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  1. libben

    New STEAM patch update 25th March 2013

    been playing it same moment it got released. Servers i hop on crash alot even with this build =( Allmost as bad as before. LPB servers, servers with less than 20 people on and so on even.
  2. Is this the one? 306 mb update as we speak, just got a crashed server, is that why it crashed? Update to stable is rolling out? =) PLEASE SAY YES!
  3. libben

    3rd person view and difficulty levels

    Yup, I hate it too. +1
  4. We want this! YES PLEASE!
  5. libben

    Chopper default control scheme

    what is toh fm? I played the demo of toh 1 day ago, and found the controlls pretty much the same, except that you had some startup sequences, and those I understood right away without any training, well 1 click here and there and of you goo. And you understood them. Not like you had to train massive amount of time to understand it.
  6. libben

    Mag Repack

    Nice one, but features like these should exist in core from BIS sadly. How does arma handles alot of mods btw?
  7. I max my view distance and objects, no problem playing online, all settings to standard thoug and AA, VSYNC off. i5 2500k and ati 6950 2 gb gpu.
  8. I never have any FPS issues really with the dev builds on wasteland. But I cant really play that long before servers goes "no message recived for xx seconds" Never had the oppurtunity to play more than 20-40 minutes on dev builds on wasteland :( i5 2500k 6950 2gb
  9. They havent made a good anti cheat for years so far, dont get your hopes up!
  10. libben

    First person only servers

    You can also look at the server info in the left corner, click on a server, if it says regular or recruit, its 3d person for sure =) If it says veteran, its probably 1st person. Join a server called #1 UK something something. its 1st person.
  11. libben

    Why does the server go down all time?

    I know all about the seagull problem and was one of the first one on every server to scream with CAPS everytime i turned into a seagull, DONT USE DEV BUILDS, they make seagull bug! it went something like that every fricking time I became a bird :) Im gonna play heavy on stable now and rage everytime inside myself the servers goes down... And read the bugtracker again and again.
  12. libben

    Why does the server go down all time?

    Yeah, and I'm not questioning that. Im wondering why it happens more often now even on stable. I would understand if it only happens when I was only on dev, but this keeps happening alot even on the stables now (I know its alpha, but it was way more stable first days before a switchero to dev version) Does the server admins have any idea why? overflow in memory and so on? Any idea why and so on, cause it even happens on servers with hardly no people on it and like no AI and under 40 ms response time.
  13. libben

    Why does the server go down all time?

    No, I mean the server goes down, and it happens on many of them. Even on LPB servers with only 10 people on it and under 20 ms. Happens alot, really anoying. Getting that red chain and no messages recived happens ALOT these days. Was not happening before I did a dev switch.