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  1. When i open public host, it always destory by team kill and satchel terror on respwan_base, it very bad multiplayer environment ten years later, and yet still do not understand is that there are no anti-tk system for respwan_side this is a big problems of the ARMA3 users and the community if multiplay system is improved it a lot of reasons to increase players and big benefit for arma3 community
  2. lee1hy

    SLI benchmarks - My results

    Its single play bench
  3. possible to detect gun sound and killing hostage ?
  4. lee1hy

    Digital battlefield and futuretech

    still cover and prone in 2035 combat like ww2
  5. im so freaking tired dead by one shot even wearing vest+plate i tested below script. AI is god mode is invincible running the script below, then it not work if script apply to player what is the problem? AI is god mode but not player http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?88078-Script-based-body-armor
  6. Great. it work for AI hostage?
  7. lee1hy

    New Update?

    frame better but some problem again
  8. lee1hy

    New STEAM patch update 25th March 2013

    After patch Some building doors are blocked
  9. lee1hy

    New STEAM patch update 25th March 2013

    I have CTD after updated,
  10. lee1hy

    New STEAM patch update 25th March 2013

    why they chnage class name? whole user mission crash to desktop so disspoint about amature BI team
  11. lee1hy

    New STEAM patch update 25th March 2013

    no more fixing performence?
  12. ai only walking in beach just a little, they do not partol inside the building and in the street of village
  13. can you adding drag friendly ?
  14. why http is lost??? http://:http://pds21.egloos.com/pds/201303/23/61/HARDCOREINFAN.Stratis.zip stupid forum
  15. i made simple urban combat map, classic skimish style this map name is "HARDCORE INFAN" http://pds21.egloos.com/pds/201303/23/61/HARDCOREINFAN.Stratis.zip anti-team kill in respwan_west anti-demolition in respwan_west TK punishiment with respwan_without gear NAME on map VAS ammo system Random House Garrison Script - v1.0 light in house for night by tpw First aid by DAP Based on F3
  16. oh!! i think its work, but not show hint string, and but why sometime work somtime not work?? single shot working but full auto can kill ---------- Post added at 06:41 ---------- Previous post was at 06:40 ---------- ---------- Post added at 07:01 ---------- Previous post was at 06:41 ---------- Yes Is, too. however, punishiment is too weak. that hope to prevent more than anything
  17. M200 sliencer is very loud. BI know that controlling silencer sound, i think dont worry about "holloywood style"
  18. I have already tested anti-satchel or any heavy weapons it work perfectly but rifle ammo can fire in respwan_west, i trying to disable firearms in respwan_west but not working well, this is very bother to me searh searh ssearch again
  19. lee1hy

    Friendly fire/ team killing / tags

    that script not work after respwan and JIP
  20. Hi How to swtiching Greade and smoke ? no option ? i mean launcher not hand
  21. thanks!! both but still can fire rifle!!!!!! no need eventhandler?
  22. I found this script, this is disable weapons in trigger zone and it disable greande/NLAW but not a rifle ammo!!!!!!! bullet is fired what is the problem to try to stop a bullet?? private ["_gunner", "_ammotype", "_bullet", "_gunobject"]; _gunner = _this select 0; _ammotype = _this select 4; if (_gunner in list triggersafezone) then { _bullet = position _gunner nearObjects [_ammotype,20]; _gunobject = _bullet select 0; _gunobject setPos [2196.4,3488.98,0]; hint "Removed"; } else { hint "Not Removed"; };
  23. omg toinc-_- !!!!!!! really nice , it work perfect