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    Arma 3 - Server Sales

    You can host Altis Life, just upload your files and request a MySql database to upload the altislife.sql to.
  2. Unbinarize the mission then. as for drop pods: _item assignAsDriver _para; _item moveInDriver _para; _para setPos [(position _para) select 0, (position _para) select 1, 500]; [_para, _item] spawn OPTRE_HEV_fnc_podLaunchAI;... or check the reddit, lots of things on there for helpful information.
  3. jetfox

    Zombies & Demons 5.0

  4. jetfox

    Zombies & Demons 5.0

    Hype Time!
  5. jetfox

    Zombies & Demons 5.0

    Please do
  6. jetfox

    Zombies & Demons 5.0 Feel free to join, just messin around with scripting limited ai spawning
  7. jetfox

    Zombies & Demons 5.0

    Already works great with HC
  8. when benchmarked it doesnt drop the ghz i should be fine source: got it today.
  9. remove either ace or mcc_sandbox they arent compatible anymore ---------- Post added at 10:09 ---------- Previous post was at 09:54 ---------- also you might not have defined a mission to use in the server.cfg in that case login as admin and type #missions
  10. Error (RPT) - EPE manager release (0|0|0) This error pertains to the MpMissions folder. It's basically saying one of two things: 1. Your file is corrupt and you need to download a fresh one from the official website and upload it to your MPMissions folder. 2. Your missions folder does not contain the map you have selected in your config.cfg, you also need to upload it to MPMissions folder. btw we need the full log... use www.hastebin.com or something
  11. How well with a 4720HQ and 860m with 4gb gddr5 and 16gb of ram
  12. jetfox

    inidb problem

    Its been forever man, I just pulled some of the code from like our year old mission that was part of the money ---------- Post added at 10:15 ---------- Previous post was at 10:08 ---------- I could probably paste the mysql code here its easy to work with in my opinion I believe
  13. jetfox

    inidb problem

    So.. something like this? _player = getAssignedCuratorUnit _x; if (_x == _player) then {} else { _name = name _x; _name_money = _name + "_money"; _pub_name_money = str (_name_money); _Profile = format["%1", getPlayerUID _x]; _name_UID = _name + "_" + _Profile; _money = missionNamespace getVariable _pub_name_money; _exist = _name_UID call iniDB_exists; if (isNil {_money}) then { if (_exist) then { _money = [_name_UID, _Profile, "Money", "SCALAR"] call iniDB_read;} else { _money = 100; }; [_name_UID, _Profile, "Name", _name] call iniDB_write; [_name_UID, _Profile, "Money", _money] call iniDB_write; _clientID = owner _x; missionNamespace setVariable [_pub_name_money, _money]; _clientID publicVariableClient format ["%1", _pub_name_money]; } else { if (_money > 999999) then { _offence = "Money over 1 Million"; ["Report", _Profile, "Name", _name] call iniDB_write; ["Report", _Profile, "Different_Money", _money] call iniDB_write; ["Report", _Profile, "Offence", _offence] call iniDB_write; }; [_name_UID, _Profile, "Name", _name] call iniDB_write; [_name_UID, _Profile, "Money", _money] call iniDB_write; missionNamespace setVariable [_pub_name_money, _money]; _clientID = owner _x; _clientID publicVariableClient format ["%1", _pub_name_money]; if (isNil {adminOnline}) then {adminOnline = false;}; if (isNil {admin1Online}) then {admin1Online = false;}; if (isNil {admin2Online}) then {admin2Online = false;}; if (adminOnline) then { missionNamespace setVariable [_pub_name_money, _money]; AdminID publicVariableClient format ["%1", _pub_name_money];} else {adminOnline = false;}; if (admin1Online) then { missionNamespace setVariable [_pub_name_money, _money]; AdminID1 publicVariableClient format ["%1", _pub_name_money];} else {adminOnline1 = false;}; if (admin2Online) then { missionNamespace setVariable [_pub_name_money, _money]; AdminID2 publicVariableClient format ["%1", _pub_name_money];} else {adminOnline2 = false;}; }; }; }forEach playableUnits; }; }; Your much better off with mysql its alot easier to work with.. or use our prebuilt system.. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=27734 its not updated practically but yeah... it works see if you can detangle our mess of hell