  1. Hey there Neo, First of all can I thank you for putting this awesome script out there and that this is a great start to a surely big future for messing with the engine further. I am trying to create some mission content involving your script and wanted to know if there could be further advances added to it, such as being able to control simply one object that has been spawned etc. Having tested multiplayer with the physX playground It would seem that only the host player is unable to be killed or messed with by the levitate and throw whereas other players get killed and thrown around by the host which is somewhat annoying, also is there a way to only give one player the "powers" so that everyone else playing in the mission can just be standard soldiers (trying to make a mission with one superhero who is being hunted by a squad of normal soldiers), sorry for all the questions, just very interested in how you did this and changes that could be made to further implement it into a mode that is not to OTT. Any way of making it so only vehicles/items spawned by the superhero can be cleaned up so the other teams vehicles don't disappear too? Maybe a script for specific vehicles so their not effected by his powers, One last question, In multiplayer games when a player dies and respawns they still have the power to spawn the last object they created & manipulate them, but the action menu for choosing stuff is gone, looking to fix this? Thanks again and will be keeping up to date on further developments of yours and others physX scripts