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  1. wyspa

    Polish Armed Forces Mod

    Well we're Aiming for the next month.. however we'll see how it goes, basically "it's done, when it's done". Next version will not include vehicles (they're in early stages of producion) but new infantry weapons and equipment. This should include: -Rpg-7 with multiple warheads - PPK Spike (infantry AT missile system) - PZR Grom (infantry AA missile system) - MSBS rifle - TRG 22 Sako sniper rifle - Jantar prototype rifle - HBKO helmet - wz.2005 helmet - bug fixes and udpated textures for old weapons Vehicle pack is planed to be released later. It's hard to say what it will include but we're planing to port and update (basically "pimp"), some models from A2 (mi8, mi24, t72, humvees) and add some of our own. New vehicles we're working on now are: Honker, Leopard 2A4, KTO Rosomak.
  2. wyspa

    Polish Armed Forces Mod

    Yes we have noticed it and couple of more bugs too... however fix update is postponed we're waiting for BIS to release new patch because there are some issues with broken hiddenselections on one of uniform models that we cannot fix until Bohemia does so... But for now you can download all signatures from here: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0Bya86DWNH5Ord1lIcmhpQnRmTE0&usp=sharing Those are the same that we're currently using and they should work just fine. It is only a temporary solution we hope that BIS will patch A3 soon so we can release proper fix for this pack... EDIT: So like I said we plan to realese fix as soon as current bugs will be dealt with... But What I didn't mention that we're working on next version of this pack that should include following models: HBKO helmet RPG-7 GROM Manpad SPIKE ATGM SAKO TRG 42 Also we received two extra models that we plan to use as bonus: MSBS polish modular rifle system that is scheduled to enter production in 2014, designed for polish army (thanks to Ranis Deguery) wz.2005 Jantar prototype bull-pup beryl design (thanks to MTO) Models are still WIP so still changes can be made...
  3. wyspa

    Polish Armed Forces Mod

    Ok we've manage to locate that critical bug and new version is good to go! Sorry for inconvenience. If someone managed to download pack from yesterday release before we took down download links I recommend You to update this pack since you'll have broken textures in some places. I decided to move earlier post to avoid confusion: You can download version 0.2 alpha from link below: Download This update includes: -Alex 7,62 and .338 -Wist-94 -Beryl with GPBO-40 GL (version B and C) -Updated textures of previous weapons -New retextures of soldier equipment -Proper soldier classes Since this build is still considered alpha we would be glad if you could provide us with any feedback. Cheers PS. I decided to post Readme and Classlist, you can still find it in txt files included in our package, however posting it could prove usefully for those who like to search forums for that kind of information. Readme: Author: ArmA Coop Corps Modding Team Version: 0.2 alpha +---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | | | README | | | +---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ REQUIREMENTS - ArmA 3 - FHQ Accesories Pack DESCRIPTION Polish Armed Forces Mod adds contemporary Polish Armed Forces to ArmA 3 Universe. CONTENT Weapons: - wz. 96 Beryl assault rifle (standard, woodland and desert camo) - wz. 96B Beryl assault rifle (standard, woodland and desert camo) - wz. 96C Beryl assault rifle (standard, woodland and desert camo) - wz. 96 Beryl assault rifle with Pallad granade launcher - wz. 96B/C Beryl assault rifle with GPBO grenade launcher (standard, woodland and desert camo) - mini Beryl carabine (standard, woodland and desert camo) - kbw Bor both in 7.62mm and .338 caliber (standard, woodland and desert camo) - UKM 2000P machine gun (standard, woodland and desert camo) - WIST-94 Pistol (standard and woodland painting) Uniforms: - Combat shirt wz. 93 woodland and desert camo variants - Uniform wz. 93 woodland and desert camo variants Headgear: - MICH helmet wz. 93 woodland and desert camo variants - Booniehat wz. 93 woodland and desert camo variants - Patrol cap wz. 93 woodland and desert camo variants Vests: - GA Carrier vests wz. 93 woodland and desert camo variants - Tactical vests wz. 93 woodland and desert camo variants - Slash Bandoliers wz. 93 woodland and desert camo variants - Chestrigs wz. 93 woodland and desert camo variants - Carrier vests wz. 93 woodland and desert camo variants Backpacks: - Assault Pack wz. 93 woodland and desert camo variants - Kitbag wz. 93 woodland and desert camo variants - Bergen wz. 93 woodland and desert camo variants - Field Pack wz. 93 woodland and desert camo variants - Caryall wz. 93 woodland and desert camo variants +---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | | | CREDITS | | | +---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ ACC Modding Team ------------------------ Project Lead: Wyspa Modelling : Kane Texturing : NOON, Wyspa Configs : Laxentis ------------------------ Special thanks to: LordJarhead for the amazing sounds Project Reality: Polish Project Team for their magnificent models Shock for being an awesome military advisor Przemro for hunting the dreadful bugs +---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | | | CHANGELOG | | | +---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ Version: 0.1 alpha Initial release. Version: 0.2 alpha Added kbw Bor (Alex), GPBO Grenade Launcher, WIST-94 Pistol Added new retextured uniforms and more equipment +---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ | | | KNOWN BUGS | | | +---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+ - UKM 2000P reload hand-anims completely wrong - So are the ones of the Pallad GL - A few naming/description issues - Missing inventory icons (using existing A3 icons) - Officer uniform looks like CSAT officer (BIS bug) - Alex shooting anim does not move the bolt action lever Classlist: WEAPON | CLASSNAME -----------------------------+-------------------------- Beryl 1996 | ACC_Beryl_96 Beryl 1996 (desert) | ACC_Beryl_96_des Beryl 1996 (woodland) | ACC_Beryl_96_wood Beryl 1996 + Pallad GL | ACC_Beryl_96_GL Beryl 2004 | ACC_Beryl_04 Beryl 2004 (desert) | ACC_Beryl_04_des Beryl 2004 (woodland) | ACC_Beryl_04_wood Beryl 2004 + GPBO | ACC_Beryl_04_GL Beryl 2004 (desert) + GPBO | ACC_Beryl_04_des_GL Beryl 2004 (woodland) + GPBO| ACC_Beryl_04_wood_GL Beryl 2008 | ACC_Beryl_08 Beryl 2008 (desert) | ACC_Beryl_08_des Beryl 2008 (woodland) | ACC_Beryl_08_wood Beryl 2008 + GPBO | ACC_Beryl_08_GL Beryl 2008 (desert) + GPBO | ACC_Beryl_08_des_GL Beryl 2008 (woodland) + GPBO| ACC_Beryl_08_wood_GL UKM-2000P | ACC_ukm_2000P UKM-2000P (desert) | ACC_ukm_2000P_des UKM-2000P (woodland) | ACC_ukm_2000P_wood kbw Bor 7.62mm | ACC_alex_762 kbw Bor 7.62mm (desert) | ACC_alex_762_d kbw Bor 7.62mm (woodland) | ACC_alex_762_w kbw Bor .338 | ACC_alex_338 kbw Bor .338 (desert) | ACC_alex_338_d kbw Bor .338 (woodland) | ACC_alex_338_w WIST-94 | ACC_wist_94 WIST-94 (woodland) | ACC_wist_94_w -----------------------------+-------------------------- MAGAZINE | CLASSNAME -----------------------------+-------------------------- Beryl Mag. (30 Rnd) | ACC_30Rnd_556x45_Beryl Beryl Mag. (30 Rnd, Tracer) | ACC_30Rnd_556x45_Beryl_T UKM Mag. (100 Rnd) | ACC_100Rnd_762x51_ukm UKM Mag. (100 Rnd, Tracer) | ACC_100Rnd_762x51_ukm_T UKM Mag. (200 Rnd) | ACC_200Rnd_762x51_ukm UKM Mag. (200 Rnd, Tracer) | ACC_200Rnd_762x51_ukm_T UKM Mag. (250 Rnd) | ACC_200Rnd_762x51_ukm UKM Mag. (250 Rnd, Tracer) | ACC_200Rnd_762x51_ukm_T Alex 7.62 Mag (10 Rnd) | ACC_10Rnd_762x51_alex Alex 7.62 Mag (10 Rnd, Tr.) | ACC_10Rnd_762x51_alex_t Alex 7.62 Mag (5 Rnd) | ACC_5Rnd_762x51_alex Alex 7.62 Mag (5 Rnd, Tr.) | ACC_5Rnd_762x51_alex_t Alex .338 Mag (5 Rnd) | ACC_5Rnd_338_alex Alex .338 Mag (5 Rnd, Tr.) | ACC_5Rnd_338_alex_t WIST Mag. (19 Rnd) | ACC_16Rnd_9x19_Wist_Mag Pallad HE Round | ACC_1Rnd_Pallad_HE Pallad White Smoke | ACC_1Rnd_Pallad_Smoke Pallad Red Smoke | ACC_1Rnd_Pallad_Smoke_red Pallad Green Smoke | ACC_1Rnd_Pallad_Smoke_green Pallad Purple Smoke | ACC_1Rnd_Pallad_Smoke_purple Pallad Yellow Smoke | ACC_1Rnd_Pallad_Smoke_yellow Pallad Blue Smoke | ACC_1Rnd_Pallad_Smoke_blue Pallad Orange Smoke | ACC_1Rnd_Pallad_Smoke_orange //---------------------------------------------------// // GPBO uses UGLM grenades // //---------------------------------------------------// -----------------------------+-------------------------- UNIFORM | CLASSNAME -----------------------------+-------------------------- Combat Shirt (woodland) | ACC_U_Pantera_W Combat Shirt (desert) | ACC_U_Pantera_D Uniform wz. 93 (woodland) | ACC_U_Uni_Pantera_W Uniform wz. 93 (desert) | ACC_U_Uni_Pantera_D -----------------------------+-------------------------- VEST | CLASSNAME -----------------------------+-------------------------- GA Carrier Lite (woodland) | ACC_V_PlateCarrier_W GA Carrier Lite (desert) | ACC_V_PlateCarrier_D GA Carrier Rig (woodland) | ACC_V_PlateCarrier_Rig_W GA Carrier Rig (desert) | ACC_V_PlateCarrier_Rig_D GA Carrier GL Rig (woodland)| ACC_V_PlateCarrier_GL_W GA Carrier GL Rig (desert) | ACC_V_PlateCarrier_GL_D Tactical Vest (woodland) | ACC_V_TacVest_W Tactical Vest (desert) | ACC_V_TacVest_D Slash Bandolier (woodland) | ACC_V_Bandolier_W Slash Bandolier (desert) | ACC_V_Bandolier_D Chestrig (woodland) | ACC_V_ChestRig_W Chestrig (desert) | ACC_V_ChestRig_D Carrier Lite (woodland) | ACC_V_PlateCarrier1_W Carrier Lite (desert) | ACC_V_PlateCarrier1_D Carrier GL Rig (woodland) | ACC_V_PlateCarrierGL_W Carrier GL Rig (desert) | ACC_V_PlateCarrierGL_D Carrier Spec Rig (woodland) | ACC_V_PlateCarrierSpec_W Carrier Spec Rig (desert) | ACC_V_PlateCarrierSpec_D Carrier Rig (woodland) | ACC_V_PlateCarrier3_W Carrier Rig (desert) | ACC_V_PlateCarrier3_D Carrier Lite C (woodland) | ACC_V_PlateCarrier2_W Carrier Lite C (desert) | ACC_V_PlateCarrier2_D -----------------------------+-------------------------- HEAD GEAR | CLASSNAME -----------------------------+-------------------------- MICH (woodland) | ACC_H_MICH_W MICH (desert) | ACC_H_MICH_D Booniehat (woodland) | ACC_Booniehat_W Booniehat (desert) | ACC_Booniehat_D Patrol cap (woodland) | ACC_MilCap_W Patrol cap (desert) | ACC_MilCap_D -----------------------------+-------------------------- BACPACKS | CLASSNAME -----------------------------+-------------------------- Assault Pack (woodland) | ACC_Kitbag_W Assault Pack (desert) | ACC_Kitbag_D Kitbag (woodland) | ACC_Kitbag_W Kitbag (desert) | ACC_Kitbag_D Bergen (woodland) | ACC_Bergen_W Bergen (desert) | ACC_Bergen_D Field Pack (woodland) | ACC_FieldPack_W Field Pack (desert) | ACC_FieldPack_D Caryall (woodland) | ACC_Carryall_W Caryall (desert) | ACC_Carryall_D
  4. wyspa

    Polish Armed Forces Mod

    Post was moved: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?165825-Polish-Armed-Forces-Mod&p=2539686&viewfull=1#post2539686
  5. wyspa

    Polish Armed Forces Mod

    Next update sneakpeak. I re-textured more of the equipment (vests, backpacks, hats and new uniform) This will come with new update along with already presented sniper rifle, pistol and this baby: Beryl rifle with GPBO-40, made by Kane and Noon It pretty much sums the content for next update, however there is still some tweaking to be done and config to be written by Lax :)
  6. wyspa

    Polish Armed Forces Mod

    MTO was member of PR:PP Team. At the time of release we didn't know he left PR:PP (I was informed about it today). But if that's the case we're adding him right now ;).
  7. wyspa

    Polish Armed Forces Mod

    Ok basic soldier texture is done! Screenshot I'm still planing to do more of the equipment stuff (backpacks, more vests etc.). But for now this is version you'll see in first pack. Thx for all suggestions, as you can see I tweaked wz.93 camo pattern. PS. In the screenshot you can see Beryl rifle with Pallad grenade launcher
  8. wyspa

    Polish Armed Forces Mod

    This should not be a problem since I have vectorized this pattern (I't just case of switching swatches in AI). However I based colors on pattern bought and photographed by one of project members. Wz.93 really come in different shades it all depend on year of production, check this for instance: If I remember correctly one you posted is older pattern, but I could be wrong. I'll try to do some research on this topic. It is possible that I'll do different shade variants that will be available in final pack.
  9. wyspa

    Polish Armed Forces Mod

    Little update. I'm currently working on soldier textures. Uniform is ready but I'm still working on vest and helmet. You can also see working beryl rifles in the shot. Screenshot
  10. wyspa

    Is Arma 3 authentic?

    I found something interesting today. 2t Stalker APC Manufacturer page BTR-K have different turret fitted to it. But hull looks almost exactly lite that of BTR-K, only differences are in the back of the vehicle, and vieports in front. However if you look at version in image below, the view-ports looks the same as in Arma 3. http://media.moddb.com/images/groups/1/3/2074/2_04.jpg (178 kB)
  11. wyspa

    Fluid Door/Hatch Opening

    It looks like it can be very useful indeed